Monday, October 23, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 24th

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The Pentacle:  For witches, the five-pointed star is used as a symbol for of both protection and perfection. 

Drew by Jeff Linn


'For some, witchery was a choice, but not for them.'
Magic Lessons

Although I love images of the male form, another of passions is Autumn, Halloween and Witch themed artwork.  One of my favorite creators of all things Autumn and Halloween has got to be Margaryta Yermolayeva.

Yermolayeva spend much of her childhood in Ukraine, living along  the shores of the Black Sea.  She now lives and works in near Ann Arbor Michigan and has attracted a huge following doing custom artwork and gallery shows.

I first discovered Yermolayeva's work a few years ago, and since then, have purchased several of her prints which hang in my living room from September through November.  Then, they're put away to be enjoyed again the following Autumn.  I couldn't find the artist on social media, but she does have a website and you can find her work on eBay and on Fineart America.  I purchased from Fineart with really fast shipping, and really fair prices for a framed art print.

Feline Familiars:

'You're going to turn me into one of those fat, useless, contented house cats.'
Thackery Binx


In European folklore of the medieval and early modern periods, familiars (strictly familiar spirits, as familiar also meant just "close friend" These are often the witches pet and companion and were believed to be supernatural entities or spiritual guardians that would both protect or assist.

Bell Book And Candle

I couldn't do a theme day about witches without at least a brief mention familiars.  Although often a black cat, like Binx in Hocus Pocus, familiars don't necessarily have to be cats, or black from that matter.  One of my favorite familiars is Pyewacket, the brown sealpoint Siamese, who was the familiar to Gillian Holroyd, the witch played by Kim Novak in 1958's Bell, Book and Candle. 

I think all pets, whether you're a witch or not act as familiars, cats most of all.  Dogs may do more protecting, at least on the surface, but cats have skills and qualities I believe need to be believed in more than to be seen.  

Anyone who's had a cat knows what I mean.  I've loved my dogs, and know they love me, but my cats, they keep a look out.  Both my cats and dogs loved looking out the window, keeping an eye for any danger, or visitors to my home.  My dog however, would welcome them all, no matter their motive.  My cat however, was more discerning.   My dog loved you with just a pat, with my cat, you really had to work for it.


'In the pewter mornings, the cat, a black fur sausage with yellow Houdini eyes, jumps up on the bed and tries to get onto my head. It’s his way of telling whether or not I’m dead'
Margaret Atwood

Artwork below by badsign769

Familiars can protect you in many ways, including protecting a male witches junk as they fly through the air.  They're furry junk covering can also protect you from Instagram censors, who look to ban you for even a hint of penis, even on an art piece.  RJ from badsign769 knows exactly where a warm, furry familiar needs to be placed!

Lights On Studio: The Last Midnight

'It's the last midnight.
 It's the last verse. 
Now, before it's past midnight, 
I'm leaving you my last curse'

In Ancient Greek, Kallikrates means beautiful power, and it seemed the perfect witch name to give spellbinding, not mention hunky, Benjamin.  Although this wasn't the last verse in photographer for Tom Nakielski (Lights On Studio) shooting holiday images, it most defiantly may have been cursed... 

Although Tom had been having mobility issues prior to this shoot, he had a bad fall during this shoot.  Of course I didn't ask Tom to lug a huge, really heavy, antique clock around the studio, Tom is a perfectionist, who puts hours of planning and preparation into his shoots and themes.  Thankfully, Kallikrates, and his powerful beauty, was there to lend a hand.

' I tripped and fell. Luckily Kallikrates is a hunk and a half and lifted me up with ease. I felt like a damsel in distress and my knight in shining armor came to my rescue. Hmmm, a ploy I might try again....'

Kallikrates not only helped behind the scenes he also lit up in front of the camera.  In my previous piece, I focused on Kallikrates in his witch's wardrobe, but for this  piece, most of the conjurer's clothing were on the floor.  All that was left, were a few lines of leather.

You can see all of Tom's creativity in planning, not only with the clock, the prop centerpiece, but in the mystical lighting, background mist, and the hand held smoke makers.  I especially love how Tom used lighting and color to highlight the smoke, creating a magic and mystical look and feel. 

I had sadly thought that after last year's holiday shoots with Zilo and Zeus that we passed the last midnight for Tom's Halloween shoots.  But.. as any good witch knows,  the right ingredients, in just the right potion, might just create magic.  I'll guess we'll have to see if the concoction conjured anything up later this week.... stay tuned with your wand armed and ready.