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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 29th

Carl by Studio1x
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Happy Birthday today July 29th

Happy Birthday to actor Ilan Mitchell-Smith!

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The Brody Boys!

Unlike the original Jaws, critics weren't kind to Jaws 3-D, and audiences didn't exactly flock to the theatre.  It's really quite bad, and appears little more than an attempt to feed of the legacy and name of the first film.  I have to say, although I saw Jaws 3 on television when I was younger, I actually enjoyed re-watching it (well, some of it) recently to prepare for this post.

Quaid & Putch

For Jaws 3, Dennis Quaid takes on the role of Mike Brody, who is in his mid-thirties in the film.  Actor John Putch plays Sean, who looks to be in his late 20's.  The movie does have a great cast which also includes Bess Armstrong, Lea Thompson, Louis Gossett Jr and Simon MacCorkindale.  I've previously featured Simon, and some of his nude scenes on FH (HERE:)

Gorp (1980)

Dennis Quaid is probably one of the most well known actors from originals three sequels. Unlike the 4 actors who played the Brody boys in the first two films, Quaid came out of the film fairly unscathed. It certainly didn't hold him back, but it also didn't really add anything to his film resume either.  I've featured many of Quaid's nude scenes on the site before, but I don't think I ever featured his first nude scene, mooning in 1980's Gorp.

I wasn't really familiar with actor John Putch until seeing him in Jaws 3.   Although Putch continued acting consistently in film and on television, he moved behind the camera and has mostly focused on directing the last two decades.  Although you may not know his name, you most likely know his work.  Putch has directed multiple episodes of many popular TV shows including; Scrubs, The Middle, Black-ish, Cougar Town and American Housewife. 

Putch in Jaws 3-D

Although Putch has never done a nude scene, not that I could find anyway, he and Lea Thompson did take a dip in their undies for a scene in Jaws 3.  They were discovered however, not by a shark, but by big brother.

Mitchell Anderson

The last in the series, 1987's Jaws: The Revenge is a strange film.  There was a clear attempt to go back to characters and relationships which defined the original film.  The results however, were not really that compelling.  Choosing to focus the story around Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary) didn't really make the emotional punch the writers may have hoped for.  Ellen was great as a supporting character in the first two films, but the character, and the actress, were not really strong enough to carry a film.

The movie also made some really strange choices.  If you haven't seen the film, or plan to, beware of spoilers ahead.  We learn early in the film not only that Chief Brody has died, but they stupidly choose to kill off Sean as the shark's first kill.  I get that makes it personal for Ellen and Mike, but it just seemed like a silly decision.  Actor Mitchell Anderson appears briefly as the ill fated younger brother Sean.  You can check out my Actors & Skin post on Anderson HERE:

Lance Guest

Lance Guest is the last actor to take on the role of Mike Brody.  Many know Lance from his films from the 1980's including his turn in Halloween 2 and his starring role in 1984's The Last Starfighter.  Lance's performance in the forth film saves it a bit for me, and the film is at it's best when it's focus is on Mike.

Guest was a fixture on television and in movies during the 80's and 90's, but his career slowed down in the 2000's and 2010's.  Although Guest hasn't worked much in the last four or five years, he is currently filming the psychological thriller Altered Perceptions due for release next year.

Guest and Mario Van Peebles 

Sadly, there is little to no skin in Guest's cinematic resume that I could find.  He did however, look incredibly hot in Jaws 4, especially with his curly hair and beard.  He was shirtless and sweaty several times in the film, the most skin, I believe the actor's shown on screen.

A Denim Descension : Carl by Studio1x

Although photography is a certainly a visual medium, sometimes an image, or series of images, can be even hotter when you tap into some of the other senses.  I love when featuring an location shot, to know the weather or temperature.  I also love knowing if there's lot of chat between the artist and model during the shoot. 

Jim from Studio1x shared that Carl was really sweet during their shoot, and talked a lot about his love for his young son.  Carl's son was actually ill when they first scheduled a time together, but Carl ensured to give Jim plenty of notice so an alternative date could be arranged.  If that wasn't enough to get your juices flowing, Jim also shared that Carl has a really sexy accent.  Although he's lived in the States for awhile, he grew up in England, and his English accent remains very much intact. 

Many of you know how much I love a great reveal, and I love that Jim captured every moment of Carl slowly jettisoning his jeans.  First a bit of crack, then the reveal of his beautifully plump posterior.  Many photographers skip over the reveal, but I enjoy every image, and every moment, of Carl bending over to drop those jeans to the ground. 

I'm still discussing (bugging) Jim about additional shoots, and additional reveals, so hopefully it won't be long before I have another model and shoot from Studio1x's archives to feature and share.