Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 9th

Happy Birthday today February 9th

Favorite Birthday Boys for February 9th

Actor David Gallagher turns 26 today.

Survivors Jeff Wilson turns 28 today.

Colin Egglesfield turns 38 today.

Actor Charles Shaughnessy turns 56 today.

Thumbs Down: Dr. Phil

I did not think my opinion of Dr. Phil could get any lower than it already was but reading about his thoughts on boys and dolls today brought it to a new low.

I ask any of you who watch Dr. Phil...WHY? I dislike most daytime talk fests but if your watching Dr. Phil you might as well put on Jerry Springer. Both are trash but at least Springer is honest about it. Don't let the d.r initials fool you, Phil is just another person exploiting the problems and vulnerabilities of others to make a buck.

Last Saturday Night: Derek Allen Watson

Last Saturday Night over 400 people packed SPLASH in NY to help Derek Allen Watson celebrate! Derek has more than a few reasons to party. Since arriving in NY about a year and a half ago (see full story HERE:)Derek's life has been on fast forward. In the past couple of months Derek has been on the cover of NEXT Magazine, been featured in Fab Four on Lexevan Magazine and for the second time stood in front of the lens of renowned photographer Rick Day.

'My modeling work and the style of photography that I shoot represent my life. They represent where I am at in my life. They represent my view of myself. Its how I show the world where I am at and what I'm thinking.'
Derek Allen Watson

Although Derek doffs his clothes to showcase his great bod in some of Day's signature sportswear, my favorite shots from this shoot are shots with Derek in the denim shirt and formal attire. There is a new elegance, a sophistication and maturity expressed in these shots reflecting both the hard work and success' experienced over the last 18 months.

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