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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 28th

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Late Night Snack

Thirst Trap

Here's Johnny!

Anyone who watches daytimes soaps know that there's a patter when new young actors are hired.  Within their first few episodes, they quickly have to take their shirt off.  They do this of course to attract attention and promote the new addition.  I also think they do this early as when an actor is first hired, they're not likely to say no to anything...

I'm not currently watching Days Of Our Lives, but I do keep up with updates on Twitter.  I saw that hottie Carson Boatman was recently hired to play Sami and EJ's son Johnny.  When reading the recaps for last weeks episode I read that Johnny arrived in town.  It didn't take long for the show to get Boatman out of his clothes with a scene of him sending thirst trap shirtless shots to Chanel.  As you can see the actor and singer had plenty of practice taking off his shirt as a model. 

Carson Boatman by AJ Ford for Coitus Magazine

Prime Time Supporters: Oliver Savile in Ted Lasso

'Luca, are you naked in my kitchen???'

Indeed Luca was!  I've been meaning to give Ted Lasso a try, but I needed a little push.  That push came in the form of actor Oliver Savile who had a brief nude scene in the show's latest episode.  After meeting Luca on an app, Rebecca brings him home for a one nighter. Luca gets up the next morning and and heads to the kitchen naked to make some tea.  He one not one, but two visitors, Rebecca's mom and her housekeeper. 

Luca is played by London based actor Oliver Savile who makes his television debut in the role.  Some of you  might recognize Luca from his turn in West End Bares and his roles in Wicked, Falsettos and Les Miserables 

By The Balcony Door: Cody by Chris Teel

'Once Chris had me in front of the camera it was almost as if we kind of knew each other already he made me feel very comfortable and it was very easy to build a connection with him.'

Anyone who's rented an apartment, especially in a busy city, knows how important it is to have a balcony.  Some days, it's really your only access to the outside, something especially crucial during the summer. When checking out a new balcony the focus is all about evaluating the view. For some however, it less about what they can see, and more about if they'll be seen.

Some people of course, want to make sure they have their privacy.  They want to be able to sunbath in little or no clothing without the worry of their neighbours getting a view. For others however, drawing the attention of both neighbours and strangers is part of the appeal.  As you can see, Cody loves to wear as little as possible. For Cody, dressing up means putting on a singlet or a jock strap.  He also loves to hang out on the balcony or in front of his huge picture windows.  As you can probably tell from his facial expressions and poses, Cody welcomes any set of eyes that enjoys his spectacular views. 

Some readers may remember my struggle to find a Canadian photographer to feature last Canada Day.  I was on the hunt for a hot Mountie to celebrate the holiday.  Originally, photographer Chris Teel was on board to shoot, but another lockdown in Toronto put a wrench in the plan.  Chris did however, suggest featuring another hot Canadian he worked with before the lockdown began. The Toronto based model and digital creator looks like he belongs in front of the camera, especially with one with Chris Teel behind it.  Below just check out a Q & A with Chris and Cody on their work together.

How did you both connect? 

We first connected on Instagram two years ago. We've shot 4 or 5 times since then. 

Chris reached out to me through Instagram after I began to post photos of myself. Chris was actually my very first photographer that I ever worked with 

What stood out to you when you first saw each other's work?

I was attracted to his boy-next-door look. Though I'm known as a physique photographer, I'm always on the lookout for models with a great deal of personality - its important to see that in the final image. My audience also responds to guys who appear relatable and approachable, and Cody fits all of the criteria. 

I really like how he uses natural lighting to make the body look perfect also his models always seem so comfortable in front of the camera and that was something as a newbie in the industry was so important for me to feel comfortable. 

Did you discuss the shoot, possible themes before the shoot? 

Cody and I always go into our shoots with a general concept in mind - discussing locations, themes, sharing inspiration shots. We both bring wardrobe to the shoot and basically free flow from there. 

We did discuss a few different things but prior to the shoot more along the lines of fashion and where my comfort level was. When we first began working together I was so nervous but to be perfectly honest once Chris had me in front of the camera it was almost as if we kind of knew each other already he made me feel very comfortable and it was very easy to build a connection with him. 

What is the best thing about working with Cody?

His confidence has grown, along with his physique, and he's open to shooting almost any concept. We're always sharing new ideas and I'm looking forward to continuing to creating images with him and seeing where our efforts take us. 

What is the best thing about working with Chris?

I would have to say the best thing about working with Chris is that we always laugh and joke through our shoots which always brings the personality out. I was so excited when I first saw the photos I got to see myself and my body from the eyes of someone else and it actually helped build my confidence and made me want to pursue more modeling. 

Can viewers see more on your OnlyFans?

Images from most of my shoots with Cody and behind-the-scenes video clips can be found on my OnlyFans! 

I just recently started using OnlyFans and it's definitely been super exciting so far all the fans can expect to see lots of behind the scenes footage a little one-on-one fun and just a lot of personality.

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