Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 4th

Joel by  Mark Leighton
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On The Move...

Some of you may remember a post back in March, (HERE:) where I wrote about my upcoming move.  I've been experiencing some changes, physically and professionally over the last several months. Things are beginning to settle a bit and  I hope to get back to regular posting very soon.  Thanks for your patience! 

William Levy in Montecristo

Montecristo follows Alejandro Montecristo, an enigmatic figure, founder and CEO of a new technology, who bursts into the public eye and raises concerns because of the mysterious origins of his fortune

One of the most popular posts ever on FH, and the most popular celebrity post, was a 2009 Favorite Import of the Day post featuring actor William GutiĆ©rrez-Levy. (HERE:)  I remember being surprised how many hits the post was getting.  This was a few years before he appeared on American television on The Real Housewives of Miami, and before his turn on Dancing With The Stars in 2012.

Although Levy is a talented man, I don't think it was his handful of appearances on reality television and Spanish telenovelas that brought in the hits.  As well as an actor, Levy also worked as a model and his butt shots and see-through underwear images are what I'm pretty sure hiked the hits. 

With his incredible body and his sexy face and eyes, Levy was and is, a romance novel and erotic fantasy come to life.  Almost 15 years later, like the rest of us, Levy looks a little older, but has lost none of his charisma and sex appeal.

Thanks to Dreamcap poster espeon88, I was alerted to Levy's nude scene in the first episode of the new Mexican streaming series Montecristo.  Based on the literary classic The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, the Vix+ TV series tells the story of Alejandro Montecristo (Levy), an enigmatic figure who bursts into the public eye and raises concerns amongst the world’s elite because the origin of his fortune and his past are unknown.

Quaternate: Mark Leighton

'As a photographer, I really enjoy working with models that want to connect with the camera and not just look good for it.'

One of the reasons I both love, and continue to return to the work of photographer Mark Leighton is his focus on connection.  Not only the connection between the model with the camera and viewer, but also the connection between the model and incredible locations that make up Mark's seascape studios.

Although my first official story featuring Mark's work was with the apple temping Victor back in 2012, his work first appeared on FH a few years earlier.  In addition to showcasing Mark's images as some of my favorite pic of the day's,  personal trainer David Costas also sent on images of his work with Mark in 2009. (HERE:)

As incredibly beautiful and diverse as the models Mark works with are, it's also the breathtaking locations in Portugal that are a primary component within Mark's work.  Although most of the pieces I've done feature Lagos and Algarve, Mark has also shared images from shoots he's created while traveling.

Mark's images capture so many of the elements we associate with beachside locations and community.  Sand, sun and the ocean have the power to both calm as well as energize.  Mark captures both of these states of beings within his work.  Mark is known for his incredible shots of models running along sandy beaches, climbing rocks and playing in the surf and waves.  In addition, unique tranquility brought about by the sun's intense rays on bare, wet skin is also a part of so much of Mark's work.  I did an entire series back in 2014, spotlighting that feeling of serenity at the end of a long day.




 2012- 2014 

FaVorites: Wyatt Engeman

Torso by Twilight

Height 6'1" 
Waist 31" 
Shoes 12 
Blue Hair
 Dirty Blonde

Are all Wyatt's hot?  I'm guessing no, but in the modeling and acting world, the same always seems connected to a fine male form. I first saw images of fashion model Wyatt Engeman awhile ago and was instantly drawn to body his hot body and his great face and facial structure.  I recently found the shot I'd saved and enjoyed going on the hunt for some favorite images. 

Wyatt Engeman on Instagram

Wyatt and friends by Henry Wu for VULKAN Magazine

Wyatt by Adam Washington

I think my favorite series of shots of Wyatt are these shots by photographer Adam Washington.  Wyatt looks so hot hanging out around campus in his USC jacket, jeans, and a Calvin Klein jockstrap.