Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Mystery Meat

A few years ago, I posted the image above as a one shot. (Pass the Buck) I loved the vulnerablity in the CFNM shot, it wasn't just a nude male with clothed females, the nude male looked as if he was being devoured. I looked for more from the series, but came up empty. I assumed it was from a strip club, or a hen or bachelorette party. I was wrong... Check out more from the series, and find out it's origin on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 16th

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From Stem to Stern

Just Because: William Fichtner

Many FH readers know I often use sit-coms as a sleep-aid when dealing with insomnia.  For years, I avoided shows connected to Chuck Lorre, but lately, I've found myself really enjoying Mom.  The entire cast is superb, especially Allison Janney, (Bonnie) who's skill and timing can save even the weakest of scripts.

Fans of the CBS show know it's gone through many cast changes over it's run, including ditching the kids, and focusing on the adults and the members of the support group.  It was a welcome change, as it was only when Beth Hall, Mimi Kennedy and Jaime Presley were featured more that I really began enjoying the show.

Blades of Glory (2007)

Another welcomed addition was actor William Fichtner as Bonnie's love interest on the series.  Although the show is definitely female focused, Bonnie needed a character other than her daughter to balance her out and allow her to grow.

As The World Turns (1987-1994)

 Fichtner is superb in the role the Adam, in fact the talented actor's been superb in everything I've seen him in.  Fichtner often plays supporting roles, and hasn't always gotten the attention and acclaim he deserves.   Fichtner's appeared in many high profile roles including stints on television shows including; Prison Break, Invasion, The West Wing, Veep, and several years on As The World Turns.

Fichtner's film roles include high profile projects including; Quiz Show, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down, Blades of Glory, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Crash.  One role I can't forget it Fichtner's turn in 1999's Go.  If you saw the film, you got a great view of the actors magnificently sculpted backside. Sad, this was the only public viewing, the only one I could find anyway....

Go (1999)

No Hesitation: Malyk by Lights On Studio

'Malyk didn't show any hesitation when doing frontal shots on the loading dock at the studio. There is always a chance that someone could show up there. The thrill of being caught with your pants down is always a factor.'

It was around Christmas 2017 when FH readers were first gifted with Malyk.  It was just a couple of tame holiday themed shots, but a few months later, photographer Philip Rugel (PR PHOTO) gave us much more of  Malyk to enjoy.  (A Clear Vision)  I was immediately struck by Malyk's sensual aura and unique beauty. Malyk's look in part, originates from his heritage, he's half Trinidadian and half polish.

There was something special (not to mention incredibly hot) about Malyk's look that I was incredibly drawn to, and I was eager to see even more of his work.  Earlier this spring, I was working on a themed piece featuring images from Tom Nakielski. (Lights On Studio)  Tom is one of my favorite photographers to spotlight, and he had sent on a large selection of images celebrating the beauty of the male heinie. (No Butts About It!)

When I was pursuing the bountiful of butt shots Tom had sent on, I paused when I saw a shot of Malyk's heavenly haunches. I immediately got in touch with Tom about a separate piece featuring his work with Malyk.  Tom graciously agreed, and prepared to edit more images from his shoot with Malyk.

It was actually Philip, (PR PHOTO) who connected Tom with Malyk.  Philip thought Tom would enjoy creating with Malyk and actually came to the session and assisted Tom during the shoot.  As a former college football player, Malyk had a confidence about his physique and Tom shares that he had no issue with posing nude, nor any hesitation with any of the shots or ideas he threw at him.

It's that confidence, and lack of hesitation, that I really enjoy about Malyk's imagery.  It's not that he doesn't care, he does, but Malyk models with motive, and he considers a means, a fun and creative one, but a means to end.  If he's working with a creative professional, and is getting paid,of course, Malyk is fine with attempting almost any pose, idea or shot.

They shot for hours at Tom's studio's and at the home of one of Tom's friends.  For Tom, the hours flew by, so much so, he went way over the time limit he and Malyk had discussed.   After over four hours of shooting, Malyk hinted to Tom that it might be time to start wrapping up.

'He was right. But sometimes I just don't want to stop when I have other things I want to try. Phillip told me later that Malyk did enjoy the session and I am going to see if Malyk might be up for another session.'

If that second shoot does occur, I will for sure be again bugging Tom about editing a series for FH. Tom's series with Malyk hit all the 's' adjectives I sometimes use to describe a model.  Sultry, sensual and enticingly sexual.  If you're a fan of Tom's work with Malyk, look for more images from Tom's multi-hour shoot with the 23 three year old model over the next few weeks on the site!