Friday, June 25, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 26th

Juanzito by Bob Burkhardt
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Celebrating Pride with Broadway's Jeff Heimbrock (Wicked, The Book of Mormon)

Mike Vogel in Sex/Life

I have been crushing over actor Mike Vogel since first seeing him in 2003's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Up until recently however, he's been fairly shy about nudity.  That certainly changed with his new role in Netflix's. Sex/Life.  I haven't had a chance to watch  yet, but I got a great teaser thanks to Xander7's great site.

Actors & Skin: Nick Cassavetes

Actor, writer and director Nick Cassavetes was born in 1959 in New York City.  The son of famous actor and director John Cassavetes and renowned actress Gena Rowlands.  Given his famous parents, Nick was surrounded by the industry growing up, so much so, he wasn't sure show business was what he really wanted to pursue.  He ended up attending  Syracuse University on a basketball scholarship, but an injury led to him re-thinking his choice of career.

Nick made his film debut when he was just 11 in an uncredited role in his father's film. Husbands.   It would be 15 years before he made the decision to give acting a try and appeared in a small role in 1985's Mask.   He continued to act in small roles throughout the 80's, but his career took a bit of detour in the 90's.

Throughout the early to mid-nineties, Nick went back and forth between artsy independent films, and a series of softcore straight to video films.  Nick took roles in the sheets with the beautiful, but thespian challenged Tanya Roberts and Deborah Shelton.  Nick appeared in films including the erotically titled Body of Influence, Sins of the Night and Sins of Desire 

The late 90's had Nick back in more mainstream films and on television and his first turns directing features.  Nick went out to direct some famous actors, and some hugely successful films including; My Sister's Keeper, (2009) Alpha Dog, (2006) John Q (2002) and She's So Lovely, (1997).  Nick is probably best known for directing Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in 2004's The Notebook

Class of 1999: The Substitute (1994)

Sins of the Night (1993)

Abused wife of a mobster, who runs a luxury brothel, tries to get the insurance investigator, hired by her ex-lover to track her down, to help her kill her husband and get the insurance money.

Twogether (1992)

'An artist and an environmentalist go through an up and down relationship over the years.'

In Red: Juanzito by Bob Burkhardt