Friday, November 9, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 10th

Image by Serge Lee
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Favorite Magazine Layout of the Week:

GQ UK December 2012 Issue
Editorial: “To The Manor Worn’
Photographer: Charlie Gray
Stylist: Jo Levin

Below: Dan Stevens in Prada

Below: Allen Leech in Tom Ford

Below: Rob James-Collier in Ralph Lauren

Below: Matt Milne in Ede & Ravenscroft

Below: Brendan Coyle in Corneliani and Hugh Bonneville in Ede & Ravenscroft

Below: Ed Speleers in Alexander McQueen

Speaking of Downton Abbey, I won't spoil anything for those waiting until it's US airing in January, but I am really enjoying this season. With the exception of Shirley MacLaine, who I find an annoying intrusion (which I guess is sort of the point) the season is as incredible as ever. MacLaine only hangs around for a short while, so it was not that bad.

Really loving the addition of Ed Speleers and his blonde bangs. I never really took much notice of Speleers in the past, but in Downton Abbey, even Mr. Carson is not immune to his charm and appeal.

Just Because: Mark La Mura

Back in 2010 I posted about actor Mark La Mura in my classic soap hunk series. I did not have the image above when I made that post, but thanks to a blog reader I can add it now. The reader who sent it on described Mark as having some serious moose knuckle, a term I am embarrassed to admit I had not heard before. A quick google image search however confirmed it the perfect description of the image. Thanks for sending it on!

Biggest Dreams: The Photography of Serge Lee

'I strongly believe that as a true photographer you never cease to improve yourself in any way, discover new faces and places and follow your biggest dreams.'
Serge Lee

I think with pretty much all professions, I certainly know with mine, one risks becoming ineffective and even redundant if they think they have acquired all the knowledge they need for their job. With not only the advancements, but the speed to which they are occurring these days, remaining a student, no matter how long you have been doing something is both wise and necessary.

To me, Los Angeles based fashion and portrait photographer Serge Lee could himself be a teacher. His work is strong, professional, mature and classic while at the same time unique and impactful. Lee's teachers, or those that have provided him inspiration include; Herb Ritts, David LaChapelle, Annie Leibovitz, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Markus Klinko & Indrani, Vincent Peters, Stefan May, Mariano Vivanco and Tony Duran, I think I see Ritts influence most strongly, especially with Serge's black and whites.

The artists passion for photography goes back to his childhood as outlet to explore his creativity. Serge got serious about shooting in 2007 after obtaining his first professional camera. Serge began as an event photographer but quickly felt he was ready to take his profession to the next step. Serge focused his concentration on fashion photography and worked on calendars, catalogs, commercial shoots, editorials and modeling and actor portfolios.

I sometimes feel photographers who have experience with shooting fashion, have an inherent skill, possibly a different way at visualizing and shooting the human form. In fashion, the body, usually a woman's, is used to best display the fabric. There are elements of this way of shooting that permeate in Serge's work. Even with a model without a stitch of clothing there is an elegance and grace in the way Serge poses and presents the human form.

Serge Lee On ModelMayhem
Serge Lee Official Site:

God it looks like Daniel...

Must be the clouds in my eyes...

American Horror Story continues to get better and better with acting a step above most television shows. This week's I Am Anne Frank (Part 1) left the silly Adam Levine B Horror Movie subplot and focused squarely on the real horror, that what man, not monsters, so often inflicts.

Lana's aversion therapy scenes were effective and disturbing. Casey Wyman is obviously a beautiful man, mane of hair to toe. It was hard to tell whether the nerves he was exhibiting were from his character Daniel stripping down in front of Lana and Dr. Oliver Thredson or the actor himself stripping down in front of Sarah Paulsen, Zachary Quinto and the shows crew. Either way, his nerves, along with the other actors made for an interesting (yet still gratuitous) scene. Mr. Qinto is fortunate to be a part of many of these scenes, last season with Teddy Sears.