Friday, March 13, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 14th

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Seasonal Sightings

Snow Day Blues

We Wuz Cobbed!

Check out my FaVorite shots of model Calvin Cobb on PAGE 2 HERE:

Calvin by Blake Ballard

Just Because: Michael Shannon

I have been a fan of actor Michael Shannon for awhile.  Both incredibly talented and incredibly sexy, Shannon has been turning in strong performance on film for close to three decades.   I loved Michael in The Shape of Water and last year, to notes of nudity news grabbed my attention... 

First off, like many of you, I saw the new promotional still for Michael's stage role in Bug.  It was also Michael, who was on stage with Audra McDonald, when a audience member took a picture during their nude scene in Broadway's Frankie and Johnny.  Audra was especially bothered, and rightly called out the photo taker.

Obviously doing a nude scene means you'll be seen by the public, but there's a difference between the intimacy with a theater audience, and having your image splashed all over the net, especially when the show went to such great lengths to make the actors comfortable by bringing in the an expert in staging sex scenes.  This was reported to be the first time this was done for a Broadway production.

Back to that promotional shot from Bug.  Michael starred in both the stage, and film versions and you can check out more on PAGE 2 HERE:

The Shape of Water (2017)

Spring Breaking: Andrew by Greg Lindeblom

'Bags are packed, but nowhere to go.....?'

With all that's going on in the world, there are many people with packed bags, or at least with suitcases awaiting to be filled.  It's traveling season, the end of winter, school's on spring break, people are itching for a break, especially one with sun and sand.  Given I try to make FH a bit of an escape from our daily lives, I'm won't dwell on the negative, instead focus my attention on more visually inspiring thoughts and stories, including this series of images of Andrew from photographer Greg Lindeblom.

FH are familiar with Andrew from his previous appearances on the site, including his work with Unlimited Male (The Cusp of Cool) and Gordon Nebeker (Sans Sax)  I also teased a bit of Greg Lindeblom's work with Andrew when featuring his art exhibition from last Autumn. (HERE:) I could tell from the hits Andrew was popular with viewers, and I know many hit the net looking for more of his modeling work.  I first saw and loved Greg's work with Andrew awhile ago, and am thrilled to be able to share them.

It was a 2018 spring break from school that allowed Andrew to travel to Florida for a series of schedule shoots.  As part of his trip, Andrew spent some time staying with Greg and his husband Michael and Greg managed to schedule in two shoots during his working spring break visit.  Andrew signature saxophone, which he brings to most of his shoots, and Greg says the shots of Andrew and his instrument are always well received at exhibitions.  Images from the sax series are also included in Greg's most recent book, Masculine Beauty 2.

'One of the fun aspects of the shoot was working with him and his saxophone. The sax isn't just a prop. Andrew is an award-winning state saxophonist. During the shoot, he played Moon River for us. That is what inspired me to find the bubbler and channel our inner Lawrence Welk. I am certain that Andrew didn't understand the concept, but he played along (pun intended).'

Greg enjoyed his work with Andrew beyond his handsome face and incredible physique.  Given his experience in front of the camera Greg appreciated how beautifully and effortlessly Andrew presented himself creating stunning lines and designs for Greg to so magnificently capture.

If you want to see more of Andrew's many body designs, check out his OnlyFans HERE:.  Andrew's is currently offering a FREE membership to viewers, but hurry, it's for a short time only!