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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 8th

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Happy Thanksgiving to all those Canadians celebrating this weekend!

The Hot Spot: Utah 2017

' It wasn’t just a photoshoot, it was an adventure!'

Yorgen & Devin by  Mike Tossy

Thanksgiving is a time to recognize and show appreciation for all one's blessings. In a year with so many tragedies, natural, not to mention political disasters, finding things to be thankful for becomes even more significant. I am blessed with so many things, good health, good friends and my family are all near the top. With FH, I am grateful that in it's 10th year on-line, I continue to be gifted with incredible imagery from so many artists who support and contribute to the blogs success. In addition to being a place to see great images of hot naked men, FH is also a creative outlet for me, and I know a small, but enjoyable place, so many tell me they look forward to regularly visiting.

Yorgen by StudioMGPhotography

Three of those artists, Gordon Nebeker, Mike Tossy and StudioMGPhotography have once again, generously invited FH on a visual vacation under the scorching Utah sun for their annual shoot. This marks the 5th year I have been fortunate to share the stories and images from the shoot. I will be featuring more from the shoot soon, bu as you can see from these preview images, the Utah desert was the hot spot to be. For this years shoot, models Devin and Yorgen joined in the adventure. FH readers have already met Yorgen from his previous appearances on the site and the chemistry between Yorgen and Devin is explosive, adding to the already sweltering heat from the sand, sun and rocks.

Last two images by Gordon Nebeker

JDT Photography: An Autumn Afternoon


'Autumn begins with a subtle change in the light, with skies a deeper blue, and nights that become suddenly clear and chilled.'
Glenn Wolff and Jerry Dennis

There are many reasons why Autumn is the favorite season for so many. Although it feels like everyone loves summer, by the time fall arrives, there are many of us who have had their fill of oppressive heat and humidity. For me, Autumn is energizing, and visually, the most color filled few months of the year.

Artists all know that more light doesn't necessarily mean better light. During the summer, the sun is straight above the earth, beaming bright and intensely down upon us throughout the day. A skilled photographer would never light a model with harsh bright light directly above their head.

Sam & Josh

The magic of light is depth and shadow, and Autumn naturally provides both with a touch of gold only seen during the fall months. The slight tilt in our orbiting planet is what sparks the change of each season and as the sun's position begins to change after summer solstice, so does the light. The changes speed up as we head towards winter and as the sun begins to drop it alters how we perceive both color and light.

The gilded season brings forth a cascading array of gold orange, red, brown and yellow. No other season provides such a wide palette to inspire the artist in us all. Part of the magic of Autumn light is our awareness of how fleeting it is. We know how quickly the golden light will soon be turning closer to grey.

When it comes to documenting the seasons, especially a season's beginnings, one of the artists that I have come to rely on is Jesse from JDT Photography. This past year, Jesse's imagery has helped welcome Spring, Summer and now helps FH usher in the first month of Autumn. .

Jesse spent several Autumn days capturing the light and signs of the season cascading over Dillan's skin and freckles and around Sam and Josh on an Autumn afternoon out playing in the woods. Georgia doesn't usually get too much snow, but if they do, I look forward to seeing what Jess might capture for winter...

JDT Photography on Instagram & tumblr
JDT Photography on ModelMayhem

JDT Photo on FH:


Michael Grace-Martin

'Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant'
Robert Louis Stevenson

Down on the Farm

In addition to Thanksgiving, one of rituals of fall is harvest. The gathering of ripe crops from fields takes place at the end of each growing season, the most important being the Autumn harvest. For many parts, it is the last time of year to pick, gather and save fresh ripe fruit and vegetables until the following spring.

Bill by Pride of Paradise

Before moving to the country in my 20's, my own experiences with rural life was our yearly trips to pick apples each fall. I used to love that drive and all the sights and sounds of the farm. I loving going back to the city, which I end up doing often, but after dealing with the noise and the traffic, it's always a great feeling to arrive back home to the country.

Niko by John Jon Photography

With all of the generous 'farmers' who contribute to FH, there are always a bountiful harvest of hunks and incredible images to enjoy all year long. I decided today to would be a great day to head back to the farm some of my favorite stories captured out in the fields. The fields pictured were shot throughout both the US and Europe and all of the models look just ripe for the picking, and enjoying.

Scott by Danny Barson

Kent Clark by takeapic4u

Antony by Male Beauty by bengie

DirtRoad by Noplacia

Max by Suntown Photo

Zach by Nicket

Hansel by Lights on Studio

Alex at Sunset Meadow by New Manhattan Studios

Bond by New Manhattan Studios