Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 27th

Happy Birthday today February 27th

Happy Birthday today February 27tht to one of the hottest guys on the tube Brandon Beemer. Check out more of Brandon and fellow birthday boy Josh Groban HERE: Also check out my birthday post on Brett Stewart and Grant Show HERE:

Rear Window

'We Saw Your Boobs'

Despite my Sunday post about only being able to enjoy the Oscars looking backward, I have to say I enjoyed this years show. Sure it went on too long, sure there were slow parts and parts that fell flat, but overall I thought it a great show. The Jaws music, INSPIRED!

Seth MacFarlane to me, brilliant! It was funny to see some bashing his abilities a mere 60 seconds or two into the show. Those first few minutes so many bashed ended up of course, just being part of the bit to follow. MacFarlane is funny, but I might have enjoyed him even more as a singer. Especially loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt doing the soft shoe with Daniel Radcliffe and Seth. Although his closing number was mostly horrible, I was still soothed off to dreamland by the beautiful tones he is able to create with those magical vocal chords of his. The 'I saw your' boobs' song was hilarious and all those claiming he went too far with the song or other jokes really should have just stuck in their VHS copies of Murder She Wrote. The entire point of hiring MacFarlane was to bring something new, something polarizing, something Billy Crystal, no matter how good, could never do.

Of course most of you heard the Orchestra drown out most of the nights vocals. Shirley Bassey however would have none of that, powering over the band whenever she could. She really stole the night vocally, although Barbara Streisand attempted a run at the crown. Jennifer Hudson surprisingly had an off night, but everyone is entitled to one now and then. The musical montage was fun, but if I were running the show, I would have shoved Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anne Hathaway and company stage right and watched and listened to Aaron Tveit for the entire night.

Watching the Oscars accompanied by social media was interesting. The funny people, continued to be hilarious (comparing Crowe with Susan Boyle, mean, but funny). The unfunny people continued to be unfunny and still don’t get mocking is only a talent when you have skill. Mocking without skill or talent is, well, cruel.

Oh how interesting that so many who filled their twitters and facebook pages the past 12 months with defiant and outraged anti-bullying comments spent the night tearing the shreds out of anybody who dared step out from behind the curtain. Poor Renée Zellweger, who gave us so many great movie moments over the years, will most likely never leave her house again. That is the Oscars I guess...

Best moment of the night, for those who stayed up (or watched the next day), was Channing Tatum making hot love to the top of the piano on Jimmy Kimmel. If you missed it, head to youtube STAT!


A Little Tom Daley!

A Look Back: Racing With The Moon

Lately I have been writing a lot about loving certain men I didn't give a second thought to when I was younger. I guess as my thirties continue to speed by this is a clear sign I am getting old! It is interesting to me how many men I have watched for years, that looking back on their work, I now look at them in an entirely different light.

While putting together my Oscar pieces for this past weekend posts, one of my stories was going to be 'Favorite Oscar Winners'. I ultimately dropped the idea, but not before choosing a few images of one of my favorite actors, Sean Penn. I have loved Sean's work as an actor since I was a kid. I respect his choices and especially his not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks about anything, but what he puts on the screen. I love the good he does in the world and that he is his own man, one many love and one many do not.

As part of my research, I pulled out one of my favorite of Penn's movies, maybe one of the first movies I saw him in, Racing With The Moon. As I watched, I was all of sudden turned on by the actor and his character Henry in a way I had never experienced the first two times I saw the movie.

Although I love her on Downton Abbey and loved her in Ordinary People, I always found Elizabeth McGovern more appealing because of who she is more than what she portrays on screen. I often find her performances a little off, but really like her in Racing With The Moon. It might have been her off screen relationship with Penn. Penn and McGovern were engaged for a short time before he was whisked away, and far from his comfort zone, by Madonna.