Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 30th


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Seasonal Sightings:

Drew Bacchae by Jeff Linn

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Riveting Reads:

It's hard to think of Canada, at least when thinking of Canadian men, without thinking of Mounties.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are one of the countries most recognizable symbols, and have been on patrol for over a 100 years.  Although most major cities in Canada have their own police departments, Mounties are still responsible for policing in the countries vast rural areas. 

I always try to include a Mountie or two each Canada Day. including the very mountable Mountie Kay, who I featured last year.(HERE:Kay was shot by exclusively for FH by Lights On Studio. When I was researching Mountie inspired images for this year's posts, I came across a series of gay romance novels dedicated to hot Mounties, in and out of their uniform. I love a good book cover, and  I'll have to keep my eye out for more books to share in the future.

Draped in Red & White


'The flag is the symbol of the nation’s unity, for it, beyond any doubt, represents all the citizen’s of Canada without the distinction of race, language, belief or opinion.'
 Honourable Maurice Bourget, 
Speaker of the Senate Feb. 15, 1965

Gregg Steele

The Red & White on FH:

Patrick Leblanc





Michael Hamm



12 Days: How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town (Part 2)

' What's a little sex between friends?'

Jewel Staite  Mark O'Brien (Bruce Buck)  Gugun Deep Singh (Gus) James McGowan (Spencer)

Adam, what are you doing?

Something I should have done 12 years ago.