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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 21st

LaCris by Lichtreich Fotografie
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Happy Birthday today June 21st

Happy Birthday to actor and artist Leigh McCloskey!

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The Longest Day

June 21st marks the first day of Summer, (Summer Solstice)for those of us in the northern hemisphere. For those who have been following FH for awhile, you might remember it's first incarnation in the early years was as a daily blog. As time went on, my artist profiles and features became more detailed and for the last year or so I have been trying my best to post 3, maybe 4 times per week.

As spring blends into summer, as I do most years, I will be slowing down for the summer. I will still be posting regularly, some weeks, maybe still three or four days, depending on my vacation and time away. If more than a few days go by without an update, I am just away enjoying the sun and will be back with more favorite hunks very soon

On The Mountain: Seconds Of Samuel by YogaBear Studio

On Wednesday, I profiled David Gray's (YogaBear Studio) work with Samuel. (Snake On A Train) There were so many spectacular images to choose from, that I decided to narrow it down to the images of Samuel on the train. I could not however, let these incredible body shots go without sharing.

LaCris: The Holiday Model

About 1,500 kilometres (932 miles) east of mainland Africa and northeast of the island of Madagascar, lie a cluster of about 115 Islands spanning an archipelago into the Indian Ocean. These islands make up the country of Seychelles. (République des Seychelles) In addition to the endless beaches, if you were to visit one of the granite or coral based islands, you would find some of the world's most incredible fishing and diving locations as well as a focus on both the visual and performing arts with many galleries and venues displaying work from the islands.

2 Images above from Joe Tanjug Photo

Leipzig's LaCris loves traveling, and one of his favorite destination spots is Seychelles. The German model has actually vacationed on the countries islands six times now, but has a dream of one day doing a shoot there.

Vacations and modeling work go hand in hand for LaCris. He began modeling over four years ago in 2009, and in the beginning, most of his work took place in Saxony and other area's in and around Germany. For LaCris however, modeling is not his main focus of work, that would be his job as a media designer. Modeling is more a focus of his holiday time.

'Modeling is one of my hobbies and I do this not professionally. when I'm on vacation, I always try to make a shooting. The last was in Bali.'

The results of his recent trip to Bali included the two images by Joe Tanjug at the top of the post. In addition to Bali, 0ther locations LaCris has been fortunate to shoot, and enjoy vacation time include Vienna and Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

Images above from Lichtreich Fotografie

One might think that by combining modeling with vacations might create lighter, even less serious work. With LaCris, just the opposite is true. For models who generally work in the same location, with the same photographers, their books often have a sameness which makes it harder to stand out. Models from New York or a northern State, you might likely be shot mostly in lofts and studios, if in the South, or Florida, your bound to be shot on a beach.

Image below from W.S Tharandt

LaCris is not only working in different places, he is being shot by photographers local to the area.  There is a depth within his images, an international feel which make up the different countries, languages and countries represented. In every different area of the globe there is an endless supply of varying thought on male nudity, editing styles, themes in photography and the degree to which artists push their boundaries. All of these combine beautifully with the work to create a strong, unique and internationally exotic and erotic body of work.

Set below by Sepixxx

So... if your ever wanting to shoot in Seychelles....

Below: 2 images of LaCris from Rudolf K. Wernicke

Image from Robert Wallace

LaCris by Lichtreich Fotografie