Saturday, November 6, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 7th


Happy Birthday today November 7th

Happy 38th to actor Adam DeVine!

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Seasonal Sightings:

A Suitable Boy

I haven't seen the mini-series A Suitable Boy, but I certainly took notice after seeing a recent ad for the BBC produced drama. I took notice because of the beautiful face of Indian actor Ishaan Khattar.  The mini-series is the actors first television role, but he's been appearing on-screen in Hindi films since the age of 10.

Ishaan Khattar.on Instagram 

Gian Keys: Softcore

Searching for actor Gian Keys roles in softcore wasn't an easy task.  For starters, many of his films and television appearances from the early 2000's are difficult to find.  Thanks to KC at Dreamcap however, I was provided a little direction of where to start looking...

A couple of recent shots of Gian

I was able to track down two appearances that are officially linked on his IMDB page.  The first, his appearance in X-Treme Sports, the first episode of Hotel Erotica.  Secondly, the 2004 softcore flick Casey The Coed.  I also found a few scenes which I believe are Gian from some other softcore films, but I believe he may have used a pseudonym in those films, so did not include them.

Speaking of pseudonym's, searching for hot images of Gian led to some unexpected results.  I am not including them here, but Gian appears to have also used a different name for an OnlyFans  or webcam page he wisely didn't want connected to his acting career.

Hotel Erotica: X-Treme Sports (2002)

An adventurous young couple who's into extreme sports take a holiday at the Blue Hotel where they learn that desire and passion can be just as extreme.

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Casey the Coed (2004)

Casey and her college friends get together to finish some homework when she spots her desired male neighbor and COED classmate Heath.

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