Sunday, April 17, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 17th

One of my favorite shots of photographer & artist Sam Devries by TR Pics.
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Happy Birthday today April 17th to:

Happy Birthday to Evandro Soldati who turns 27 today. Check out more of Evandro along with fellow birthday boys Sean Bean & Gabriel Soto HERE:

Favorite Clicks of the Day:

A few of the favorite places I visited this week...

Michael Downs presents a great new series featuring model Jay Parks over at MasculineMag HERE:

Justin Violini is sharing some of his work in an exhibit running through 4/30 at Lamont Bishop Gallery in Washington D.C. The work, part of "Exposed: Polaroid Retrospective II" curated by Victoria Milko, is a bit of a preview of a in the works series that plays with Polaroid photography being the first way that regular people were able to experiment with themselves before iPhone, web cams, digital cameras. Check our more at FEARLESS HERE:


Model Ben Godfre returns to TIMOTEO in a new video 'Sexy Boy' featuring shots by photographer Donnie Madden.

6 Episodes: David Tiefen

In my never ending quest to continue to bring you some of the most useless but needed information (and original content) on the net, I bring you 'Guy' from The Facts of Life. Last week when I did a brief post about the cast of TFOL on The TV LAND Awards, my research led me to a brief scene from the 1983/1984 season that brought back a brief, but distinct memory. I would have been just a kid when I saw this episode but I, like I am sure a few of you, remember it.

Actor David Tiefen played 'Guy Reynolds' on 6 episodes of The Facts Of Life. His brief shirtless scene (thanks Youtube) I present here. It is funny, although I 'sort of' remember the scene, what I remember more distinctly, is watching the scene. There was this awkward excitement and terror that overtook my body when a hot guy showing a little skin hit the television screen. You know the feeling, it is a mix between 'I am excited' and 'I hope no one is noticing I am excited'. Being a kid, hiding who you're attracted to is sort of like lyrics from the shows theme song, 'You take the good, you take the bad', good feelings that often lead you to feel that terror. Now that I am adult I look back fondly on those moments. Everyone goes through them really, in one form or another.

David Tiefen certainly had 'the look'. That 1980's model hair. In researching David there was almost nothing to find. Besides the six episodes of Facts, his only other credits included 'potential lifeguard' on one episode of 90210 and a co-starring role with B movie sex Goddess Jewel Shepard in Hollywood Hot Tubs 2. I often wonder what happened to actors like David who make a brief splash only to disappear. Where is he at? He must about 50 by now, is he working at Wal-Mart, maybe a lawyer, vet? Anyone have any idea?

David in Hollywood Hot Tubs 2 Educating Crystal (1990)