Friday, April 22, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 23rd

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Happy Birthday today April 23rd

Happy 39th to John Cena!

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No matter how bad the news, or how horrid the comments from Trump that week, Face The Nation's John Dickerson has the ability to brighten most Sunday mornings. With his soothing eyes and sexy smile there is just something decent about his aura that is terribly appealing.

Instagrams That Inspire

Canadian model Corey Turner certainly has a look, and an Instagram, that provides 
plenty of inspiration!

Timelessly Embedded: Erik by Pride of Paradise

'With that amazing head of hair I saw Erik as a Michelangelo's DAVID look and posed him and asked him to express as much as he could in a timeless fashion.'

There have been several artists who have evoked Michelangelo's DAVID while described a model or a piece of their work.  This is of course understandable given the Renaissance sculpture is an iconic symbol of both masculine strength and youthful beauty.  I have a bit of a theory, although have no evidence whether or not it is accurate or not.  It has proven however, consistently true throughout the entire nine plus years that I have been doing FH.

My theory is that we all have a 'David'.  A vision or symbol embedded in our thoughts and imagination which represents the physical features we have created in our mind of the perfect male. For me, the particular vision was formed when I was about 10 or 11 years old.  Looking back, I see it was formed by combining the features I loved from a guy I went to school with, combined with a few actors I loved, and one particular guy I met while spending a  week at a cabin on the beach.

'The images of Erik on the furs in the sun light are still a highlight on my model mayhem pages. He has wonderful eyes and I love his head shots.'

My David has hair much like Erik's. Long, almost shoulder length, a bit messy and most certainly with some wave and curl. Given I was about 11 or 12 when my vision was first formed, and I wanted him older, maybe 18 or 19, someone to look up to and learn from.   He was  bit taller than me; strong, but not too muscular;  great butt, medium sized penis, and always with pubic hair  He also smiles and laughs.....a lot.

This vision provided the stimulation for many fantasy's and many many orgasms.  The vision is really not about reality, or about the type of men I am attracted to in real life. Clearly as I got older, my tastes in men grew and changed as well.  I don't use the physical characteristics of my fantasy to in anyway interfere with my decisions about who to see or hang out with.  The vision however, is always there to pull on when I need or just want it.

Where my timelessly embedded vision does come into play is when working with images and artistic works for FH.  Although I am proud of the diversity of men I feature on the blog, there have been quite a few models who have partly, or fully evoked my fantasy vision into a reality through their images. I can't help it but feel a stronger and deeper connection to these images and the model and artist who created them.

I have often wondered if all artists and photographers, some with intention, some, maybe subconsciously, also look for their won David, the one they have created in their minds, when seeking models to capture and shoot.  So much of art is exploring.  Exploring not just what we know  and what we love, but things we'd like to know more about and to go deeper into places we have dreamt about exploring.

'Erik had seen a picture of a woman in a headdress and being half American Indian and half Mexican... Erik was VERY into being photographed in them.  They have become very politically incorrect and I have often been told they are a disrespect to the tribes.... sad.... I love them, Down the road, I think I will have the balls to used them again.... Art is Art.'

Although Erik looks a bit like he stepped out of the 1500's when Michaelangelo  first created his David,  Erik is very much of the 21st century.  Erik is from a town not far from where Michael Deer from Pride of Paradise  lives, and works as a security guard to support his family.  They connected through ModelMayhem and have worked together twice. I did't ask photographer Michael if Erik was his David, but I do know the California based artist knew instantly there was something special, and something powerfully timeless about Erik's look and his physical presence in front of the camera.

'Eric's face in the lens is amazing to view. He gives all the depth of a young James Taylor, Jackson Brown other icon of soft, sexy, seductive in a natural way artiest. He has a beautiful body as well. Timeless belly, full penis, an all around beauty.'

Michael describes Erik as being comfortable being naked for the lens, even more so during their second shoot.  'Erik is a fun loving guy in real life, a bit of a geek and a goof off. Nice guy all the way around.'  I love all of Michael's images of Erik, but I think especially the image below.  In part because that smile so reminds me of my own timelessly embedded vision.  Erik was also a bit self conscious about his teeth and smile, so it was especially great to get such a great big smile during his shoot with Michael.