Monday, November 29, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 30th

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Seasonal Sightings:


I didn't really know of the show The Summer House until a month ago.  I guess maybe I heard of it, but it never really registered until seeing commercials for the current season and version, The Winter House.  For some reason, having winter in the title caught my eye.  I'm sort of sick of reality shows set in hot jungles, on sandy beaches and lush resorts.  A little winter escape seemed a good idea.  Problem is, my slight OCD tendencies, (the same ones that leads to always having 5 posts per page) didn't really allow me to watch The Winter House without checking out The Summer House first.  I'm glad I did.  

I can't say The Summer House is great television, but it is decent escapism, with more than a enough eye candy to have me push past the first few episodes.  All of the guys are douche bags, something most of them actually call themselves.  The show's lead is Kyle Cooke, a guy it took me a little while to warm up to, but I eventually did.  Check out most of Kyle's butt baring scenes from the show's first two seasons on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

The One With Chandler In A Box

'Oh, my God. How cute is the on-call doctor?'

Pretty damned cute if you ask me!  Over the last week or so, many stations have played Thanksgiving marathons.  Given Friends did Thanksgiving episodes 9 out of their 10 seasons (they skipped season 2) it's the perfect sit-com for a marathon.  The show also often had big name guest stars on their holiday episodes, including Brad Pitt, who once joined the show for Turkey and stuffing  Last week, I caught a few episodes on TBS. 

In the 1997 season 4 episode, The One With Chandler In A Box, one of the guest stars was actor Michael Vartan.  Now Vartan wasn't a big star in 1997, this was before Alias made it's debut four years later.  Vartan played Dr. Tim Burke, the eye doctor on-call when Monica has an eye emergency.  Tim ends up being the son of Richard Burke, (Tom Selleck) Monica's former boyfriend. 

I'd almost forgotten how adorable Michael Vartan was and is.  I like many, I first discovered the actor on Alias,  and have followed his career since.  It's fascinating to me the trajectory of Vartan and his Alias co-star Bradley Cooper.  Vartan appeared to be much more popular on the show, yet seems to have struggled a bit to get high profile roles after the series went off the air.

I like Cooper, but when I watched Alias, it was all about Vartan's Michael Vaughn for me.  Vartan did appear in a few hit films like Monster In-Law with Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez and in the creepy One Hour Photo with Robin Williams.  One Hour Photo is also known for the scene featuring Vartan's full frontal.  That had me wondering if he had any other on-screen nudity...  Well, no other full frontals, but he did have two other butt scenes in films in 1992 and 2011. Check them out on the  NEXT PAGE HERE:

Bed Rest: Freddie by Jack Saul Photography

'When I first saw Freddie, my first thought was how classically handsome he was.'

Being described as classically handsome is usually a good thing, especially for a male model.  For photographer Jack Saul however, it's a look he hasn't actually worked with a lot.  It's not that Jack hasn't shot his fair share of sexy, great looking models, he has. The London based artist's focus however, is often more about what he and the work can bring out. 

Jack loves to focus on exploring body image, "style", conscious v subconscious body language and other themes related to masculine physicality.  Because of his philosophy of shooting, Jack often ends up shooting artists, musicians and men whose sensuality flows through movement and their art. 

The variety of men Jack shoots is one of the reasons I'm so drawn to his work. Classically handsome is nice, but can get a bit boring, but Freddie has a bit of an edge, something I think Jack perfectly capture.  I've been fortunate to feature many of the models he shot from the classically handsome, the boy-next-door and my favorite, the sexy artist type. 

No matter who is front of his camera, Jack always manages to capture something compellingly erotic.  Some of my favorite models of Jack's, including  Colin, Damon, Charlie and Conner may not necessary be considered classically handsome, but their presence in front of the camera is powerfully hot. They also have some of the most interesting stories to capture and tell. 

In some ways Freddie combines the two.  Although incredibly good looking, he's also an artist, an actor who has worked in both film and television.  He also has an incredibly beautiful and expressive pair of eyes.  Jack and Freddie first connected through Instagram.  Freddie knew Jack's work though some of his friends, and got in touch with Jack about a shoot.  Because he knew Jack shot artistic nudes, Freddie was aware he'd be shooting nude, so after a few messages back and forth, a date was set to shoot.

The bigger obstacle in scheduling was actually Covid, and the lockdowns.  London went through a couple of lockdowns, and this shoot took place once the first lockdown was lifted.  Jack is also only working with vaccinated models, so the creative process was as normal as it could be given the pandemic.

Without his own studio space, Jack does most of shoots at a hotel he's familiar with, one with lots of space, and great views from the rooms panoramic windows.  Once they arrived, Jack and Freddie spent some time in person going over the ideas they'd discussed before getting underway.

In addition to his face and eyes, and is beautiful body, one of the things I, and I'm sure most of you noticed, was Freddie's bandaged arm. During the shoot Freddie shared that he was in the process of going through treatment.  Jack was actually surprised he wanted to go ahead with the shoot, but he was eager.  As you can see however, there were plenty of poses, and opportunities for Freddie to rest and relax. 

'Freddie was a lovely guy, very relaxed and chatty. Because of his background is acting,  I think modelling came quite easy to him  The whole experience was very positive, it all just flowed.'