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Favorite Pic Of The Day For November 1st

Fall Moment
LOVE this shot of Dan from MvR Photo
-See more of MvR's work below-

Happy Birthday today November 1st to:

The only birthday that really excited me today was that of Toni Collette one of my favorite actresses. My favorite of Toni's films include: The Dead Girl, and of course my favorite, Muriel's Wedding. Toni turns 39 today. To celebrate, FH takes a look back at some of her famous co-stars!

Californiation star David Duchovny co-starred with Toni in 2004's Connie and Carla.

Bruce Willis below in Color Of Night shared the screen in one of Toni'g biggest hits, The Sixth Sense in 1999.

Eric Bana, below in Time Travelers Wife and Toni both supply their voices to last years Mary and Max.

Below: Toni's Velvet Goldmine co-star Ewan McGregor.

Hugh Dancy, below in Tempo shared the credits in 2007's Evening.

John Corbett plays Toni's husband in United States of Tara, but the scene below is from Baby On Board.

Richard Burgi (below in Nip/Tuck) briefly romanced Toni in 1995's In Her Shoes.

Sam Worthington, shown below in Somersault shared the screen with Toni in Dirty Deeds from 2002.

Muriel's Wedding
Sorry Mamma Mia (which I have yet to watch all the way through...) the #1 use of ABBA's music in a soundtrack is 1994's Muriel's Wedding in which both Toni and Rachel Griffiths turn in truly inspiring performances.

(yes...this was from my 2010 post, but got to admit, Toni worked some great men of the movies!)

Congratulations Mario Cantone!

Although I am sure it was not as over the top as his alter ego Anthony's wedding was in Sex And The City 2 (below), it was great to hear about comedian Mario Cantone's wedding to musical theatre director John Dixon. I love Mario Cantone, I love him as he is one of very few people who can take me to tears of laughter. The ability to bring such joy is something I truly and admire and respect. I have followed the talened comedian, actor and singer since I began FH and was thrilled when Mario did an interview for FH a couple of years ago. Congratulations Mario and John!

Hit & Miss: Gentlemen's Quarterly

One of the many magazines I purchase each month is GQ. I spend far too much money on magazines but I love having a pile in the house to grab when needed. These two celebrity shots from recent issues sparked a hit and a bit of a miss...

My very first post (first of many) posts about Glee was back in November 2009. The post's focus was on Harry Shum Jr. From the second he appeared on screen dancing in 'Single Ladies' I knew there was something special about him. With all the talented performers on Glee, nothing makes me smile more than Harry's dancing each week. So glad the rest of the media has finally caught on to the magic. Harry is featured in this months Rock issue of GQ.

There is really not much left to say about this story...

I have little respect for this family and truthfully the people who support them. Their main function is to take money from the celebrity addicted American public. It is reported the couple, who filed for divorce 72 days after the lavish wedding, made about $17.5 million off their big day. I am sure this story will be joked about on late night TV shows and by most comedians. But...given the financial stresses on most Americans, not to mention gay marriage still being against the laws in most States, this story is far more depressing, insulting and sad than most will ever realize...

Autumn: Michael Dean Gray by MvR Photo

I have written in the past about the influences culture, location and weather have on photographers and shoots. The seasons, especially in the North East, also play a huge factor in where and how a shoot will occur. Although there is nothing hotter than a model shot on a sandy beach, summer and beaches are done to death and far from the only way to showcase the male form.

It just stands to reason that when searching out shots for FH I tend to feature more exterior location shoots in the Spring and summer and more studio shoots in the winter. Many photographers without their own studio pretty much pack up their equipment for the season when the weather becomes too cold to shoot outside. Despite the obvious weather issues, I am always searching for images featuring the beauty that nature offers in the non summer seasons. Winter and especially in Autumn provide rich backgrounds for images, not used nearly enough. It was Autumn that led me to the work of Michael von Redlich from MvR Photo.

Truth be told, I am not sure, and chose not ask, when MvR's shoot with model Michael Dean Gray took place. Given it was his fall themed images that brought me to his images, Autumn still seemed an appropriate title for the piece. Michael von Redlich lives and works in Manchester, New Hampshire and although New Hampshire's summers can be as hot and humid as they come, his forest shots with Michael Dean Gray hold the feel of the impending arrival of a new season. The lush green of the leaves and moss, the rocks, the rushing river and hint of snow on the ground all create the feel of wetness and coolness associated with the woods in the late spring or early winter.

Michael von Redlich has been providing professional photography services in the modeling field since 1986. Although Michael's work covers everything from landscapes, nature, architectural as well as extensive time shooting stage productions, it is work with models, especially with models just starting out, that has become his primary focus.

'I am very aware and deeply respectful of the great faith, trust and confidence that a model places in me when they allow me to work with them and photograph them - this is huge. It is my fervent goal to respect and return that to each person I work with and not to disappoint that trust.'

Although Michael's portfolio is filled with shots of models both in studio and on location, it is his images using the beauty of the North East as his backdrop that are my favorites. The shots of 23 year old Michael Dean Gray were my first choices to feature MvR's work. MvR calls Gray a brilliant model and there is a beautiful natural way in which both photographer and model connect with the location.

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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 31st

Above: He's back....... 
 Model search winner Matt Eldracher is back on FH with a disturbing shoot by Chris Teel perfect for the day. Happy Halloween to all! Check out the best of FH's previous Halloween themed posts HERE:  

Happy Birthday today October 31st

Happy 45th to Thom Collins!

Check out more of Thom HERE: Check out more of todays Birthday boys including Dermot Mulroney HERE: Brent Corrigan, Justin Chatwin & Kim Rossi-Stuart HERE: & even more Halloween Birthdays HERE:

New From Dylan Rosser: Justin

UK Photographer Dylan Rosser is currently in LA spending his first Halloween in the US. Thankfully before the celebrations begin Dylan added the hauntingly beautiful Justin (sans costume of course) to The Male Form!

Check out more of the 21 year old Southend model (and house builder) at THE MALE FORM


It is no shock to anyone who visits FH that Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. I have written in previous years why the day is special to me. People joke about Halloween being the 'gay' holiday but to me the reason is more serious. Many holidays lose their magic as we get older but Halloween is a day that for me, only gets better.

As a gay kid (or any kid really who struggles with who they are or family issues) holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving can be tortuous. When your apart of a happy and healthy family, these are days to celebrate and come together. When your apart of a dysfunctional family or are in pain, these are days when the hurt is intensely spotlighted. Unlike these 'special' days which can encourage massive repression, Halloween does the opposite. Expression, especially about who you are, is something sadly still not something universally welcomed, except...for many, on October 31st.

It has become a tradition at FH to celebrate the holidays with images from Flyfoto. Flyfoto's Joey has been marking all of the holidays with his blend of retro and modern themes and usually finds a way to hit upon both the pleasure and the pain of the day. I think this years Halloween themed shots are some of my favorites. I loved last years dark and ghoulish shots but love the that this years colorful images also incorporate the sense of fun also associated with the day. What other day blends morbid horror with hilarity?

Check out more of Flyfoto's Halloween themed images on his blog HERE:
& Check out more of Flyfoto on FH HERE:

Canadian Carnage: Matt Eldracher by Chris Teel

Last year about this time FH, along with photographer Chris Teel, began our Model Search 2011 contest. 21 year old actor, dancer and model Matt Eldracher took the crown and results of his shoot with Chris were presented this past April (HERE:& HERE:). 

Matt was a favorite with voters for many obvious reasons, great personality and charm, lean body and adorable boy next door face. The boy next door however, is also an actor and he and Chris shot a series of images putting a morbid twist on the stereotype. Based on the mentally unstable and blood thirsty Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

Chris blended themes of addiction, depression, bloodshed and psychopathology. When I first saw the images from the Toronto shoot I was worried they may be a bit graphic for FH. The shoot however has stayed with me and the more I viewed the images the more I wanted to share them.

Given my love for photos which tell a story, I just needed the right occasion (alibi...). perfect! Although Patrick Bateman was the inspiration for the shoot, Chris Teel tells me there was another public figure who provided some motivation. There was a certain Hollywood celebrity experiencing a very public meltdown this past spring. 

Although the celebrity appears to have  now rebounded, at the time, many were predicting a more fatal end to the story. Given some of the crazy, even violent statements made, not to mention the incredible narcissism weaved through the entire story, the similarities to Bateman are not that far off. Bateman's pathological grandiosity and self involvement had him thinking nothing or no one could touch him. Tiger Blood is obviously something acquired and not necessarily genetic... 

'Matt channelled 'the actor' channelling the protagonist from American Psycho. As you can see Matt was able to draw upon his acting skills to portray a psychotic, yet sexy character.' 

Given this was one of Matt's first professional shoots and his first time shooting nude, his willingness to go with the edgy themed shoot speaks to his level of creative impulse.  Given Matt and Chris are Canadian, they decided to go a more subtle weapon of choice.  Americans may need butcher knifes and chainsaws to slice and dice their prey, but Canadians can cause the same degree of damage with just a pair of scissors.  

'I had never done anything like it before but I enjoyed the theatrics of it. I am a fan of horror myself so when Chris told me about his idea, we were all over it.'