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'A room without books is like a body without a soul.'
Marcus Tullius Cicero

I didn't initially intend for today's pieces to have a them.  When putting them together however, they certainly seemed to tell a similar story.

Images above by Robert J. Guttke

Mystery Meat:

'Look, his isn't a detective novel. Things could get really dangerous from here on out.'
Joe Hardy

I've been an avid reader since I was a kid.  There were not many book stores near where I lived, so I looked forward to Friday's afterschool when the book mobile would be in the parking lot.  Every Friday, I'd head home with at least four or five book, most of which I'd devour before the Library on wheels returned the following Friday.

My favorites series as a kid were the Danny Dunn mystery and adventure series.  If you know the character, you know Danny was a headstrong science nerd who used his science knowledge in a series of adventure books.  I also loved reading novelizations of my favorite movies and of course a little stimulation from Judy Blume books.

One series I never borrowed from the book mobile was The Hardy Boys.  I didn't need to, my father had a large collection that sat on shelves in our rec room.  They were just above the Atlas, the dictionary, the Readers Digests and National Geographics and the complete set of Funk and Wagnalls.  This was in the 80's, before most people ditched most of these books and magazines for the Internet.  

My dad hoped some of us would love his Hardy Boy books as much as he did, but sadly none of my siblings really did.  I was probably the most interested, and I only read a handful.  Most of the books were the blue cover editions, with a few old ones with brownish covers without any cover art.  Recently I came across the image from the book below.  It had me looking at editions from the series from the 90's, 2000's and 2010's.

I noticed the covers have changed over the years.  There seems to be more color and more 'flash' and more a shots of the brothers in action.  There also seems to be a bit more physical contact and more skin, something I don't really remember from those books on our rec room shelves.  There was one old book cover however, that had a distinct homoerotic feel, and one that provided me, and I'm sure some of you, a doorway to a few visual fantasies.  Check our more, and see a FH version of the cover which solves the mystery of which Hardy was the horniest, the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Stan Zimmerman: Storyteller

'That's exactly why I have to watch it today, Dorothy, to find out what happens. That's why they always say, "stay tuned for the continuing story of ANOTHER WORLD.'

As someone whose dream was to be a television writer, I couldn't wait to dive into Stan Zimmerman's The Girls, from Golden to Gilmore.  I took the plunge this past weekend, and finished it all by Sunday night.  As exciting as it is to start a book you're looking forward to reading, it's also sad when you finish.  This especially true when you're transported to a world you enjoying spending time in.  As much as you love being invited in, it still stings a little when you're also ushered out with the final pages.

Zimmerman and his writing partner James Berg wrote three episodes in the first season of The Golden Girls.  I know many of you remember the stories, and some of their the classic lines.  No matter how many times it comes on TV, I still love scene in Flu Attack when the ladies are all on the couch.  Many of you I'm sure can quote Blanche's line wondering electrical appliance Dorothy is hiding under her blanket.  For me, it was line about the soap opera Another World.  That soap was my mother's favorite and I remember her reciting a similar line when my siblings and I begged her to switch the channel so we could  watch cartoons afterschool.

I can only imagine what adventures the four women might have gotten into if Zimmerman and Berg's contracts with the show had gone beyond the first season.  Sure, there were other great writers creating their stories, but Zimmerman and Berg certainly made their mark by the stories they wrote and the understanding they had for the ladies living in Blanche's four bedroom Miami home.

So often when I read a show business biography, I trudge through the first few chapters, usually the subjects childhood, to get to juicy parts once they finally arrive in Hollywood.  With The Girls, I think reading about Zimmerman's childhood was one of my favorite parts of the book.  Anyone who has had a dream, especially about being an actor or writer, can relate to Zimmerman's journey.  We all went through years of feeling like an outsider, walking beside or behind the rest of world.  We all weren't as lucky to have had a mother as supportive as Zimmerman had.  She really is the main girl in The Girls, and such an core part of why so many other wonderful women followed. 

Zimmerman with friend and collaborator Mindy Sterling 

Although being let go from The Golden Girls was a setback, it also paved the way for future opportunities.   Zimmerman spent a year as a producer and writer during the 1993/1994 season of  Roseanne.  Despite the looney Roseanne has become, Zimmerman is generally respectful writing about the star his time on the show.   Don't get me wrong, he's honest, but doesn't take the easy jabs that Roseanne makes so tempting.  

The most interesting part of the section on the show, was an image Zimmerman shared of his mother visiting the set.  He and his mom are standing in the iconic Conner kitchen, just a few feet from John Goodman.  There seemed to be a rule on the set that writers and guests didn't talk to the cast, so Zimmerman was not able to introduce his mother to Goodman.  This rule seemed to be a part of many of the sit-coms Zimmerman worked on in the 80's and 90's.

I could do an entire post on some of the posters for Zimmerman's plays.

In addition to The Golden Girls and Roseanne, Zimmerman also wrote for shows including; Pauley, Rita Rocks and the film A Very Brady Sequel.  Zimmerman also worked on the script for The Brady Bundh movie, but although paid, was not given credit.   His next most well known job, was producing and writing for the 2004/2005 season of The Gilmore Girls. 

Jared Padalecki

I think my favorite part of the section on Zimmerman's time on The Gilmore Girls, was his comments about the working style of Amy Sherman-Palladino, (interesting...) and the close relationship he formed with Liz Torres. (Miss Patty)  Loved reading about his time visiting Torres, and like Zimmerman, given her years in Hollywood, I'm sure she has so many great stories to tell.   Maybe there's a follow-up book there....

Milo Ventimiglia

There are so many other great stories in the book, including his small role in the casting of Matt Czuchry as Logan.  I don't want to share too much however, so will just end the post with some shots of Rory stable of hotties.  If you love the shows I mentioned, or just a fan of television and the process of writing or creating, check out The Girls.  You can order it easily on Amazon HERE:

Matt Czuchry

Tobias: An Early Morning Visit to the Public Library

'I just didn't look good in clothes.'

Last December, when putting together my holiday posts, I did a piece featuring RMark Photography, and his Christmas ball themed images. (HERE:)  One of my favorite pics in the piece featured model Tobias Gregori.  In addition to his beautiful face and eyes, I loved the beautiful curves of Tobias' perfectly sculpted rear end.   

Now not everyone's backside would be considered a work of art, but to me, Tobias possess a masterpiece.  When I was adding his Instagram link for the post, I got lost in the many incredible depictions of Tobias and his tantalizing tochus.  I was also fascinated with the various public locations in which Tobias captured his self portraits.

When Tobias sent on his favorite images, some of my favorites were the shots he took at his local public library.  I thought it would be fun to spend a day with Tobias as he prepares and travels to his local building of books.  Since Tobias likes to do as much of his daily living nude, after waking up, there is no need to pick out clothing.  Just a quick bite to eat, a shower, then the tossing of his towels in the washer before heading out for the day.

Given that he lives in a fairly private area, Tobais is safe walking naked on his own property, heading out for the day and getting into his car.  The only risk in driving fully naked, is getting pulled over, or hitting a red light with a higher vehicle, like a bus or a truck, pulling up beside him.  In addition to sharing his visual account of his day at the publication plaza, Tobias also share why he decided to start nude modeling, and how he so carefully captures private moments in so many busy public places. 

What made you decide to start modeling? 
I always wanted to be seen as hot growing up. I had really bad body dysmorphia and was really self conscious. When I discovered weight lifting I began to find my confidence and then wanted to show it off to the world. 

Did you always plan to shoot nudes? 
Yes.  Regardless of how much I tried, I just didn't look good in clothes. I kind of wanted to boost my self esteem by seeing how many likes I could get on Instagram and such. It was also a way for me to get over myself and put myself out there. 

Were you nervous? Any worries about work, family? 
Not really. I blocked all people I know and my family and didn't use my real name. I'm still a small model and there are so many of them that my photos sort of get absorbed into the mass amount. If this was twenty years ago yeah I'd probably be nervous. But nothing is no longer permanent on the internet, despite what people say. because there so many internet traffic files are constantly being deleted to make room for more. 

How did you connect with RMark Photography? 
Roger approached me and I didn't want to pass the opportunity. 

What made you decide to  work with a photographer? 
I always wanted to be professionally shot, but like I said previously I was full of body dysmorphia. All the other models were roided up with abs. I even had a potential photographer say I was too fat and that when I slimmed down he would consider me. This did terrible things to my confidence. Finally I was approached by Roger, 

What was that first session like, were you nervous shooting nude with a stranger? 
I was a little nervous, but I honestly just stripped off and went for it. I think I kind of threw Roger off a little as he was surprised by my boldness. My shoot was intense as he had me posing in a lot of uncomfortable positions but it was a really pleasant experience. 

When did you post your nude on-line? 
When I was 19. I started first on tumblr and then when that went belly up I moved to Instagram. 

When you're shooting in public, how do you ensure you're not found by others?
I am very careful. I go to places during times of days when there are not so many people around. I wear easy to slip out of clothes (Shorts with no underwear and T shirt) That are easy to slip back into again. I also like to shoot on Mondays as hardly anybody out since it's the beginning of the week. 

Have you ever been discovered or watched while shooting in public? 
Only once. A man walked up on me on the trail. He was an older dude who blushed and said hi, but kept walking as if nothing was happening. I think he knew what I was doing but didn't want to make a scene. 

Do you have a favorite shot or shoot you've done? 
The fun part is seeing peoples reactions on IG. 

What are your boundaries for shooting nudes? 
I don't do frontals because despite my best efforts, I still find my front rather flabby.  I don't really have boundaries other than don't hurt me. 

Any locations you'd really love to shoot? 
Opportunity is the best kind of shoot, but I really love nature or Urban ruins as a background.