Sunday, July 26, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 27th

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Bottom Shelf, at the End of the Aisle

Nick Champa: His Bottom Line

FH readers are aware I've posted several times before about the irresistible Nick Champa. (HERE:) Between his social media sites, and his OnlyFans, Nick is always providing new and delectable images to devour.  You can forgive me then, as I couldn't resist putting together another collection of my favorites shots, this time with a focus on Champa's curvaceous caboose.  Check out more on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Nick Champa on Instagram

Ken Olandt in A Time to Revenge

'A modern day version of the old Western story of a big rancher buying up all the smaller ranches, doing whatever necessary to achieve this and a group of men willing to fight back.'

Last week, I paid homage to Carl Reiner, and his direction of 1987's Summer School. ( Thanks Carl Reiner).  Specifically, I highlighted the scene in the male strip club featuring the adorably hot Ken Olandt.  At the time of writing, I had thought Carl Reiner, gave audiences their only view of Ken and his fine behind.  I was wrong.

Thanks to a poster on DC, I learned that Ken had another butt baring scene, this time, without the g-string.  A decade later, in the 1997 Western drama, A Time to Revenge, Olandt played Will, and Will loved having sex in the barn, by the campfire, almost every location you'd expect a randy cowboy to whip his chaps off in.

Olandt was 29 when he played the high school stripper in Summer School, and he was close to 39 when he made A Time to Revenge.  I had really only seen and check out Olandt's appearances during the late 80's and enjoyed seeing him a little older and a little more rugged than he appeared during his time as a twenty-something 'teen idol'.

Male Beauty by bengie: The Return of the King

Since beginning the site thirteen years ago, I've featured hundreds of photographers and male models.  FH readers know I love going back and re-visiting the work of my favorite artists and models, looking to see if they have new work, and catching up with what they're doing today.

Sadly, often when I head back to a photographers website, or a model's on-line portfolio, I find it's been deleted.  Like so many career paths, especially it seems, with the creative arts, careers can be transitory.  For photographers, it's often a question of time and money.  Very few of the artist's that I feature count on their photography as their sole means of income. Their work is their hobby, their passion and the creative outlet we all need, and should have in our lives.

There are often windows  of time that allow us to focus more time on our passions.  I've been fortunate to have featured many artists while that window was open.  Sometimes, the window closes for a short time, but opens again.  This can also be the case with models.

Many believe a model's window is about their age.  but I believe even more so, it's more about our obsession with wanting to always see something new.   A new face, a, new body, a new way of uniquely capturing the male form.  Despite our desire for constant visual freshness, there are many artists and models who fracture the norm, with their look, their work, and their ability to bob and weave with an impatient and often fickle audience.

For me, Simon King is definitely one of those models. Whenever I see a new Simon shoot, I'm always excited to check it out.  It was almost a decade ago when Simon began his modeling career, and it didn't take long for him to become a favorite of both photographers, and lovers of imagery of the male form.

Early in the 2010's, Simon quickly became one of the most popular nude models on-line.  Simon had an extremely busy 2011 and 2012 working with some of my favorite, and some of the best UK  based photographers. Andrew Bowman, Mark Leighton, ShotbyGrant, Gert Kist, Gilles Crofta and Dylan Rosser all worked with Simon, and featured his images in their ports.   I was fortunate to be able to share many of Simon's images, and first featured him and his work with Suntown Photography back in 2012. (The Secluded Garden)

Simon has an incredible physique for sure, fit, and well (very well...) proportioned.  Beyond his body however, it's his face and his brown eyes that continue to draw me in.  Simon's face is both youthful and boyish and intelligent and mature.  His eyes can be both sultry and steely, but always sexy, especially when looking directly at the camera.

Simon also never seemed shy about nudity, and knew his audience and how to use his body through attitude and pose to hit the viewers precisely where it mattered.  One of the things that also impressed me about Simon, was that he seemed keenly aware of the fickleness of many fans of the male form.  After his initial success, Simon took a break from modeling for a few years, leaving viewers longing to see more.  When he returned, he jumped right back in, better than ever,

As hot as Simon looked wearing absolutely nothing, he also looked great dressed, and knew exactly how to wear, an un-wear a piece of clothing.  When I first saw that male Beauty by bengie had worked with Simon, I was most impacted by how hot Simon looked in, and falling out of his ripped jean shorts.  They seem tailored made specifically to highlight Simon's body and his visually impressive assets. FH viewers know I have an affinity for bengie's French porch doors, especially when they're behind, and assisting highlighting such incredible models like Simon King. Check out more of bengie's work with Simon on PAGE 2 HERE: