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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 21st

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Doable Guys: A Gay Erotic Art Anthology

Illustration by Jhowee Chiang

Although FH generally features photographs, I love to feature any and all artistic depictions of the male form. Over the last 10 years, I have featured images, sculptures, drawings, paintings, comics and even dolls created to celebrate those doable guys we search and long for. Those doable guys we dream of are not all the same and come in a variety of sizes, colors, ages, styles and packages.

Many of these beautifully wrapped, and unwrapped packages, are featured in Doable Guys, a gay erotic art anthology featuring artists from around the globe. The goal was to create a beautiful and sexy collection of illustrations and comics; anything from traditional fine art to digital illustrations. The artists involved were asked to create a guy 'Doable' to them as an individual and to express that in their personal artistic aesthetic.

Illustration by Kyle Anderson

All proceeds from Doable Guys goes to the LGBT charity GLSEN, who strives to assure that every member of every school community is valued and respected, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender identity or expression. GLSEN believes that such an atmosphere promotes and solidifies a positive sense of self, which is the basis of educational achievement and personal growth.

Illustration by Jonathan Zapata

Doable Guys was put together by two artists, the first Lena Green, a NYC animator who writes and illustrates Ship Jumper, a homoerotic webcomic about Piper, a shipwrecked sailor on a mysterious island. The second is Kyle Anderson, an animator whose art and Advent calendar I have previously featured on FH.

Illustration by Cody Shipman

Kyle and Lena areexcited to announce the release of volume 2 with 27 participating artists. For more information about Doable Guys and the artists involved, you can go to or find us on Instagram @doableguys. The anthology is available in both print, and digital editions HERE:

Illustration by Miguel Angel Reyes

Swing Along the Hudson

Last week, my piece featuring Richard Rothstein's images of Nick's Riverside Run raised more than just Nick's heart rate. Nick's naked work out wasn't reserved to just a jog along the Hudson however, in order to achieve the optimum physical results, Nick has to focus on every part of his body and today... is arm day.

Nick's turn on Riverside Park's traveling rings was also part of his early morning naked work out, all superbly captured by Richard Rothstein. I have been enjoying Richard's work on Instagram and Facebook, but was thrilled to see he recently began a new site featuring imagery which sadly, most social media sites would consider ban worthy. Although only a few days old, has already featured a variety of imagery, including images from some of my favorite's from Richard's massive portfolio.

Adois Sabra: Making it His Own

'In Greek Mythology, Adonis is the God of beauty and desire. In present day Brooklyn New York, 22 year old Adonis Sabra may not be an actual God, but I suspect desire, along with his beauty, is a reason why many amass to watch him dance.'

The quote above, was how I began my 2011 story featuring the images of the then, 20 year old model and dancer. (A Brookyln Adonis) Much has changed since that first piece, including losing the 'n' in is name. In addition, since I first profiled Adois Sabra, more than just a letter has been altered. Adois has also changed jobs and moved from New York to Tampa. In that first piece, most of the images were taken by others, in this piece, all of the images have been created and taken by Adois himself.

Adois has an organic sensuality, which I don't think he could hide if he tried. His sultry eyes and face, and incredibly hot body were always the focus, but by taking control of his images, Adois has also upped the eroticism with his sexual intensity, brimming over in every image. I was curious about all of the changes, including that mysterious missing 'n', and Adois was more than willing to help solve some of the mysteries. Adois curbed some of my curiosity, but I think also enjoyed piquing it more, at the same time.

About that 'n'

'Dropping the N in my name was actually a mistake. I was writing to someone and I misspelled my name. and the way he pronounced it was really nice in person. He thought it was french. I did like how it sounded and the fact that it was Adonis which means male beauty. Adois had no meaning so I made it my own.'

New York to Tampa

'I vacationed in Longboat key Florida for last 5 years and I fell in love with it. so I decided to move down here. I am able to go to Fort Lauderdale and Miami and key west from here so I can always drive. For modeling, it's mostly going to be something on the beach or outside but I have met some great photographers. Living in NYC,  there much more diversity there and I do miss that, but I do not like the cold.'

Moving behind the Camera:

'All the photos here were taken by me.  I was lucky enough to travel to LA and Italy and London to do my own shoots. As fun as it may sound its hard to be the model and photographer. I do have help but I am the one with the ideas. I have made my own style in photography so I am very picky when it comes picking models to shoot. I am actually headed to LA this month so set up a shoot.'

'I remember when I first started. My thought on it was it my job to make it look good. I did a photoshoot with Joe TickNow. it was in the snow in winter in the middle of nowhere and I thought it would have been one of the worst but actually, It was one of my best shoots. Being able to photograph my self I have so much control of what I want the end result to be. '

'As I am both model and photographer,, I know what it takes on both sides to do and make a photo come to life. I love to collaborate with photographers to make art. May it be nude or body paint or just a creative thought making it come to life. My latest things are head pieces. I saw an artist who I really love his work and decide to try to make my own head piece. and photographed my self with it. Having full creative control is great!'

'I have not worked another model yet, but I understand what it's like to model with other people and it was amazing. I am working on a head piece and looking to get someone who can bring to life, and create what I am looking for in the photo. When I go to LA I will be setting up some photo shoots with several different models.'

'Although a lot has changed since we first connected, what I have learned most since 2011, is that life is not what ever seems. and you have to love your self no matter what. You will find someone who cares. When you met me. I was really trying to find my way. My mom kicked me out at 17 and I did not have anything I started with nothing. I am really proud of where I am now. Just know with a lot of work you can get where you want to get. I was lucking to meet a friend of mine who I went to Italy with and lived there for almost two years and I got to travel to London and Paris all over Italy and that experience has helped get into more to the creative and photography side.'

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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 19th

Anybodyshoes by Male Beauty by bengie
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Happy Birthday today August 19th

John by Brian Bowen Smith for Papermag

Happy 54th to actor John Stamos!

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Shredded Meat

Someone got a new phone!

Woken: Brett Gleason by Ron Amato

'Alive' is about always being able to find your true self through accessing your dreams & passions - whether it's finding your self in a dysphoric political landscape or an unhappy job, your essential self is always just beneath the surface, waiting to empower you no matter how unhappy or hopeless you may feel.'

If you've been following my posts about Brett Gleason's Manifest, you know the album and it's songs have been building to a crescendo. Alive, Brett's new single, is certainly the climax to some of the beautifully dark emotions and themes Brett explored and exposed in some of the other albums other tracks. When I last featured Manifest, the skin was raw, with one of my favorite tracks from the album, Expiration Date which explores isolation and loss. With Alive, the skin is wet, washed and fresh with hope that light, and love are not only possible, but also near.

With the current political climate, I know a lot of us are hoping for an awakening, something I couldn't help but think of while I listened to Alive's .  The lyrics, 'The Dream is Alive, It had been turned upon it’s head, condemned, assaulted, declared dead: But now we rise!'  are powerful words that sum not only what is happening, but also hopefully, where we're headed.

I also couldn't think of better images to sum up this 'rise' than Brett's shoot with New York photographer Ron Amato. I previously featured Ron's work back in 2013 (Into The Woods) and have been really enjoying some of the current theme's he has been exploring including The Box, as well as Ron's uniquely artistic response to #45.

Creative Contamination: Anybodyshoes by Male Beauty by bengie

    To make impure, especially by touching or mixing

There seems to different theories about contamination. Most of us were raised learning that to 'contaminate' something meant it was now damaged, polluted and not as pure. How many times in science class were we given examples of how certain compounds, when added to others, dilute, erode, and weaken their potency.

As most of us get older however, we see the power of positive contaminates. Without introducing new elements to our our lives, our bodies, our spirit, we would stagnate and live a mundane and tedious existence. Mixing new ingredients with old might be scary for some, but it can create energy and excitement and powerful changes not possible without the formation of new formula. Ultimately contamination is just change, and everything that's great, especially in the arts, is the result of creative contamination.

So why I am focusing on contamination? Because when reading about London actor, dancer and model Anybodyshoes I was fascinated to find out one of his goals is experimentation and contamination, especially within his passion and work in theatre and the arts. It is often said there are not really any new ideas or stories to write, film or perform, they've all be told, most of them by Shakespeare. What can be fresh and exciting however, is finding new ways to tell the old stories, new ways to perform a classic show and new ways to energize an art form.

I can feel this energy in Anybodyshoes work with Male Beauty by bengie. FH readers know how much I love bengie's work. I love how bengie so organically captures the male form in casual and classic physique poses, and the locations and themes bengie uses within his work. While I was enjoying bengie's shots, I was think of a post I did a couple of years ago featuring models that bengie had show in front of his patio's french doors. (La Porte-Fenêtre) I love this series from bengie, but noticed how his shots of Anybodyshoes had the added energy of movement.

Although the doors of course were fixed in place, Anybodyshoes was not content to remain still while posing in front of them. Like his name, he was not content to walk in the shoes of those who posed before him, instead the dancer came out creating unique and sexy poses to contrast the squares of the windowed door behind him.

In most of bengie's images, Anybodyshoes appears either in movement, or still, for just a split second, between shifting his body to create his pose. Bengie really liked the new elements this shoot brought as well, and how easy Anybodyshoes was to work with. Begie also loved how his dance background helped create such beautiful poses. So far they have shot twice together, and bengie is hoping to plan another one for next year.

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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 18th

Dan by Claus Pelz
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Happy Birthday today August 18th

Happy 55th to model Brian Buzzini!

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Brick House

Fans of Phil Fusco may have noticed that after a brief hiatus, he has posting and sharing images again on Twitter. Phil seems to have some projects coming down the pike including a new site called Curious as to what shows Phil will be airing...

Instagrams That Inspire

I am late to the George Stults Instagram bandwagon! It's not that I don't think George is incredibly sexy, more so since spending time watching his many videos, it's just that I was not really that aware of his work. I remember seeing George and brother Geoff in magazines and thinking they were hot, but I never really watched 7th Heaven, nor think, (except for an episode of Friends) seen any of his work.

Well, I've been catching up on George's work, or his workin it, on his Instagram. George has one of the hottest pages due to his many butt sharing videos and habit of taking his phone into the shower with him. There is nothing hotter than a guy who really doesn't care, and just like to have fun. George's posts are so hot, Instagram actually deleted one of his birthday images with George wearing his popular 'dong sarong'. I will certainly be keeping my eye out for future George projects as if they're half as entertaining as his Instagram, they will be worth the watch!

George and brother Geoff

George's birthday 'dong sarong' pic was a bit too hot for Instagram

'boraborageorgeThanks instagram, females can wear nothing and post all day and night but Georgie boy posts one pic of himself wearing a dong sarong on his b day and you remove it! ­čśś'