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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 10th

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The Bottom Line

Mister Sexy Body

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Ad Men: Liberty Bibbity!

'As a struggling actor, I need all the breaks I can get.'

I made a note to check out the actor in the new Liberty commercial awhile ago, but before I could start my research, someone at DC forms beat me to it!   Given how 'bad' the struggling actor is in the ad, the actor portraying him, has to be far more skilled.

Saskatchewan born actor Tanner Novlan plays the struggling, but appealing actor, and from the looks of his resume, his career struggles maybe coming to an end.  Some eagled viewers might recognize Tanner from roles on LetterKenny, Rizzoli & Isles, Bones and Parenthood and Mohawk Girls. Novlan was also in the recent holiday film My Best Friend's Wedding, as well as a part of David DeCoteau's 2011 flick 1313: Giant Killer Bees!

Next up for the actor is a new pilot which will utilize the Canadian actor's love of hockey.  Novland recently filmed the pilot for Puckheads along with Colin Egglesfield and Nicholas Turturro.  The comedy-drama series  focuses on the life of Paul Brooks, a retired professional hockey player who is now an assistant coach on the team he used to play on before a career ending knee injury.  I am not sure what network the show is going to air on, but the casting notice called for nudity, so fingers crossed!

With friend and former room-mate Chord Overstreet

Bull Session : Anson by Noplacia Photography

'After the first shoot and seeing how the photos turned out I was hooked!'

It was back in 2015 when I first featured the work of artist and photographer Gary Larson. (Noplacia Photography)  I had been featuring mostly self shots of model DirtRoad, and was thrilled to be able to feature Gary's location work with one of my (and FH readers) favorite models. (HERE: HERE:)

Although my initial focus was on Gary's photography, I soon learned that Gary's photography was an element in his artistic process.  Many of the models and images that Gary shot were created to inspire drawings and paintings.  My most recent pieces featuring Gary's work (HERE:) focused on the process of creating art work from the photo he had taken.  Gary used one of his photos to create an original art piece for my Halloween tribute Alfred Hitchcock's iconic shower scene in Psycho. (Final Rinse)

Finding models to shoot for artwork can have it's own set of challenges.  For some models, it's a great opportunity to practice pose and experience being nude in front of the camera without the pressure of having the photos be the final creative piece of the process.  It can also require patience and can require a multitude of poses to ensure the artist has all they need for the next step.  Usually, it's days, weeks or even months before the artist is ready to work on a sketch, drawing or painting.  The model is long gone, and the photos provide the creative stimulus.

Many artists utilize friends and acquaintances as models, especially those they trust and that have an interest in art or modeling.  It's a little more tricky however, when it's a new friend, one you're just getting to know.  It can take awhile to figure out whether this friend you enjoy hanging out with, might be comfortable letting it all hang out while you taken hundreds of pictures...

Gary first met Anson about six years ago and became friends when Anson was dating a woman who lived on Gary's street.  They'd often get together on weekends, have a drink of whisky and shoot the breeze.  Through their conversations,  Gary learned about the bull riding competitions Anson competed in when younger, and his time in the military, serving in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Gary also figured out why Anson had such beautiful and defined forearms.  Anson works as a tree technician, spending his days climbing tree's and working with a chainsaw.   Although Gary suspected Anson would make a great model, he was nervous to ask him, not wanting to make him uncomfortable or complicate their friendship in anyway.

Luckily a mutual friend brought it up with Anson and kept nudging him to do it. This went on for about year.  During this time, Gary and Anson continued to hang out and get to know each other better, so much so one day Gary felt comfortable enough just to ask, 'How about we do that shoot this Wednesday?'  Obviously, Anson said yes.

'I think I've always been interested in the modeling process so I accepted Gary's invitation. He was really great and made me feel extremely comfortable. I've never really had a problem with nudity although I would be lying if i said I wasn't a little worried how I would do. After the first shoot and seeing how the photos turned out I was hooked! Gary did such a good job I had a hard time believing it was me.'

In addition to the bull riding and rodeo theme, Gary and Anson have also captured images themed around Anson's job as a tree climber. (Hopefully they'll share those!)  Anson's hoping his time in Army might also become the theme of a shoot in the future.

'Anson has become one of  my favorite models to draw.  In addition to his muscular detail, he also happens to be one of the nicest people I know.  We've been doing a couple of shoots each year. These photos are from a bull-riding themed shoot we did this summer. The chaps are what he wore in his teens, and the belt buckle was won in a competition.'

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 9th

Rico from Stallion Magazine (January 1989)
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Happy Birthday today January 9th

Happy 46th to actor Omari Hardwick!

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Hardwick in Power (2014-2020)


Richard Solano: Body Beautiful

Last year, I started to research a piece on male beauty contests.  Although not very popular in North America, they continue to be a big draw in some parts of Asia and South America.  There are SOOO many contests in fact, I get a little overwhelmed, and put the piece on hold.  There are Mister Mexico, Mister Philippines, Mister so many countries.  Mister Beautiful Body, Miter Sexy Body, Mister Bikini Body and so many more!

One of the contestants who really stood out for me was Richard Solano. I started to find so many images, that I wanted to share a few favorites.  What struck me about these contests was how obvious they were about what they were about.  Sexy bodies!  Although the US, mostly female contests to me, remain about hot bodies, they pretend for some odd reason to be about brains and education. 

I understand this to a point, especially for women, who've been so historically objectified.  But... if you're going to call it a beauty pageant, don't try to mask it, or pretend it's something else.  If you want to have an educational based, or talent based contest, then maybe do something differently. 

I'm not championing beauty pageant's, I'm actually not a fan.  That being said, I would certainly check out a Mister Sexy Body if it aired...  The titles of the male contests tell you everything you need to know, they are about hot male bodies, wearing only skimpy bikini's.  As much as I'm not a huge fan of beauty pageants, I must admit, there's something about a # pinned to Richard's tiny briefs.  As you can see from the list below, Richard's been apart (winner and runner-up) of many competitions over the 2010's.


Bathala Nauti ‘n Wild Bikini Runway 2013 Grand Winner
Heatwave 2013 (Season 6) Grand Winner
Mister Philippine Bodies 2014 First Runner Up
Sta. Lucia’s Mister Sexy Body 2013 First Runner Up
Mister Asia Pacific Bikini Summit (Year 3) 2012 Second Runner Up
Mister Subic Bodies 2013 Fourth Runner Up (Also Mister Sexy Body)
Mister Sexy Body 2014 Candidate
Barangay Hunks Bikini Open 2014 Candidate
Hataw Superbodies 2012 (Year 7) Candidate

Back Issues: Stallion 1989

The New Breed of Rugged Men

Wet Shots: January 1989

I never had the pleasure of buying or flipping through an actual issue of Stallion magazine, but I do remember seeing it high up and in back of the skin section in certain magazine stores.  Although Playgirl was available at most magazine outlets, Stallion was usually only found at large magazine stores and darkly lit corner stores.

Thanks to the Internet however, I'm able to flip through, enjoy and share with FH readers magazines I only saw at the top of those high shelves, magazines I only dreamed I was old enough, or brave enough, to pick up and buy. Here are a few highlights,  some favorite ads and some of my favorite men from the 'Wet Shots's issue of Stallion Magazine, January 1989..




Centerfold: Rico