Saturday, February 13, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 14th

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Roses Are Red

Image from Frisky Frolic

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
Although I'm Using My Hand
I'm Thinking of You!

Happy Valentines Everyone
To those whose hands are held, and those who must hold on tight all on their own.

Bow & Arrow's

Terrence Dineen
Playgirl: February 1989
Photography by David Vance

Terrence Dineen was one of the hottest and most in demand models of the 80's and 90's. Most remember Terrence from his appearances in Playgirl, but he also had a thriving career in catalogue and fashion. Terrence's beautiful body and engaging face and smile melted the hearts of many, including myself. I remember seeing that red hot Valentine cover when I was just a kid, but it wasn't until years later, thanks to the internet, I was able to fully enjoy his three Playgirl appearances.

Terrence bared it all in his two 1993 pictorials (which you can see on FH HERE:) but in his first appearance, he played it coy as 1989's Valentine Cupid shot by FH Favorite David Vance. Sadly, Terrence died in 2011, but I thought today a good time to remember his red and satin Playgirl Valentine debut.

The Red Session: Norm by New Manhattan Studios

Norm by New Manhattan Studios
Words by Wes (NMS)

As I edited the photos from Norm’s third session with New Manhattan Studios, it was impossible not to compare them to the “red and white” session that we had done with Bond, (A Valentine's Unattire) a year earlier.

The elements used in Bond’s session—a tuxedo he had brought to the city for a wedding he was attending, red accessories on-hand in the studio—had led us by chance to doing work that we ultimately saw as a Valentine’s Day shoot. It stands out as one of my favorite sessions from 2015. Norm’s session was more deliberately planned and Bond had set a high bar.

Norm and Bond were both at similar points in their modeling history at the time of their “Valentine’s sessions.” In both cases it had been close to a year since their first sessions with the studio and, having done little more than some basic physique modeling, neither yet had much experience modeling. Bond was a natural athlete drawn to modeling on a lark with encouragement from friends. Norm had been introduced to the studio by his gym buddy, Alex, our model/stylist and assistant photographer.

While we had haphazardly wound up in Valentine’s territory with Bond, from the very start of Norm’s third session we discussed doing work that might be used online as a collection of Valentine’s-themed images. I was not at all sure that this new-to-modeling, 19-year-old bodybuilder would be comfortable posing in this manner nor with having the images so broadly circulated.

Sitting at the counter in the dressing room before venturing into the studio, I leafed through the published work from Bond’s session and told Norm that if he was up for it, we’d be aiming for a similar Valentine theme. I showed that Bond had set a high bar and that the work had a bit of an erotic edge that would require teasing the camera and some nudity. To my happy surprise the model appeared flattered that he was being considered for such an assignment and assured me that he was “in.”

As usual, we spent too much time on the initial set-ups, but such is the nature of warming up for both the photographers and the model. Norm seemed comforted by the fact that his gym-buddy Alex was working the shoot. He knew Alex to be an experienced model and was attentive to the directions and pointers being offered by his friend.

Coming from the same town and gym, not only did they have a bit of personal history in common, Alex’s cool and professional demeanor was helpful in putting the new model at ease. As he relaxed he started getting into the mindset of the shoot. His blossoming confidence was apparent to the camera as he started turning on the charm and making eye contact like a pro.

The casual viewer isn’t going to see many similarities between Bond’s unplanned Valentine’s session and Norm’s more plotted “red session.” Ultimately, any two photo sessions are as different as the models working in the center of the floor. That said, both men met the challenge and delivered striking sets of photos well-suited to inspiring fantasies of an ideal Valentine date.

Check out Norm's first shoot with NMS on The Over-Flow HERE:

Heart Throb: Video & Behind The Scenes

I think fate had a little to do with Norm's appearance on FH this Valentines. I have been fortunate to have been able to showcase the work of New Manhattan Studios on many holidays, including February 14th. I first featured Wes's heart and chocolate themed images with his romantic penthouse images of Claudiu back in 2014. (Ambition). Then last year, we celebrated the day with New Manhattan Studios work with Bond in two features, (A Valentines Unattire) and a look behind the scenes. (Becoming Bond)

'There was an amusing commonality between the two sessions that might be apparent to the more intent viewer. Bond’s borrowed-from-Dad tuxedo and Norm’s purchased-for-the-occasion red flannel long-johns were each visibly too big. Any number of clamps and pins couldn’t hide the fact that the models were swimming in the clothing'

'The solution in both cases was the same: grab a few establishing shots and get them out of the clothes as quickly as possible. Both men did so with aplomb as the camera’s clicked away.'

Wes and I had been talking for awhile about showcasing Alex Corso, both his work in front of, and behind the camera. FH kicked off the New Year with All Things Alex, a celebration of Alex's work with NMS. In the feature The Importance of Detail, the focus was on Alex's work as a photographer and within that set was a model, and incredible body, that I knew I wanted to explore further.

'I was blown away by the 18-year-old’s impressive physique. Indeed, not only is his build the best I’ve seen on anyone that young, he has one of the best-defined bodies of anyone I’ve shot. It was a pleasure working with him.'

I too was impressed with Norm's look and his incredible physique that he clearly works hard to maintain. It was the gym that originally connected Norm to Alex, who also works out there. Norm and Alex became friendly and after Norm learned of Alex's job, began to think maybe all of his hard work might need to be captured and enjoyed by others.

'Wes and Alex are very good kind hearted people they were very supportive and very impressed by my shoots considering that I'm new at this! I was a bit nervous but I figured why not show off the hard work I put at the gym? It would be rude not to show off once in a while for all the hours I put in. I look forward for more shoots with Wes and Alex because I really enjoyed it!!!!!'

I am sure most of us would love to open our door to find Norm on the other side with flowers, a box of chocolates, in a tux, white shirt or wearing nothing at all. Thanks to Norm and NMS for the Valentine visit and I hope the tradition of holidays on FH with images from New Manhattan Studios continues long in the future. I have many idea's I'd love to explore (although Wes didn't seem to impressed with my idea for Alex and a four leaf clover...) But I look forward to what's to come next!