Saturday, May 20, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 21st

Kleber by Frank Joseph
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Happy Birthday today May 21st

Happy 29th to Tom Daley!

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Above: Tom by Bartek Szmigulski

The Thomas Clown Affair

So, I initially resisted jumping on the Scandoval l bandwagon, but after watching the season finale of Vanderpump Rules, I decided it was time for a little Tom Sandoval exposure.  He certainly exposed himself as an ass this season, but over the years on the show, he also often exposed his actual ass, over a half-dozen times that I could find.

Head back to the early seasons of the show, when guys trips, drunken butt tattoos and male butt cheek motorboating (motorbutting) was a regular part of the show.  In the early years of the show, Tom Sandoval seemed to enjoy slipping off his skivvies whenever he could. Check out my look back on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Tom & Ariana 

FaVorites: Billy Campbell

Usually, my 'FaVorites' posts incorporate images of an actor or model over the entire duration of their career.  For this post, spotlighting actor Billy Campbell, the images are all from around the time I first began crushing over the beautiful and talented actor. 

Like many of the actors I crush over and whose work I really enjoy, my introduction began with an image.  With Billy Campbell, it came from a promotional shoot for his role in the 1991 film The Rocketter.   Although Campbell had been working in Hollywood since the early 1980's, it was an US Magazine spread promoting the film that had me drawn to Billy.

The shoot featured Campbell, along with co-star Jennifer Connelly.  Both were dressed casual with Billy in a white t-shirt and sweater and a pair of jeans.  I was mostly drawn to his face with his beautiful eyes, lips and the shape of his face and adorable nose. 

I was also turned on by his great head of hair, especially his sexy long bangs.  I'm not sure why hair and bangs were such a turn on to me, but when I was a teenager, regardless of a guys looks or personality, long bangs always always did me in.

I've featured Billy many times over the years on FH, especially during his time on Once & Again.  I was, and remained shocked the ABC drama gave us such a delicious view of Billy's beautiful butt. (HERE:)  Although I have to admit, I have still not seen all of the Tales of the City series and it's sequel, I certainly played close attention the clips and caps of Billy's nude (including full frontal) scenes. (HERE:)

I've followed Billy's career since first seeing him in US Magazine, including his roles on the big screen and on television.  One of my favorites was his role in the 4400.  Despite still enjoying his work, and still thinking he is one of the most handsome actors working today, I still find myself right-clicking and saving images from the early 1990's when I first spotted his images.

Some of these shots I've featured before, some are new to the site.  All, feature the face, the body and the bangs of one of my favorite actors.

Curve Appeal: Kleber by Frank Joseph

'When I saw images of Kleber,  I loved his skin and beautiful form.'

I can certainly see why photographer Frank Joseph wanted to shoot the comely and curvaceous Kleber.  He was so anxious to confirm a shoot, he made a special effort to fit it into his schedule.  Kleber was literally packed and ready to check-out of his Airbnb, but managed to fit in a shoot with Frank before departing for a trip

I've often written how my love of the male form is just about that, the male form, the entire male form.  Although I love beautiful face, I am rarely drawn to an image or a model because of any specific body part, especially the penis.  The penis for me, is actually one of the least interesting parts of the male form.

I am drawn to lines and curves, and it's one of the reasons I love Frank's work.  Frank loves those lines and curves as well and although you'll find many pretty penis's within his portfolio, it's never the focus.  Frank shoots the male body from head to toe with a special emphasis on the lines and curves of the back and backside.  Frank even has a group on his website, (HERE:) devoted to images and videos for lovers of the male butt. 

Kleber certainly has an incredible butt, magnificently celebrated by Frank's images.   I was instantly drawn to Frank's captures of Kleber when I saw them on his site.  I was also drawn to unique and memorable name.  I initially read it as Keebler, like the crackers, and although Kleber would certainly make a tasty snack, his name has German origins and literally means, glue, sticky and binding. Make of that what you will...

You can see more of Frank's work, including many more images, and behind the scenes video of his work with Kleber on his website HERE:

Frank Joseph on Twitter / Instagram