Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 9th

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Happy Birthday today December 9th

Happy 53rd to actor Joe Lando!

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Franco Fatigue

'James Franco and Seth Rogen. Milking the "pretending to be gay joke," week after week, month after month, year after year. Please. Stop. Insulting, annoying and tiresome. So very tiresome.'

We all television shows can 'jump the shark' but what do you call it when an actor has stayed long past his expiration date? I have been planning a piece for awhile about James Franco, an actor I once saw as one of the best new young actors in the business. He still is a great actor, but his decision to appear in almost anything, and I mean anything, at at any time has now made him both annoying and boring.

The quote at the top came from photographer Richard Rothstein page and I could not agree more. Franco's SNL stint this weekend wasn't bad, but his mugging combined with his self importance had moved him quickly from edgy to old. Franco's decision to create a public persona, including using Instagram and social media, his General Hospital appearances, his funny or die sketches and most of all his bromance with Seth Rogen have all become rather.. uninspired. Franco and Rogen continue to be good actors, but this 'we're pretending to act like h o m o sexuals was funny for a quick second at the start, but I can only guess the only ones still laughing are dim witted straight teenagers who still listen Kiss and Poison, love Steven Seagal movies and think there is nothing funnier than a fart joke. (although I admit, nothing beats a good fart joke...)

It is time for Franco to focus on his movies and spend less time trying to be cool in the media. He really has a great body of work, but his current need to gain self gratification through social media is impacting his ability to be effective on the screen. If he wants his career to keep chugging on lame comedies, then I guess it's ok, but if he wants a return to some of the dramatic work he is so good at I hope he goes away for awhile and returns with something he hasn't had for awhile... a great role.

James Dean

Whatever It Takes



12 Days: Paul Campbell in Window Wonderland

#8 Paul Campbell

I have not gotten all the way through all of the movies which are inspiring this years 12 Hunks of Christmas countdown. December is one of the busiest months at my job (Christmas brings out the crazy...) and many evenings as I go through folders of what awaits me the next day, I put on a Christmas movie. Most, I have 'half watch', looking up only now and then. That is what I had planned to do with Window Wonderland, but within about 10 minutes, I was fully in.

Paul Campbell is such an engaging actor, I am surprised he is not more well known. He and Grey's Anatomy vet Chyler Leigh make an adorable pair of department store window designers with competing Christmas displays both looking to take over the recently open head of the department position. Routine story, with a couple of winning actors who sell it well. Naomi Judd, who usually annoys me, blended in well and Cameron Mathison (I know, again!) this time doesn't end up getting the girl. That isn't much of a spoiler as you could see the ending coming from the first couple of scenes, but that didn't take away any of the fun.

I have had a wee crush on Paul Campbell since seeing him as President Roslin's (Mary McDonnell) on Battlestar Galactica. Paul also had a regular role on the short lived Knight Rider re-boot as well as recent stints on Supernatural, Emily Owens MD and Almost Heroes. Paul currently stars opposite Kids In The Hall's Dave Foley on the Canadian sit-com Spun Out which is entering it's second season. Unlike our other actors in the countdown, no skin from Paul (yet) but still worth of joining the list!

'His biggest fear is falling down an up-escalator indefinitely.'

Paul with Mary McDonnell on Battlestar Galactica

Paul with Justin Bruening & the cast of Knight Rider

Paul with Dave Foley, Darcy Michael & the cast of Spun Out

Flawless: Jourdon by Jamtron Studio

'Jourdan has this ridiculously sexy body and way of moving, but a very innocent face. I really tried to play this up.'

I think it was that quailty that David from Jamtron Studio's describes above that had me clicking to see more of his portfolio and work with Jourdan. There is something extremely captivating about Jourdan's angelic face, and those beautiful wide eyes contrasted with his fit, and incredibly hot body. There are not any smoke and mirrors needed with Jourdan, visually there is much to soak in and savor with just a simple pose and a look.

'Jourdan was a dream to work with, found him on MM and contacted him to do a shoot. He’s flawless, I didn’t have to spend any energy figuring out how to make great photos of him, perfect skin, perfect, amazing, tight abs. I think a requisite in a good model, the abs.'

David may not have had to spend much energy on capturing fantastic shots of Jourdan, but I think I may have stressed him just a bit when asking him to write about the experience. ' I used to be a painter and publications always wanted me to write something about my work. Hated it. I’d tell them I just paint, I don’t write.' With his work with Jourdan, I do think the final images speak for themselves. There is little really required in the form of words that viewers wouldn't be thinking for themselves. Jourdan has a keen interest in the entertainment business and has always wanted to model and act. Currently a college student, Jourdan works hard, studies hard and likes to play hard. A self described adrenaline junkie, he loves almost all sports and likes to lead his life outside of the box, always looking for the next big thing to provide a rush and take him to the next step.

David shoots only in studio and says that he likes the control that it gives him with lighting and backgrounds. He describes his process as fairly straight forward and doesn't start a shoot with any preconceived ideas of what he'll be shooting, especially with a model that he's never worked with before. 'I like to keep things fairly simple so the emphasis is on the model.' David, like many photographers, asks the models he works with to bring a variety of casual clothing to the shoot. David however has another reason for asking this, beyond just providing wardrobe for the shoot. David says that by wearing clothes they are comfortable in, it often helps them to relax in front of the camera. More importantly, by, seeing what they choose to bring, David gets a glimpse into how they see themselves which can really support the creative process and often provides a direction and focus.