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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 14th

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Happy Birthday today March 14th

Happy 24th to actor Ansel Elgort

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Body Man

When bad things happen to good looking people...

I have used my 'Caucus' label much since the election last year. The current political climate, headed by the buffoon in charge, is such a tornado with cruelty, bigotry and chaos whirling in every form of media, there's no joy in giving it any more attention. But... given the ugliness... I do try to look for the flowers within the manure. Sadly, whenever I see an interesting flower, they end up being too prickly, poisonous or ugly upon taking that closer look. Jared Kushner was purdy for a brief (very brief) second. Rob Porter look good looking from a distance, and a distance, is the only place to safely stay.

You don't have to be a genius to see that those around the clothes free emperor must be equally ugly inside, if not, they couldn't stand being there. Like generates towards like they say. That doesn't mean I still don't glance at the flowers, but I keep walking. As Sondheim taught us through Red, 'Mother said, Straight ahead, Not to delay or be misled'.

Sooo, I paused today to glance at, but not for too long, the former football player turned PA and Presidential body man John McEntee, the lesser known White House employee in the headlines for being fired today. The reason, a financial crime, the consequence, fired from one job, but immediately hired to work on another. Like generates towards like and hot without character is the ugliest of them all.

Mattress Ballet: Benji by Nosferatu Photography

'When the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.'

Sometimes I think limbs can be the key to great images of the male form. If an artists goal is to present the the entire form, it is essential every part of the body is presented with intent. I have often seen great looking models who's arm or leg poses seem stiff and unnatural. Even a skilled photographer, shooting the hottest model, can't always save an image with an awkwardly posed limb.

When it comes to beautiful poses and elegantly place limbs, dancers have a leg up. The stretched out limbs and pointed toes. It won't surprise you to hear then, that Benji is a professional dancer who has a particular interest in movement and alignment within any art forms. Whenever I profile Nosferatu Photography's Nick, I am always impressed with how Gillingham photographer encourages his models to continuously keep moving, improvising a variety of looks and poses as he captures image after image during the process.

Although the process can be awkward for some models in the beginning, the purpose is to capture natural moments of personality and spontaneity, sometimes evident in just a split second. Nick's goal is to capture that exact moment, when a model eases into the process, letting their guard down, unveiling a glimpse or spark of what makes them tick.

It is clear movement and dance energizes Benji as his rhythmic mattress ballet so beautifully expresses. Although you can't hear what music is motivating Benji, you can almost feel it in Nick's images and with the poses Benji creates. Nick describes the 20 year old model as both hugely creative and confident and was especially impressed with his natural poise and grace and his willingness to push himself to achieve artistic perfection.

'As a dancer, Benji can present a superb range of poses, held still but giving the feel of fluid motion. Benji's charm and sense of fun also shone out throughout the shoot, he has a lovely personality and was a real pleasure to meet and spend time with.'

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A Vintage Vantage: Jesse & Alan Vint

There are many brother acting duos including Alec, Billy and Stephen Baldwin, Owen and Luke Wilson, Chris and Liam Hemsworth and Ben and Casey Affleck. I had never heard of the Vint brothers however, until this past weekend. TCM aired the 1974 action drama Macon County Line. Written and produced by Max Baer Jr, the southern flick reminded me a bit of a more violent version of The Dukes of Hazzard.

The film centers on Chris and Wayne, (Alan and Jesse Vint) two brothers on a spree of thrills and sex before their date to report for duty with the air force. The brothers however, get mistaken for two drifters who have just murdered the wife of the town's sheriff. (Max Baer Jr). Although the actual murderers are in police custody, the sheriff doesn't get the news in time and heads out seek revenge.

The movie opens with a scene of Chris and Wayne taking turns having a sex with a beautiful blonde. Wayne (Jesse Vint) has had his turn and is cleaning up when he see's there are two men hot on their tails. Wayne has to get Chris off the blonde, and out the window before they're found out. Although the editing is fast, watching Wayne (Alan Vint) getting up completely naked, and trying to find his clothes and get out the window was a great scene. Alan's ass even gets a freeze framed on the opening titles of the film.

Both actors were incredibly busy on film and TV in the seventies and eighties but Alan left acting in the late 90's, and sadly died in 2006. Jesse is still a busy working actor as well as writer and director. Although Jesse was shirtless in the film, it was Alan who took it all off in the movies two scenes.

Jesse with Lynda Carter in Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw (1976)

Jesse did have a quick nude scene in the 1977 film Black Oak Conspiracy. Although looking hot and shirtless on the film's poster, I didn't actually find that scene in the film, but he was shirtless with a distant rear shot in a love scene in a barn.

Jesse In Black Oak Conspiracy (1977)

 Macon County Line (1974)