Thursday, March 8, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 9th

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Crack the Window


My parents liked it, bu I never watched the original Magnum P.I. I wasn't really into many action/adventure shows and didn't really see the appeal of Tom Selleck when I was younger. Although Tom's appeal has grown on me (a little) now that I am older, one actor who's appeal I saw instantly was actor Jay Hernandez.

Jay was looking hot this past season in his arc on Scandal, and think he'll make the perfect new Magnum for the CBS reboot. So far, even with appealing leads, most of the CBS reboots (MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0) have rather forgettable, with their focus on action over character but maybe Magnum will be an exception. Just wondering if they're planning on having Jay grow the signature stache....

Scandal (2017)

The Complete Package: Gregory Harrison

'I think my love of the male form began in the early eighties with magazines. It was seeing celebrities, like Christopher Atkins, Matt Dillon, John Stamos, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Jason Bateman and so many teen idols from the eighties and nineties. Growing up in a small city, I didn't have many opportunities to see photo books or visit photo exhibitions. It was fairly easy to get my hands on teen magazines, still being in the closet, I could always say it was because of love for Heather Locklear or Alyssa Milano.'

My intent with 'The Complete Package' is to feature actors that I have featured on numerous occasions and pull together all of the posts in one place. I began with Christopher Atkins (HERE:) last Autumn, and after featuring Gregory Harrison last month in Razorback, knew he would be the perfect hunk to follow-up with.

I remember seeing images of the curly haired, and hairy chested hottie in magazines when I was a kid and drooled over his 'For Ladies Only' promotional images decades before I finally saw it on Youtube. The multi talented Harrison has done it all, film, television and stage. From his full frontal debut in 1973's The Harrad Experiment through his guest spot on The Middle last season Harrison looks as hot as ever.

Gregory Harrison on FH:

A Clear Vision: Malyk by PR Photo

'The shy kid who walked into my studio in December has blossomed into a strong confident model.'

I was immediately drawn towards PR Photo's images of 20 year old Malyk when I spotted them on PR's portfolio late last year. PR always manages to capture erotically powerful images of the models he shoots, blending both their physical beauty along with a glimpse into a models inner strength and essence. Not all photographers desire, nor are able, to go beyond the body to capture what energizes a model in front of the camera and makes them tick.

Some of you may remember that I featured a sneak peak of PR's work with Malyk last Christmas, (Wrapped in Red) but I have been looking forward to showcasing more of their work together. PR and Malyk have worked together several times, most recently to shoot the black and white images included below. When I asked PR if he had any back/butt shots to include in the piece, he got back together with Malyk to shoot some additional images to include.

The inner strength and essence I mentioned is clearly evident, especially through Malyk's incredible eyes. Malyk rarely diverts his attention and focus, looking directly into PR's camera with a sexy intensity and confidence which  challenges the viewer not to stare right back. Malyk looks like he's been modeling or years, and was surprised when PR shared how shy he was when they started working together last winter.

'Malyk has been so great to work with and see grow as a model over the past few months. The shy kid who walked into my studio in December has blossomed into a strong confident model with a clear vision of making it in the industry. He isn't going to let anything stand in the way of achieving his dreams. I truly believe this!'

I also especially love Malyk's hair, especially how his dreads fall over his face and eyes in some of the images. In addition to his great eyes and face, the Kalamazoo Michigan model also has a killer body, strong and athletic, yet also elegant and graceful depending on the pose. Malyk isn't only a natural in front of the camera, he also seems to really enjoy the process.

'I love modeling. This has been a rush. I love learning and finding new things about the modeling world.'