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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 19th

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Cracks on the Sidewalk


The Angle of the Ass

When it comes to imagery of the male form, many limit their views to rear shots, and the old full frontal.  Like any great piece of art however, there are many sides and angles that flatters different pieces and parts.  Some of my favorite shots of men and models are from the side, an angle I very often find, far more visually interesting.

Just like the female cleavage shots, showcasing a woman's breasts, I also love the male cleavage shot, showcasing their shapely backsides.  Sometimes these shots are planned and posed, and sometimes, as in the case of Gavi, they happen spontaneously, in the moment.

18 year old Gavi, (Pablo Martín Páez Gavira) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays central midfielder for  La Liga club Barcelona and the Spain national team.  Soccer, or fútbol in Spanish,  is Spain’s national sport and easily the country’s most popular spectator sport.

Gavi is known for ball control as well as his sometimes.. aggressive tenacities on the field.  Sometimes that aggressiveness means the loss of control, and during a recent game, Gavi lost control, well at least control of his shorts.  Gavi's play provided photographers on the sideline a great angle for capturing the moment, and for capturing a great angle of Gavi's glorious glutes.

Luke G: The Last Weekend of Winter

'A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.' 
Francis of Assisi

FH viewers know how much I love celebrating holidays, especially their arrival.  When it comes to winter however, it's also celebratory, to observe it's retreat and demise.  Those who live in areas with snow understand that winter doesn't end in one moment, one day or one week.  It fights it's dormancy with it's everything it's worth.

Where I live, winter, and the snow and frost that comes with it, sometimes hang on as late as early May.  With more hours of sunlight, the days may be warmer, but the night still go below the freezing mark.  That means we have weeks in March of April of what the weather men and women like to call 'mixed precipitation.'.  Snowy nights, rainy days and mix of sleet, ice pellets and freezing rain.

This of course, as many of you know, means black ice and slippery nights, and a mess of slush during the day.  With the warmer weather, the snow may lesson, but the warmer it is, the wetter, and heavier the snow.   The hardest days shoveling are those snow storms in late winter and early spring. 

Still... the snow also marks the first signs of spring.  Snow leaves low lying areas first.  Back yards and fields may be brown and clear, but snow continues to cling to hills and mountains.    It's not uncommon to have to mow your lawn in May, with the piles of snow from the plow still melting in your driveway.

When it came to documenting those end of winter visuals, I knew exactly who to go to.  I love the work of artist and model Luke G at any time of year, but I seem to feature more of his work in the winter than any other season of the year.  It made sense then, to contact Luke about capturing the end of winter through his unique lens and with his incredible body and elegant poses.

When it comes to the winter, there's no hibernating for Luke.  When I contacted him about this piece, he actually shared that he's been shooting pretty much non-stop the last couple of months.  These images not only capture so many magnificent statuesque shots of Luke, they also capture so many signs of the end of winter.  Snowless fields with the white stuff still lurking, slightly elevated just a few hundred yards away.

Mindy's Men: Anders Holm

'Oh my God Casey. Your penis just knocked off my glasses!

Earlier this month, I started my profiles, (HERE:) of some of my favorite of Mindy's Men. (The Mindy Project)  The sit-com has become the latest comedy I've been using as my nightly wind down to sleep.  I only watched the show sporadically when it aired and I've been enjoying giving the show a close work.  Mindy, both Kaling and Lahiri, have great taste in men, and thus far I've loved all of the actors playing her many, many boyfriends.

I began with Josh, (Tommy Dewey) who was Mindy's main man in the first half of season 1.  By the mid-way point however, Josh is history and Mindy has moved on to Casey Peerson.   Casey is played by Anders Holm, one of my favorite actors, and favorite celebrity crushes.  I actually don't remember seeing Anders on the show, but I do remember he starred in the series Mindy Kaling produced after The Mindy Project went off the air.

On NBC's Champions, Anders played Mindy's ex, and the father of her musical theatre loving young son.  The premise of the show had the son, who had never met his father, coming to New York to live with his dad and his father's younger brother. (Andy Favreau).  The show wasn't great, but it had an appealing cast, but the network cancelled the show after just one season.  If you never caught it when it aired, it is available on Netflix. 

With the exception of Danny, (Chris Messina) Holm's Casey was Mindy's longest relationship with Homs appearing off and on throughout the show's six reason run.  I really liked Casey in the beginning when he was a minister, he was a good match for Mindy in the first season.  The writers seem to have dumbed him down however, with each new job he takes.  He went from minister to DJ to sneaker creator and CEO.  

One of my favorite Holms appearances on screen, is also one of my favorite movie male butt scenes.  The movie, Top Five, was fairly forgettable, but Holms nude scene definitely wasn't.  You can check it out on FH HERE: 

Holms by Adam Newacheck

Holms is no stranger to showing his beautiful rear end, especially on the comedy Workaholics.  Between hiding his speedo induced erection, to frequently mooning his friends, the show often used sex and nudity as punch lines.

Holms & Adam Devine