Saturday, March 20, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 21st


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Thespian Toros

 Although recently murdered with a 'who done it?' storyline on Days, I hope actor Mike Manning resurfaces on another show soon.  He made quite the slimey impact...

Photographic Porn Stars: Beauxx Valkyrie

'Here to bring you your wildest and horniest fantasies...'

I certainly had a few fantasies the first time I saw images of adult film performer Beauxx Valkyrie.  They shots were the two shower images at the bottom of this piece.  I loved everything about Beauxx and the shots, especially how he was staring so seductively into the camera.  I instantly went on an image search to find out who was behind the incredibly body and those beautiful eyes. 

The search led me to Beauxx's Twitter where Beau describes himself as a cowboy-bodybuilder who loves to dance.  He also loves to role play with Captain America gear.  I spent some quality time on Beauxx's feed for research of course, and to find my favorite images to include in this piece. 

Blast from the Past: Perry Lang

Actor Perry Lang got his start on television in the late 1979's on shows like The Fitzpatrick's, James at 15 and in ABC Afterschool Specials.  Quickly, Lang transitioned to feature films making his film debut in 1978's Big Wednesday.  Over the next decade plus, Lang appeared in over twenty films, including well known titles like Jennifer 8, The Big Red One and Eight Men Out.

Bay City Blues (1983)

During the eighties, in addition to a short stint on the television show Bay City Blues, (with Dennis Franz and Sharon Stone) Lang appeared in a string of teen coming of age films.  Some of the titles Teen Lust, Spring Break and Jocks) are indelibly linked with the genre during the time period.  When I came upon the title Teen Lust, I had to check it out to see if there was any male nudity.  With a title like that, there had to be something.... 

Teen Lust (1978)

'Two sexy young women move into a sleepy suburb and before long, every man in the vicinity falls for their charms.'

Although there was a fair share of 'lust' in the film, the bulk of the nudity came from the female cast members.  This wasn't really that strange, with the exception of a few films, like Porky's, it was rare to see the male cast members remove their clothing the way their female counterparts were expected to do. The only male nudity in Teen Lust, was just a flash of butt from the jock strap wearing Terry, played by Perry Lang.

Five years after Teen Lust, Lang went on to flash his cute little butt again, this time in 1983's Spring Break.  Just like Teen Lust, the few seconds of Lang's bute bum was the only scene in the movie featuring male skin.  We did however, get a hot shot of actor Paul Land in his tight black briefs.  That almost made up for it....

Spring Break (1983)

'Two sets of two college guys spend a spring break together in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There they have lots of fun in and out of the sun.'

Above:Actors  Paul Land, David Knell, Lang and Steve Bassett 

So many actors and actress in teen sex comedies seemed to get pigeon holed, and many seemed almost stuck in the genre.  If look back at some of the biggest sex comedies of the eighties and nineties, so many of the actors have disappeared.  When Lang's acting career began to slow down in the nineties, he skillfully transitioned to a career behind the camera, writing, producing and directing. 

Lang's time in teen teen comedies may have helped in his role as a director of young talent. Lang directed famous teen and young adult actors on television shows including; Jack & Bobby, North Shore, One Tree Hill, Everwood, Young Americans, Gilmore Girls and Dawson's Creek.  Lang also directed episodes of ER, Alias, Medium, Nash Bridges, NYPD Blue and Weeds.  Lang most recently directed the 2018 feature film An Interview with God starring  David Strathairn and Brenton Thwaites. 

Lang in 2003

Winter's Ends

'Autumn arrives in the early morning, but spring at the close of a winter day.'
Elizabeth Bowen

Image by Joee Vee

I love spring, but to be honest it comes forth on my list of favorite seasons.  Autumn has always been my favorite season.  Even when I was young, I saw Autumn as a time for beginnings, for fresh starts, for trying new things.  It probably has to do with the start of school.  When I was really young, we lived in a rural area.  Close to the city, but not close enough to get there without a drive from my parents. I look forward to school starting in September to get back to school, back to sports and activities and back to my friends.

Following this logic, winter was, and continues to be my second favorite season.  Although many hibernate, it continues to be the season I am most active.  I get invigorated by the cold and enjoy winter activities especially skiing.  I also love to nest in the evening, something you can do guilt free when it cold and snowy outside.  

My third favorite season would be summer.  I love the warmth of the summer sun, a beach day, the crickets chirping each evening at dusk.  I love reading on my porch in the morning and drinking a glass of wine on it at night.  Summer is also so short where I live, two months tops.  Just as the heat is starting to get to you, the nights start to get colder, and Autumn is just around the corner.  


That leaves spring, a season I like, but definitely forth on my list. Francis of Assisi said of spring that, A single sunbeam s enough to drive away many shadows.  To me however, it's the shadows that really support the sun in creating depth and true beauty.  Without the shadows, the summer sun can burn, and cause obstructions to clear views.  We use sunglasses and our hands to block the sun from us seeing clearly.  The greatest views may be well lit, but that light also needs to be directed by darkness and shadow. 

With winter no technically over, it's time to purge the 'winter' section of my 'seasonal sightings' folder.  Finding images of naked male models brave enough to bare chill of winter and snow has often been difficult.  The year however, I found more images that I could use. Maybe it's just a coincidence, or that more and more people are taking images with their cameras.  I think in part however, it had a little to do with the pandemic.  

Getting outside, regardless of the season, became more important than ever.  Last winter, I think we all paused and really thought about our time beyond the safety of our homes.  This past winter, a year of trying to remain mostly inside had us swinging open those doors and windows, even with the chill of winter still in the air.  

🌼 Welcome Spring! 🌼