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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 19th

Jocelyn by Saki
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Bach in Time:

' Through the sleepless nights through every endless day I'd want to hear you say, I remember you oh oh'

Truth is, I don't really remember Skid Row, or any of their songs.  I wasn't a huge fan of heavy metal growing up, in fact, I wasn't really a fan at all.  One of my older brothers was however, and although I don't remember any of Skid Row's songs, I do remember seeing that 1991 Rolling Stone cover featuring the bands front man Sebastian Bach. 

My older brothers magazine collection was a frequent source of inspiration.  Although I wasn't allowed to borrow, or even touch his things, I did often sneak into his room when he was out.  I'd flip through his Playboy's, his Circus magazines and Rolling Stone magazines.  The Playboy's of course had the odd nude male in a fantasy pictorial, but I also remember many hot, long haired rock stars who inspired my imagination and masturbatory material.

I didn't remember how beautiful Sebastian was in the 80's and 90's until recently seeing the images below.  Although I didn't really know who he was at the time, his images always reminded me of those long haired blonds who appeared in Playgirl at the time.  He really did have a stunning face with especially beautiful eyes and lips.

I think the first time I connected those magazine covers and pictures with Bach was after he was cast as part of Lane's band Hep Alien on Gilmore Girls.   I didn't initially recognize the face, but did the name when it appeared at the shows ending credits.

Despite his rock star status, Bach seems like a pretty down to earth guy.  Although there are hundreds of hot shirtless shots, the closest thing to an nude image I could find was the shot above with a Santa hat covering Sebastian's stuff.  I did however, find a few articles about an appearance Sebastian made on Howard Stern's radio show.  Although there are no visuals, Sebastian supposedly stood up at the end of the interview and unzipped his pants.   

Howard commented that it looked to be about 9 inches soft.  After Bach left the studio, Stern supposedly continued to talk about his Penis side.  This drew Bach into the studio, and showed Stern that when soft, he can tie his penis into a bow. Again, no visuals that I know of, but an interesting story if true....

Quietly Compelling: Jocelyn by Saki

Shave and a Haircut...
Two Bits

Some of you may not have recognized the lovely Jocelyn right away.  The last time I featured him on the site was last Autumn, but he looked a little different at the time.  Although both were shot by artist and model Saki, in the previous post, (HERE:) Jocelyn appeared as he does in the image below, with his hair a little bit longer, as well as sporting some facial hair. 

Last fall, Saki sent on a large selection of images of Jocelyn, from both of their two shoots together.  I was really drawn to the dashing French model, and Saki's captures of him.  I also wanted to feature both of Jocelyn looks.  Although the changes are really quite small and subtle, they create significant differences in both Jocelyn's appearance, as well as the impact the images had on me when I viewed them. 

In the previous post, I focused on Jocelyn posing in Saki's beautiful back garden.  The natural light let to a bright set of images, and being outdoors, there was more movement and a more energetic spirit in the shots.  In this series, mostly shot in the bedroom, the images seem a little more reflective with a quietly compelling power that I especially loved.

The quiet part comes from both the poses, as well as Saki's use of light and muted colors.  While in the garden, Jocelyn was constantly moving, and focused on the  environment around him, and the tasks and objects at hand.  In the bedroom, Jocelyn's focus seems more internal, with his eyes and field of vision focused more on a thought or emotion, rather than something physical or specific.  

It's also interesting how Jocelyn's shave and haircut changed my perception of his age.  In this series, Jocelyn could pass for 10 or 12 years younger than he did in the series in the garden.  In reality, the two shoots occurred within just a few months of each other, with Jocelyn being the same in age both times he stepped in front of Saki's camera. 

I think the two images below may best illustrate my feelings about the shots, and use of the phrase 'quietly compelling.'   Most of us are often nude in our bedrooms, it's just something that occurs daily, without much thought.  When we stop however, and stand as still as Jocelyn appears in the images below, there's usually a reason. We're usually thinking about something or someone, or more likely reflecting on something more personal, more sensual and intimate.

From the Earth to McCrane

'A real artist must never be afraid of what other people are gonna say about him.'
Montgomery McNeil

Last weekend, after catching some old episodes of NewsRadio on TV, I did a piece featuring actor and comedian Dave Foley. (HERE:)  I wasn't aware of Foley's impressive nudity resume, and had to check out some of his many scenes of skinning.  While I was researching, I came upon a quick, but memorable butt scene which also featured actor Paul McCrane. 

Hooters (1982)

I'd featured Paul before, most recently, when uncovering the many hot men from the NBC drama ER. (HERE:)  In that piece, I featured the scene from 1984's The Hotel New Hampshire, where the school bullies were sexually harassing McCrane's character Frank for being gay.  I knew of McCrane's role in the film due to my love of author John Irving, having read most of his books when I was in my teens.

Fame (1980)

I most knew the actor from ER, and wasn't really aware of McCrane's extensive career on film and on stage going back to the late 1970's.  After graduating from Holy Ghost Preparatory School, McCrane moved to New York to study theatre and worked as both an actor and a dancer.  He soon began getting small roles, including making his film debut in a small role in 1979's Rocky II.  McCrane's most well known film role is probably his turn as Montgomery MacNeill in 1980's Fame.  

It's funny, I was barely out of diapers when Fame came out, and never saw it until many years later.  I did however, listen to my mother's cassette of the soundtrack when I got older, never connecting until I finally saw the film, that 'I Sing the Body Electric' was sung by McCrane. 

The Hotel New Hampshire (1984)

McCrane's dancer body

McCrane's brief nude scene with Dave Foley was from the 1998 Tom Hanks mini-series, From The Earth to the Moon.  McCrane and Foley play astronauts in the seventh episode, and upon returning to the ship after walking on the moon, actor Tom Verica insists McCrane and Foley's characters strip down and wash before joining him in the rocket's cockpit. It's a quick scene, and doesn't show much, but still fun to see these two actors together in the scene.

From the Earth to the Moon

Dave Foley