Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 29th

Favorite Birthday Boy for April 29th Vincent Ventresca

I was planning on posting on the ultra sexy Vincent Ventresca in the future, his birthday is just a good reason. I LOVE his look, especially when he had longer hair. A tv staple in the 90's on shows like Prey, The Invisible Man, Complete Savages, Boston Common and many other shows. Also loved him as 'Fun Bobby' on Friends. I seem to remember a brief butt shot, maybe from the side on the short lived show Medicine Ball. If anyone has that clip or a cap, please let me know. Vincent turns 43 today.

Also Celebrating Today April 29th

Also celebrating today:

Andre Agassi turns 38 today.

One of my favorite actress's Michelle Pfeiffer turns 50 today.

The amazing Daniel Day Lewis turns 51 today.

Jerry Seinfeld turns 54 today.

Nora Dunn, who was my FAVORITE Saturday Night Live female comic ever turns 56 today. Pat Stevens CRACKED me up!