Sunday, October 24, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 25th

The Lion King by Photography By George
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Seasonal Sightings

Off With Thy Garb!

When Roger from Rmark Photography sent on his Halloween themed images, I decided to put these shots of Elo aside and focused on the Village People characters his model inhabited. Some of you may remember Elo from my previous piece featuring his work with Roger. (The Fabric Formation) Elo and his medieval themed mask, needed a focus all it's own! 

Horror Hunks: Kris Mann in Slugs

Killer slugs on the rampage in a rural community.

I hadn't heard of 1988's horror flick Slugs until seeing some caps that poster Charles had posted on the DC forum.  I love a cheesy horror flick, especially one that gets a tall hot blonde out of his clothing. Slugs however, managed to go beyond just being cheesy.  Some of the scenes featuring the slimy blood-sucking mollusks are downright frightening.  Well.. maybe more disgusting than frightening, but they certainly had me squirming in my seat. 

'Based on the horrifying best seller by Shaun Hutson.  Living pacing, convincing special effects.... thrill packed scenes!
The New York Times

The tall hot blonde in question is actor Kris Mann in his only credited feature film.  Slugs is really his only credit other than playing a cop in two episodes of the 1987 Nicole Kidman led Australian mini-series Vietnam.  Mann's role as Bobby in Slugs is not a big one, but it is impactful.

'Bobby, Bobby, don't stop!'

In hindsight, I'm thinking poor Donna might have asked Bobby to pull out sooner so they could have gotten out of that room! Be warned, if you watch the clip below, it has a bloody, and not so happy, ending. Once again Slugs proves that having sex in a horror movie is never a good idea...

Masked Eroticism by Photography By George

'A mask tells us more than a face'
Oscar Wilde

There is nothing more synonymous with Halloween than the mask.  When it comes to masks and Halloween, the images above are two of my all time favorites.  A frightening Halloween mask, and an incredibly hot naked body. The erotically horrifying trick or treater was captured by Photography by George, and I first discovered the image a few years ago, and immediately got in touch with George about featuring it on the site for Halloween.

Growing up in the 80's, most kids in my neighbourhood wore masks at Halloween. Although there were dozens of different characters available for purchase, there were a few obvious favorites. Although masks for Frankenstein and the princess were close seconds, the devil, the witch and the scary clown were most likely to come knocking at your door.  I wore all three during my time trick-or-treating having the most fun I think, being a sneaky little devil.

Many FH readers are familiar with the many masks, and the many persona's captured by George.  I featured his work as a life model and I've featured his naked ambition of a photographer of the male form. I've also featured many of George's shots featuring masks, mostly of animals.  Some of my favorites have included George's work with naked models with Rat, Hippo and Lion masks covering their faces and heads.  For this piece however, George sent images with masks connected to All Hallow's Eve. 

Most of the shots in this series were taken by George himself, but in a few them, he slipped on the mask himself.  In addition to being theatrical, with just a dash of fetishism, George's work is all about pushing boundaries, both visually, and for the models themselves. Many of the models George has photographed in their mask feel the need to keep their anonymity.  

Just like for most at Halloween, or for a theatre production, the goal of a mask is to disguise.  For some, the reason is their job. Not every career nor every boss is open to their employee's posing fully naked. For others, the reasons can more complex. It might be a relationship, or just a bit shyness.  For some though, it's just the thrill of anonymously posing naked.  Regardless of the reason, when in the mask, they're allowed the freedom of expression and to show sides of themselves that their face often won't allow. 

The Witch by Jesse Merrell

Photography by George on Instagram