Monday, December 6, 2010

Leather & Lace by Thomas Synnamon

It was back in the summer of 2009 that I first saw and posted about the Leather & Lace project by one of my favorite photographers Thomas Synnamon. (check out that post HERE:). Well Christmas is just around the corner and the Leather & Lace calendar was recently released and would be make a perfect gift. Both dramatic and erotic, Leather & Lace certainly would make the beginning of each new month a great day. Certainly beats the crap out of kittens and ducks! Check out more and purchase your own calendar HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 6th

Was difficult to pick a 'pic of the day' today. As we are announcing the finalists of Model Search 2011 today, I thought who better than Marcus Shenkenberg. Marcus is arguably the biggest male name in the modeling world.

Scroll down to see who made the finalists of Model Search 2011!

Happy Birthday today December 6th to:

Favorite Birthday Boys for December 6th

Ryan Carnes turns 28 today.

Actor Vince Coranzza turns 38 today. Loved Vince in 'Leaving Metropolis'.

Actor Kin Shriner turns 57 today.


Thank you to all who entered Model Search 2011! Chris Teel and I were thrilled with the overwhelming response and applications. Chris and I used a rating system to narrow the list down to 20 and then sent them on to fellow judges Brandon Ruckdashel and Corey Kirk. Yesterday and Today the 5 judges narrowed the list down to a final top 11. It began as 10 but due to a tie our top 10 has turned into 11. Voting will begin on Wednesday so check back then to ensure your favorite makes it to the top! Thanks again to all those who entered as well as the judges who helped make some difficult decisions!

Also check out the Model Search site (link at right)on Wednesday for more shots, stats and info on the 11 finalists.

Your Top 11 (in alphabetical order).

Brett Dreissig (26 years old)

Matt Eldracher( 20 years old)

Ben Hutto (23 years old)

Cody Kee (age 19)

Ville Kinos 29 years old

Abery Nettles(27 years old)

Tyson Smith (21 years old)

Zachary Jared Smith(22)

Artem Shcherbakov (22 years old)

Derek Vittum(23 years old)