Friday, January 9, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 10th

Hitching by Mark Leighton
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Happy Birthday today January 10th

Happy Birthday to actor Martin Rivas!

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Hate That I Love You....

But I hate it...
You know exactly how to touch
So that I don't want to fuss.. and fight no more
Said I despise that I adore you

'Then things got weird. Vivica Fox and Olympic champion Shawn Johnson got into a feud over Shawn’s period—I am not making this up—which culminated with Donald Trump of all people weighing in on the matter. Again, I promise you I am not making this up.'

I try not to waste energy on hate and loathing, but if someone were to ask me who in the public eye I loath, near the top of that list would be Donald Trump. Not far behind would be Kate Gosselin, I can't stand either. But damn if Celebrity Apprentice isn't freaking fabulous tv! It doesn't even matter that you don't know who most of the celebrities are, they all think they're stars, and that's what counts on this show. Trump is as bloating and pompous as ever, but thankfully (although he doesn't know it) the show is addictive in spite of him, not because of him.

Watching the almost annoying Geraldo Rivera make mince meat of Kevin Jonas, seeing little Rudy Huxtable get Housewived, watching Gilbert Gottfried, well be Gilbert Gottfried is must see TV and I am not embarrassed to admit it. I am even finding Lorenzo Lamas looking marvelous, and never thought that before... Vivica Fox calling out Shawn Johnson on her monthly visitor was just icing on this delicious, but horribly unhealthy, piece of television trash.

At The End Of The Day: Victor by Mark Leighton

'That feeling, usually at the end of the day, work is done and you're home. Your shoes, and often your clothes, are off and on the floor, and you're free from the stresses of the day... Even if just temporarily, for the next eight, ten or twelve hours you're time is your. The sensation of both beautiful relaxation and erotic freedom.'

I took a slight pause with At The End Of The Day when I began my 12 Days of Christmas series. Thanks to photographer Mark Leighton however, there are still a couple of models left to help heat up the end of these cold January evenings. I have been fortunate to have featured Mark's work with Victor before, a local model Mark discovered working as a summer waiter at a restaurant. Early into his first shoot with Mark, Victor became quickly comfortable in front of the lens, and as you can tell, with his great face, and beautiful eyes, the camera loved him.

Quaternate: Nathan Scott

-Favorite Four-

This past spring I was fortunate to have found the work of Dallas photographer Nathan Scott and with the first piece, Fleet Week I knew I had found an artist to be truly excited about featuring. The spring and summer on FH were filled with Nathan's incredible models, style, fashion and imagery.

Nathan's imagery is just the brim of his creative depth. I could tell early on, not just from the images, but from the stories he shared about their creation, that Nathan was overflowing with talent and ideas. A true entrepreneur, Nathan has worked on an underwear line, a fashion magazine, Pastiche, and this spring is heading to New York with his designs for his new fashion lines. Fallen Pearls for women and Lip Locked for Men and they will be shared with the world as part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on Valentine’s Day.