Sunday, December 30, 2007

Favorite Soap Hunk of the Day: Christian LeBlanc

There is something so hot about The Young and The Restless star Christian LeBlanc. Maybe it is the fact he is a superb actor. Maybe it is the fact that he wears so many suits on the soap that when I see his shirtless pics, they are all the more amazing.

Favorite Blast From The Past: Dec 30th Parker Stevenson

I always wondered why Shaun Cassidy got so much attention. His singing voice was grating to me, and with the amazing Parker Stevenson standing next to him, Shaun looked liked screech next to Zach... Anyway, enough Shaun bashing, here is the Hardy Boy I would have done, Parker Stevenson.

Parker Stevenson in The Hardy Boys

More Parker Stevenson

First 5 pics from Baywatch

Parker in North and South

Had to add the last pic, even with the watermark. It and a few other pics from a great Parker Site found Here:

Favorite Pic of the Day: December 30th

Favorite Birthday Boy for Dec 30th Jason Behr

Jason Behr turns 34 today.

More Jason Behr