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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 27th

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Man of the Month:

I've been planning a post on the sizzling Sam Spade for awhile now, but a recent post on Twitter had me thinking it was time to get going!  Last week, on the official PLAYGIRL twitter page, it was announced that Sam is going to be Playgirl's Man for March.  Included was a behind the scene shot of Sam being shot by photographer Adam Washington.  I look forward to seeing what they create!

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From Sam's Instagram

Adam Washington shooting Sam for Playgirl

Calendar Men

Rugby Helps Our Heroes 
Calendar Favorites:
2010 - 2018

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of MichaelAndrews73a, and his Naked Calendar Site on Reddit, I've been lucky to feature of the hottest male calendars the last few years.  When it comes to naked calendars, Rugby is one of the most popular sports and most popular themes uncovered. 

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Prime Time Supporters: Tom Plumley

Last year, after trying to get through an episode of Fox's Call Me Kat, I posted about actor Cheyenne Jackson. (HERE)  I was disappointed that I didn't like the show as I really love most of the cast.  This season, I gave it another shot after reading that they revamped the show, and brought in a new show runner.  It's still not great, but much improved from the two episodes I watched from the first season.

The writing is weak, but the engaging supporting cast give it their all.  The issue for me was Mayim Bialik.  It's not that Bialik isn't talented, she is, but the character of Kat is written more like a supporting side-kick more than a lead.  One thing that I do like is the way the cast does the closing credits.  Yes, it can be a bit cringe worthy, but I sort of like the way the cast does curtain calls at the end of each episode.

In the episode I watched, Call Me Forty, I noticed a cutie dancing on the stairs during the show's end.  I wasn't really paying much attention during the show, so had to go back and see his brief flashback scene. The actor was Tom Plumley and I headed to IMDB to check out his other credits.

Call Me Kat

Plumley moved to Los Angeles after high school to purse acting professionally and quickly landed roles in commercials including campaigns for Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Taco  Television roles quickly followed and Plumley is known to many for his many roles on Nickelodeon and for his starring role in 2019's Max Reload and the Nether Blasters.  My Google search also led me to the actor's Youtube page and his nude starring role in the 2020 short Good Morning After.

Good Morning After

When sneaking out after a one night stand, Jen meets his naked free-spirited roommate.

In the short, Tom plays Blaze, that free-spirited roommate who Jen encounters while sneaking out of the house.  Blaze is cooking breakfast in the nude and is very insistent that Jen stay and have something to eat.  The short film gives plenty of great views of Tom's beautiful behind. 

Tom Plumley on Instagram

Leaps & Bounds: Jared by Creative Portraitures

'I love that modeling allows me to share my body with others. I think I have a really unique body type for a male and it would be a shame not to share.'

I don't use Model Mayhem much these days, except to check out the Pic of the Day contest. Model and photographers new to the site enter often enter to connect with others and promote their work. I first discovered many of my favorite model and photographers through the contests.  I first spotted images of the stunning Jared (yungblosley) in the contest late last year.

With his incredible body and handsome face, it wasn't a surprise that Jared's image got the most votes that day.  Since then, Jared's has continued on his winning streak, winning several more times with multiple different photographers.  When I got in touch with the Louisiana based model last December he was on board for a piece on the site.  Sill fairly new to modeling, Jared wanted to wait until he built his portfolio. 

With several shoots recently completed, and even more scheduled, Jared promised to get back to me when he had new images to share.  A few weeks ago, he sent on this hot shower series from his recent work with Creative Portraitures.  Some of you may remember it was Creative Portraitures who also shot the outdoor shoot with Nico that I featured last week. (HERE:)  Although Jared's had an interest in modeling for awhile, it's only in the last year that he began to pursue it more seriously. 

How did you get started? 
I've really only started sharing photos of myself in the last six months or so. A couple photographers reached out to me through a few different channels from forums to Instagram to Tinder 

What was your first nude shoot like? 
I was kind of antsy at first but then got more comfortable. I had myself thinking "why was I changing in the other room if I was just gonna end up nude?" 

Was it a hard decision to make? 
Maybe a little but it wasn't too long before I was like "why not?" 

Were family, friends reactions ever an issue? 
They largely don't know yet. 

Do you have a favorite modeling experience thus far? 
I don't. I'm still new enough to where I'm learning by leaps and bounds with each one. 

How did you first connect with Creative Portraitures? 
He was in town to shoot a wedding and wanted to know if I wanted to shoot in some of the down time. It was really relaxed, I really got to explore myself.

What is the best thing about working with Creative Portraitures? 
Getting to know how a model works with a photographer. I never knew how important lighting was when now it seems obvious

Do you have a dream scenario for a shoot that you'd love to do? 
Not one in particular. I would like to do some work in nature. There's a movement called solarpunk that's very focused on the sun naturally but also how we relate to the earth and a move towards sustainability I think would be cool to explore.