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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 1st

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Happy Birthday today May 1st

Happy 67th to actor Douglas Barr!

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Early modeling shot of Doug (on left)

I don't think I ever saw Barr on The Fall Guy, but I do remember an early crush after seeing Doug in his recurring role on Designing Women.

Fantasy Island (1980)

Hotel (1985)

The Stretch of the Stripe

'I can't be trusted to go clothes shopping by myself. Nothing ever really gets tried on...'

When I first introduced FH readers to the mulit-talented Tyler Dårlig Ulv last summer, his package was beautifully unwrapped. (Solitary Creature)  I must say however, that Tyler, and his package, look especially appetising wrapped tightly with stretched stripes.

I followed up that original post with two small pieces featuring some of Tyler's writing and stories from his blog.  One of the reason's I was first drawn to Tyler was the stories he shared along with his images. This piece sort of brings together the two subjects I featured before, shopping, and male bulges in fashion....  Tyler writes regularly on his blog, and is also a regularly featured writer on Manhunt Daily.  Check out a bonus shot of Tyler, and a visual clue to latest blog subject, on the Over-Flow HERE:

Jock Strapping

Broadway's Nick Adams made a return visit 54 Below last week to once again The Skivvies, (Lauren Molina and Nick Cearley) to perform a hands-on medley. Hands-on certainly describes how I feel seeing Nick on stage. The last time I shared a video of Nick with The Skivvies he was only wearing a Christmas stocking. This time it's just his orange jersey and a jock. Can't wait to see what he wears, or doesn't wear, next time!

Image below from WeluvNick

An Intense Regret: Adam O by Reyj Photography

'When I first saw Adam's eyes, I fell in love with that feature and knew that I was going to attempt to highlight them in my images. I absolutely love the colors and the unique pattern that makes up his eyes. Furthermore, I love the intensity within his stare and how slightly unnerving it is.'

There are many reason's why I feel compelled to feature story along with images. First and foremost I guess, is that I feel the need to always remember the models that I feature are not just bodies and body parts, but human beings who are modeling for a reason. Secondly, I always want to remind viewers that the images they are enjoying didn't just happen by chance, but that an artist created, planned and executed the concept and the shoot. I am also genuinely curious, (nosy) and love to know how an image, or a shoot all came together.

When asking questions, sometimes the answers aren't always what you would expect. In most cases, when I ask a model or photographer about a set of images I like, the response are generally positive comments about the process and experience. But... this isn't always the case. I have been enjoying featuring the work of Austin photographer Reyj for awhile now, and really loved this set of shots that Reyj took of Austin O. I especially love Adam's look. His long hair and the beautiful intensity in his incredible blue eyes. I also loved how Reyj captured images of the 25 year old model so different that the ones I had seen on Adam's MM page.

Usually when I feature Reyj's work, after seeing a sampling of his work on his site, Reyj sends on more from the shoot to include. That wasn't the case with Adam O. When he first saw Adam's images, he was drawn to hi skater look but Adam's MM images were outdated and Reyj found him even more stunning in person. Adam's intensity however through Reyj off and not feeling on top his game, he regretfully ended the shoot early. Although they didn't have too much time together, I still love the images that followed. I think they are some of the best shots I have seen of Adam, especially some of the beautiful portraits featuring Adam's incredible eyes.

'The image above is definitely one of my favorite images from the shoot. I look at the image and see Adam's vulnerability. I like how the diagonal line made by the waistband of his boxer briefs intersects with the line created at his hip. I wish the the photo shoot had continued a little longer so that I could capture some additional images like this one. Looking back at the images from the photo shoot with Adam, it definitely makes me want to reach out to him again and see if he would be willing to do a full photo shoot with me. I definitely think that I would be able to get some great images of Adam if the opportunity ever arose again.'

Friday, April 29, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 30th

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Happy Birthday today April 30th

Happy 68th to actor Perry King!

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King in A Different Story (1978)

King in Mandingo (1975)

Mr. Châtelaine

Last spring I profiled Canadian hockey God Brandon Prust. (In Prust We Trust) There is something about Brandon that sends me to delicious places. Brandon's girlfriend Maripier Morin is featured on the reality show Hockey Wives, and both were recently photographed for the Canadian magazine Châtelaine.

Although you don't see much, I found it incredibly hot how comfortable Brandon was getting naked in front of the camera crew, not to mention Maripier's incredibly happy stylist Patrick Vimpor. I think my reaction would have been pretty much the same as Patrick's if I were so close to a naked Mr. Prust!

Instagrams that Inspire

I first started following performer, actor and model Huntley Woods on social media back in 2009. After seeing a shot of Huntley in a sailor hat on his Model Mayhem page, I was baited, then hooked.

Huntley is a performer through and through and in his modeling and acting work has a incredible chameleon quality, changing both his look, and the feel of his presentation.  Huntley does this mostly through his facial expressions and the degree of intensity in his eyes.  He pulls out both masculine and feminine qualities with equal fierceness, both engaging and incredibly hot!

If you follow Huntley on Instagram your in for a ride.  Be prepared for costumes, props, role play, tons of selfies in addition to professional modeling shots.  You'll also meet a ton of his friends who often show as much skin as Huntley.

With all of the science fiction costumes, I can't help but always think Huntley would make a perfect character on The Big Bang Theory.  The only problem would be that Leonard and Shelton would bore Huntley silly and you would most likely find him downing wine along with Penny and Bernadette.

Huntley by Gabriel Goldberg

Last two shots from Nick Lovell Photo

The Push & the Pull: Damon by Nick S82

I have written a few times before about the Push, and the Pull.  Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows the sensation very well.  Cats often pull in a person's hand and skin with their front paws and claws, while at the same time, pushing that same hand away with their back legs.

I have experienced this sensation of being both pulled in, while at the same time, pushed away several times with artists, images and models.  I don't think however, that I have ever felt it as strongly as with Nick S82's images of Damon.  Nick's images are always raw. Real men, not photoshopped or overly edited, men whose life experiences, good, bad, tender and painful, are not covered, but celebrated and captured.

Raw isn't always easy.  most of us have learned to cover our rawness, and it is not always comfortable to view, especially within photography. Sometimes the pain, as with Damon, is exposed literally all over his body.  Through Damon's eyes, with his piercings, within his body art, Damon shares and expresses who he is.  When I first discovered Nick's work I was drawn to the image at the top of this piece, the first image of Damon I experience, before he grew his hair out and dyed it blonde.

I was pulled in, but pulled away and moved quickly on to another model, and another set of images. I pushed off, I think initially turned off at first by all of the body piercings and tats.  Over the next few month however, every time I returned to Nick's port, I was drawn back to Damon's folder.  The more time I spent in there, the more time I spent not just looking, but studying every inch of Damon's body.

Damon's body is his canvas for his creative expression and I am not sure there has been a a set of images that had me looking quite so closely, and quite so often.  The tat's, distracting at first, became a beautiful mystery I wanted to explore.  Some of the most visible tats are dedicated to Damon's 'Mum' and an RIP to his Nan.  Along the bottom of his back is the quote 'I will always fight'.  There are also many faded quotes and words, tat's either not done professionally, or ones I can only guess were done by a friend.

With the faded tats, and the amounts, speak to someone who has lived a life of experiences well beyond Damon's 20 years of age. I am not sure there is a question that I could ask Damon that couldn't be somehow answered by looking somewhere on his body.  Each time I was pulled  back to his images, I had more questions, and more area's that I wanted to explore.  Dispute the strong push, the pull of Damon's raw and unique beauty, ended up being far more powerful.

'Damon's Body Art is very personal to him, the cruder designs were actually self-tattooed when he was younger. It is interesting to see how it all evolves as he gets older. His more recent tattooed are more elaborate and artistic but still carry a deep personal meaning and significance for him.'

Nick describes Damon as a very complicated young man,.  Although his raw exposure took strength, Nick also shares that Damon is very shy and not very confident about his body and his looks. Damon sees modelling as an opportunity to address some these issues and a way of boosting his self-confidence.  'Damon has an instinct for presenting himself quite well on camera though I think and is very playful and; open-minded once he is comfortable with the concepts being worked with.'  If like me, you're feeling the pull, check out Nick's flickr page for 100's more of his images of Damon.