Thursday, December 15, 2011

Smörgåsbord: Arteo Photo Kevin Moore

Above: Sammuel

'I would like my work to be a feast for the eyes. A smörgåsbord that can be savoured and visually tasted. There is a Chinese saying that "one eats with the eyes first". You need to pay particular attention to how a meal is presented: it should contain a range of textures and colors as well as flavors.'
Kevin Moore (Arteo Photo)

Below: Dann

As many of you know I love showcasing images featuring dancers. I stand to be corrected, but I believe this is one of the first times the dancer is the one behind the lens. After many years as a professional dancer, Italy's Kevin Moore from Arteo Photo was used to conceiving the physical world in terms of shape and motion.

Below: Deric Mickens

'The natural progression of searching for another creative outlet is what inspired me to become a photographer. I wanted to capture the movements and rhythms in the world around me. An exploratory choreography of shape, light and shadow. I wanted to flavor what I saw with the right combination of ingredients; Light, shadow, concept and of course a bit of spice.'

Eddie Martinez

I have always believed that those whose lives are full of success and contentment are those who have seen the key is finding rhythm. There is rhythm to each day, each hour, each and every facet of living is finding the rhythm. When you cannot quite find, and especially when you fight, the natural rhythms that surround you, life is so much tougher. You can see within Kevin's work, every choice, every movement, color and prop blend quietly and seamlessly into the other creating classic images of male beauty.

F dot

'I was an avid shooter of inanimate objects, textures and land- and cityscape's. Then I wandered into the realm of male figurative photography. I've gone in this direction after discovering Bob Mizer's Athletic Models Guild beef cake photos, Wilheim von Gloeden and his pastoral nude studies of Sicilian boys, moving to Italy and by becoming a collector connoisseur of of original prints and photo books of male erotica. I loved the posed photos of those periods. In their innocence they were quite sexual masculine and creative.'

'I am inspired by Italian renaissance sacred art and by two artist in particular of that period, Caravaggio and Michelangelo. Classic influences include graeco-roman sculpture as well of the sculpture of Antonio Canova. Modern day influences include Dave LaChappelle Steven Arnold, Jan Saudek, Andres Serranno and Greg Gorman. If you do not know any of this artists, I would strongly suggest you look them up. I am drawn to all these artists and photographers. They succeed in presenting eroticism in a subtle way without falling into vulgarity. This is what I am attempting in my work:Subtle, sensual, eroticism expressed through the male form but always in the context of some idea or concept.'

Seth Genocide

Kevin invites you to come and enjoy a taste of his imagery on Model Mayhem HERE: and on his Facebook page HERE:

Stanley Etoty
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Jerry East