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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 2nd

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Back Issues: The Young Colts

'It's what youth is all about.'

Check out the highlights of the nine models featured in the 1985 issues of Colt Studios Presents: The Young Colts: Part II on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Playing With The Boys

'Fans of the original Top Gun’s immortal beach volleyball scene will be relieved to hear that our new heroes find time to play shirtless football on the sand. '

I used to be a magazine freak, spending far too much money buying dozens every week.  Now, I usually only buy one or two magazines a month, usually Entertainment Weekly and once in awhile, an issue of Vanity Fair.  In the latest issue that I bought, I turned the page to find this incredible spread by photographer Nick Riley Bentham.

The images, taken on the Paramount back lot were promoting the new cast members joining Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick.  I recognized two of the faces right away.  I love me some Glen Powell who I've featured previously on the site.  (HERE:) I also just featured actor Jay Ellis in a recent Horror Hunks post. (HERE:) Joining them for the shoot were co-stars Monica Barbaro, Danny Ramirez and Lewis Pullman. (Yes, Bill's son)  I wasn't really looking forward to the film, but these images certainly have me wanting to take a look. 

'The younger actors worked out and skipped carbs for months to prep—and did some last-second moisturizing so their muscles would glisten. “I was eventually cut off from the baby oil,” says Powell. After sunset, the cast celebrated with wings, tater tots, and beer, but later learned they had to shoot the scene again. “We were devastated,” Ellis says with a laugh. Moviegoers everywhere will thank them for their service.'

(l-r) Ramirez, Pullman, Powell and Ellis

Jessie's Secrets: Jessie by TR Pics

'I actually wanted to model when I was younger, and actually joked about starting an underwear line called “Jessie’s secrets.” 😂 After I looked into what it took to be a model I just assumed it wasn’t something I’d ever be able to do because I didn’t necessarily meet certain requirements and it just seemed like it wasn’t capable for me. 

Some face, and some bodies, just have to be captured. Digitally, in print, on the big screen.  Model Jessie Smith has one of those faces, and one of those bodies.  The web is filled with incredible images of great faces and bodies, but not all of those images cause you to stop, stare, and have you wanting to see more.  Early last month, while scrolling through Instagram, that's exactly what I did after seeing a shot of Jessie by photographer Tom Rubeck from TR Pics.  

Beyond his face and body, it was Jessie's eyes that provoked the strongest reaction. Jessie seems to be looking through the camera, powerfully drawing you in. I messaged Tom right away and and he quickly replied that Jessie was on board for piece on the site.  I finished the piece a couple of weeks ago and planned to post right away.  With Halloween coming up, and so many witches, ghosts and creepy clowns awaiting their debuts, I had to put it on hold.  It all worked out though, as they provided time to shoot Tom and Jessie some questions about their work and multiple shoots together.

First Connections:

I first met Jessie in May of 2021 on an underwear shoot I did with this guy I know who markets and sells his own underwear brand, "RapidJWear". I had shot for him a couple of times, and I met he and the two models in his empty apartment, as he was soon moving. I recognized one of the models, because I had just shot with him less than a week earlier, so it was a nice surprise. And then I was introduced to the other model, Jessie, and it's been a fantastic collaboration ever since: six shoots so far!

Tom and I met at a photo shoot for a brand of underwear. He was the photographer and I was one of the models. He immediately helped me to feel comfortable with my posing and modeling so it was a no brainer that we would have to link up again and again, and I don’t see any sign of us slowing down!  

As we were shooting, we had a good chemistry, and I asked if he would shoot some shots outside by the pool. He obliged. The more we shot, the more I realized the camera LOVES him, and so I asked if he would shoot again. He was eager to, and so we set up our next and private shoot for later that month.  

Jessie's eyes are sick, as he would say. They just draw you in. I have a tendency to compare models to faces I've seen before, and from that first shoot I kept thinking Jessie was a cross between a younger Zac Effron and John Stamos. 

Posing Nude:

Modeling nude wasn’t always part of the plan, but I have always been comfortable with who I am and what I look like as well as with my own sexuality, so it wasn’t ever to much of a big deal for me to model naked when asked, especially as long as I feel comfortable with who I’m shooting with and can tell their intentions. 

My first time shooting without clothing was definitely nerve wrecking as I was really still in the process of just getting comfortable modeling in general, so throwing in doing it naked was a jump. I was mainly thinking about what people who were closest to me were going to think about me taking pictures naked and those thoughts are what limited me from going full blown with it for a while. 

Nudes didn't come around at first. In fact, everything has been "implied" until our very last recent shoot. He's never minded showing his backside, and so that has been very popular with my followers. As our shoots progressed, he decided he wanted to try "OnlyFans", but without nudity. So we spent a whole afternoon with him naked during the shoot...but I had to shoot AROUND his penis. It made for some creative shooting, and actually the results were fantastic. I had rented a hotel suite which was very modern and resembled a corporate lobby or museum, but large floor to ceiling windows. That shoot really sealed our working friendship.  

Milk Bath:

The "milk bath" shots were Jessie's idea. He had seen this somewhere and really wanted to try this. I was up for it, as I had done one shoot a few years ago and loved how they turned out. We shot the sequence in one of my bathrooms with a very shallow tub. Jessie was maintaining a vegan diet at the time, so he asked if we could use something other than cow milk for the shot. What we ended up using was soy milk and regular water. You really don't need a lot of the milk to make the shot work. 

Jessie was a trouper, going under the milk and bringing his face up, sometimes not being able to hear me because his ears were still under the edge of the liquid. This shoot was when we were trying our best to hid his penis, so I gave him a small white wash cloth to cover himself with. Fortunately the milk mixture was thick enough that he didn't need it. One last note: this was the last shot set-up of the day. Right before these shots we had painted his body with black-light paint for a fluorescent light shoot...(which came out great), so since he HAD to bath and wash the paint off, the milk shots were timed out perfectly. 

Working Together:

Jessie is so laid back and easy going, he's a dream to work with. He had no problems dropping his underwear and walking around naked for the shoots, but remember, he wasn't shooting full frontal for the first few. But as he started warming up, and realized he was building a huge following, he decided to give his fans what they wanted...for a price. 

A lot of the ideas that we have shot together are Toms , but he definitely pushes me to add my own input and to bring my own creativity to the shoots as well. My modeling has 1000% improved from shooting with Tom 

The best thing about working with Tom is that he pushes you to be the best you can be but doesn’t push you past anything you don’t want to do. He’s extremely selfless and you can just tell that he’s being his authentic self and really wants the models he works with to do great in the world. 🌎 

It is actually very hard to pinpoint a favorite moment of shooting with Jessie, because during each of our six shoots we usually do three to five set-ups or ideas, and they sometimes can be very different from each other. Very rarely do we do just "regular model stuff". And now with his OnlyFans taking off, we are shooting some video, which is my background anyway.

Overall, though, the great thing about working with Jessie is his hard work ethic, his ability to try just about anything you want to try, his bringing some great ideas to the table, and frankly, his amazing good looks... you really cannot take a bad photo of this kid. He's become one of my most favorite (and popular) models, and I sometimes feel like an older brother or uncle to him. For a guy who had no strong background in modeling and really is just doing this for the fun of it all, I am very proud of the art we have created and look forward to making more...!

Chatter during the shoot?

I tend to be the chatterer on set, because I want the models to feel at ease, so I tend to ask a lot of questions about background and lifestyle without getting too personal. Jessie is very much a country-boy at heart, which means he's sincere, honest, open-hearted and not pretentious in the least. There were never any moments of silence, and new we are like old friends, looking forward to our seventh shoot coming up sometime. 

Starting an OnlyFans:

The motivation to start my OF was honestly money. Modeling is something I’m pursuing to do full time so if I can build my OF to a point where it contributes to my bills then I am able to continue modeling and getting content for my OF without it feeling as stressful if I were to be doing it for free . 

Be on the lookout because I’m hoping to have a lot of different stuff for everyone to expect soon. I’ll definitely be doing some Halloween style stuff as well as some more editorial/artistic implied work so that will be fun to add as well as some more of my erotic works that you can find on my OF. 

My favorite theme so far with Tom is either the time we shot me as triplets and did different poses and shots of me in different style clothes