Saturday, April 30, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 1st

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Seasonal Sightings:

Bruce of Los Angeles : Along The Way

'Bellas traveled the Midwest on weekends, taking photographs for a postcard company. The photographer also picked up young men along the way....'

Exploring a new found passion for photography, Bruce Bellas (Bruce of Los Angeles) took those young men to motel rooms where he bartered payment and rides for them to pose for him naked.  Using his background as a chemistry teacher, Ballas developed and printed those photos in the motel bathrooms.

As difficult as it was to be a photographer of the nude male form, there is something exciting about the risk associated with the story of Bruce Bellas' travels, and visits with young men to all of those motel rooms.  Born in Nebraska, the chemistry teacher moved to Los Angeles and began taking pictures of bodybuilding competitions on the weekends in the late 1940's.  

I've known of Bellas' work, especially his early physique shots of actor Joe Dallesandro, but only recently began to look for more of his early work.  Check out more of my favorite shots on THE NEXT PAGE HERE:

12 Days: Corey Cott in Butlers In Love

'Butlers in Love follows Emma and Henry as they train to become royal butlers where the competition is fierce and sparks fly.'

My DVR is again filling up.  I record so much crap and half of it I never get around to watching.  I'm not sure why I record so many movies and shows, most I can find on-line or on-demand if I really wanted to watch.  This past weekend, I began purging, but I stopped to watch this Hallmark film which has been on my DVR since January.

I think I my have initially recorded Butlers In Love thinking it might be one of Hallmark's gay themed films.  I was wrong, the two butlers were not both men.  Although the film wasn't exactly 'must see tv', I did get drawn into the story.  Part of the reason was the adorable face of actor Corey Cott.  I'd seen images of Corey before, mostly with his actor brother Casey Cott from Riverdale.

Corey is Casey's older brother and has spent most of his time on Broadway in shows including; Newsies: The Musical, Gigi and Bandstand. On television, Corey has appeared  on Evil, The Good Fight and Filthy Rich.  Looks and charisma clearly run in the Cott family as although I didn't love the Hallmark flick, Cott's engaging screen presence made it an pleasant and easy watch. 


Talent also runs in the family as Corey Cott also has a really great voice and I enjoyed searching some of his stage performances on Youtube.


Corey Cott on Instagram

Cott & the cast of Gigi On Broadway

Leg day for Casey & Corey

A Soaking in Seattle: Jordan by Studio1x

'We always play around depending on the venue. Jim and I also both love shower shots so that’s always a go to on my list!'

Last month, while spotlighting his naked Twister shoot, (HERE:) I mentioned how much I am missing featuring the work of Jim from Studio1x.  Jim made a big move earlier this year and is still in process of getting settled and finding new studio space.  Jim's work has been a regular part of the site for several years now and I look forward to seeing new work when he starts shooting again.

In the meantime, I asked Jim if he had time to dig into his files to share images from some of my favorite shoots and of some of my favorite models that he's worked with.  Jim welcomed me to send on a list.  Jim may have regretted that offer as I quickly shot back a LONG list of favorites.  At the very top of that list was his work with Jordan. 

I'm sure many FH viewers remember Jordan and his mouthwatering Peaks & Cheeks from his previous appearances on the site.  I was first introduced to Jordan by photographer Gordon Nebeker and the 2018 Lake Powell shoot. (HERE: & HERE:)  A couple of years later, I featured Jordan's work with Implicit Ditto. (HERE:)  I couldn't help but notice that no matter who's behind the camera, Jordan not only loves to get naked, but also get soaking wet. 

How did this shoot come about?

I had followed Jim on IG for quite some time and during my first trip to Seattle we were able to coordinate a shoot. We’ve managed to connect each time I've visited the city. 

Jordan and I had worked together in the past and since he was coming to town again , he asked if I had any interest in working with him again. He was getting a hotel room and suggested we could do a shoot there if I was interested. I am always interested in working with such a kind soul with an amazing body. 

Was there anything specific you wanted to capture? 

Since we had worked together in the past, I wanted to try to do some video work as mostly my work is just photos. Other than that we just used the area that we had to work with. The room was very small but we made the best use of it. 

My hotel room downtown which was VERY small but we worked so many corners of that room and utilized many of the hotel ‘props’ for the shoot too

What most struck you about each other's work?

I’ve always appreciated his work. When I like a photographers style of work I try to connect with them and express interest. If they return the interest we’ll set it up. Jim has always been beyond easy to coordinate with and comfortable/respectful when shooting 

Jordan has a beautiful body and knows how to really move during a photoshoot so it takes very little direction, it was just team work and brainstorming new ideas as we go. He did bring some different outfits that we used but each were not left on for very long as really wanted to showcase his body and looks. It is not only his looks and body but he is such a kind soul and I enjoy just talking with him. 

How long was that shower?

Haha I was only in the shower for about 20 minutes. It was an open glass shower so Jim was actually shooting from the hotel room entryway

The shower photos were the first we started with, he had been up late the night before and needed to shower for the shoot so it was a perfect place to start. We spent probably 15-20 mins in the shower doing the photos and some video. 

What are your thoughts on working with one another?

I love that Jim and I are always able to create unique and special content, Any model would be beyond lucky to work with him.  I’m looking forward to connecting with Jim again down the road. 

Jordan is such a natural and works very hard to keep his body looking the best.  With us already having worked together once before, and  having doing a facetime shoot during the lockdown, we were able to just jump right into the shoot and capture so many wonderful moments.

You can check out more of those wonderful moments, after Jordan gets out of the shower and dried off, on THE NEXT PAGE HERE: