Monday, September 16, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 17th

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Happy Birthday today September 17th

Happy 50th to actor Matthew Settle!

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Matthew in Attraction (2000)

Cracked Wheat

Prime Time Supporters: Parker Young

Most people were introduced to actor Parker Young through his roles on Suburgatory, Arrow and Enlisted, but I first saw talented young actor as a lasso swinging restaurant greeter on a repeat of Fresh Off The Boat. I've only seen a few episodes of the ABC sit-com, but FH readers are aware that my insomnia often has me flipping channels at the wee hours of the morning. With all the stories in the news about Constance Wu's Twitter drama, I decided one night to check it out.

Fresh Off The Boat (2015)

In the 2015 episode, Phillip Goldstein, Parker plays Cowboy Wyatt who temporarily takes over as greeter at the family's steakhouse. His good looks, hot body and lasso tricks make him an instant hit with the restaurant's diners. although a hit, Louis (Randall Park) is intimidated by all of the attention Wyatt is getting and re-hires his old greeter back with instructions to get rid of Wyatt.


When I get some time in the future, I plan to check out more of Parker's work, but in the meantime... he provides fans plenty to enjoy on his Instagram.  Parker seems to enjoy playing and flirting with his fans and has posted a few cheeky images and videos for all to enjoy.

'Throwback to day 1 on my first "real" job almost 5 years ago. We shot this on my birthday, and I was convinced I was going to be replaced by a real actor. So when they said "wash the car," I WASHED THE F*CKIN CAR!!'

Suburgatory (2011-2014)
Killer Reality (2013)

Enlisted (2014)

'Saturdays are for the boys. Sundays are for Stella'

Shyness is not his Strength: Max Leroy by New Cross Photo

'I love working with Max. He is a quite well established porn star so shyness is not his strength.'

Last month, when linking to New Cross Photo's work with Ian Cross, (HERE:) I commented that I was looking forward to featuring his work on FH. I didn't have to wait long! Shortly after posting that piece, I received a link to the photographers new work with model and porn star Max Leroy.

The New York based photographer was looking for someone new to shoot with and began checking out the pages of some of the models he follows on his Instagram. One of New Cross Photo's newest ventures is a personal project titled 'Sexuality through the lens.' After checking out Max's images, contact was made and Max's response was immediate. One hour later, they were working together! If you want to check out more of Max, and more of NCP's Sexuality through the Lens, check out his OnlyFans page HERE:

'I didn't realize that he was a porn star at the beginning, but he hit me as a person open and free to explore his sexuality in front of my camera. So I contact him and offer to shoot. I decided to approach this shoot as I approach all of my photo sessions. With taste and craft. We can all see lot of porn on the internet. My intention is to show how we can still enjoy a beautiful body, get horny and at the end to pursue an artistic view. The shoot was insane, I knew Max was open to exploration...but that was clearly an understatement.'

New Cross Photo on OnlyFans | Instagram