Thursday, June 5, 2008

Favorite Actor In Need of Getting His Career Back On Track: Jude Law

I was a big Jude Law fan, but lately...not so much. Lets look at what happened, and how we might get his career back on track!.

The Beginning
Jude Law began acting on British television in the late 80's. Throughout the early 90's, Law began developing a following appearing in other projects on British tv and movies. In 1997 the gay community took notice of Law for his role in Wilde. His walk across the room naked, with the near perfect ass caused a flurry of screen caps to be posted all over the net. Law went on to other movies, taking both leading roles and smaller character parts in interesting projects such as Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil, The Wisdom of Crocodiles and Gattaca. These roles in smaller, critically acclaimed projects created a name for Law in Hollywood. During this time, his fan base continued to be heavily populated by gay men due to not only the parts he chose, but also his amazing looks and willingness to shed his clothes in many of his projects. There is always a bit of a mystery about actors from the UK. Even though in the UK they may be on daytime soaps or tv shows, to us in North America they hold a mystery and many are able to move from tv to major motion pictures just by crossing the Atlantic.

Getting On Track: Jude Law: The Problem

In 1999, Law was in The Talented Mr. Ripley with Matt Damon. This was the perfect project to introduce Law to mainstream America as it was a great script, showed off his bod yet was a character which held true to some of the parts he had done earlier. Law maintained the fan base he had built and gained many new fans with this performance. The fact that there was a gay theme in Ripley never became a big deal as although the movie did well, it was not a monster hit, and the publicity surrounding it was generally positive.

The Problems Begin:
The next 5 years after Ripley were up and down for Law, his career and his fans. Law began to follow the Michael Caine pattern, doing movie after movie through the early 2000's through 2004. Some, like my personal favorite AI, were good, some, like Cold Mountain were critically well received, but many were simply lame (Alfie, Sky Captain) and Law’s career came to a screeching halt. Compounding his over exposure were a slew of personal drama’s involving his wife at the time and an affair with his children’s nanny. That combined with a relationship with Sienna Miller (who seems like a black plague on many male celebrities) took the bloom off what was once a promising future.

Getting On Track: Jude Law, The Solutions

Here Are Some Suggestions:

1. Make less Movies: Law seems to have already slowed down his movie making, but I am not sure whether that is his choice or if it has to do with the amount of movies he is being offered. No matter what comes up Jude, stick to one major movie a year, maybe one other in a small interesting part, and then spend some time again on Stage or PBS. You need to gain some of the respect back you had when your motion picture career took off.

2. No more romantic leads! Jude, your not a romantic lead. Although I enjoyed Holiday, you wisely were playing a supporting player. Alfie sucked, and although I love ya, you are not meant for them. You play complex, tortured characters with far more conviction and are much more believable. Sleuth was a good start.

3. Continue to drop your skivvies when the opportunity arise. Actors from across the pond such as Ewan and Daniel Craig and yourself have always fascinated and thrilled us with a more open attitude to male nudity. I know those shots of you changing were embarrassing and unfair, but now that your penis has been spread all over the net, what is stopping you from showing it on screen. If not, more butt shots. Don’t get me wrong, I understand actors do not want to get typecast and I know it may not be as easy as you get older, but.....the many women fans you may have gained with your mainstream roles were not enough to counter the many gay fans you lost when you went Hollywood. Your more than a body, you proved that in many of your movies. You got our attention not only because of your nude scenes, but because the characters you played early in your career were interesting character studies, much more interesting than many of your later roles. I suggest a good supporting role as a former male prostitute down on his luck deciding to blackmail some of his former johns who have since become famous. Something you could sink your teeth into.

Jude your career is on the skids, you need to reclaim the fan base who first discovered you long before Hollywood came calling. Go back to what worked, great supporting characters who exude the sexuality you yourself do. Your not Tom Hanks, and thank God for that. Tom Hanks is great, but your Jude Law. Tom Hanks makes me smile, you used to make me drool. Now...not so much. I look forward to drooling again in the future when you find a part worthy of your talent.

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