Friday, May 29, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 30th

A Room With A View

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Happy Birthday today May 30th

Happy 62nd to actor Ted McGinley!

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Knee Deep

It was tried peacefully. Quietly taking the knee on Sunday afternoons. The protester, the hero, lost his job, lost his team. It was met with ridicule and called Un-American. It was mocked by a 'fake protest' by the VP and ugliest and loudest comments, from from the countries unstable and racist leader. I don't condone violence, and it rarely brings positive change. When all else fails, and temperatures are not turned down, pots boil over. When a peaceful act of protest is mocked and ignored, what options are left?

Patrick Criado in Mar de plástico

'In a town in southern Spain where racial tensions run high among the workers in its many greenhouses, a cop investigates the murder of a young woman.'

Although this scene is a few years old, when I recently saw this clip from the Spanish drama Mar de plástico, I had to find out more about the actor in focus.  The Madrid born Patrick Criado plays Fernando in the series, and as you can see from the clip, has got himself in some hot water...

Embarrassment, even humiliation are recurrent themes often used when actors are naked on screen.  This is done in a variety of ways, especially with females.  With men, one of the recurring ways to get their clothes off, is the always popular prison scene.  Prison showers, strip searches, and yes, abuse by guards.  In addition to be a easy way to include exposure, there is nothing more vulnerable that having to strip down in front of someone who has total, and utter control over you and your freedom.

These scenes can go back and forth between disturbing and arousing, depending on how they are written and shot.   When the actor is as hot as Patrick, it's hard not to be aroused, which of course, is usually the point.

Mar de plástico

Under the Rainbow

Love, Bums and Drum Circles

Recently, I came upon an image,  (second to last at the bottom) of a group of naked men dancing in what appears to be a drum circle.  At first, I assumed it must have been taken during the sixties or seventies, but a closer look had me second guessing my initial assumption.  The image was so clear and  colors so vivid, even with editing, I wasn't sure it could have been as old as I assumed.

A quick image search gave me both the answer, and an interesting read.  In Vice Spain, writer Denis Vejas opened the door to Love, Bums and Drum Circles, and Modern-Day Hippie.  There are many variations of modern-day hippie gatherings, but the group in focus was The Rainbow Family Gatherings.

'The Rainbow Family is an anarchist, utopian, new age community that comes together during Rainbow Gatherings. The emphasis during those gatherings is on freedom and love. There is no entrance fee, no hierarchy and no actual organisation behind the gatherings'

The gatherings started in the early 70's, a few years after Woodstock.  They didn't start out to be huge events, initially it was a just a small group.  Over the years, they've grown and today can have as many 20,000 people in attendance.

It was surprisingly hard to find authentic images from the sixties.  I found tons of sites with images described as being from Woodstock or the sixties, but I often recognized the model (usually in dreads) and knew the shots were taken fairly recently.  The images included here span the sixties, seventies and beyond.   Instead of focusing on just one decade, I decided to just include some of my favorites.

'Let it fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees'

Woodstock 1969

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