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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 23rd

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Happy Birthday today July 23rd

Happy 34th to actor Daniel Radcliffe!

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Kill Your Darlings (2013)

Seasonal Sightings:

Owen DeValk: FaVorites

'In 2010 I received a Canon EOS Rebel for Christmas not knowing how it would explode my life into this new and exciting direction.'

I always love discovering new talent, both those who excel in front of, or behind the camera.  In this case...he shines at both.  The gorgeous specimen of a man you're looking at is photographer Owen DeValk, an artist I'm kicking myself for not discovering earlier.   Thanks to a recent post on DC however, I'm now fully caught up! 

 As you can see, this talented photographer likes to turn his lens on himself, and why wouldn't he? Those lips, those nips, those sensuous hips!  That handsome face with a beautiful and powerful pair of bedroom eyes.  On his website, Owen's focus is mostly on his work as a photographer.  On social media however, he generously shares a seductive selection of self-portraits and shares even more on his OnlyFans.

Owen was still in high school when Santa left that Canon EOS Rebel under the Christmas tree.  With a great photography program in his high school, Owen was already perfecting the secret to becoming a great photographer.  Owen was keenly aware that whenever a camera comes out, an invisible barrier arises and a subjects guard rises.  

Even when they're not aware if it, most people instinctually act differently when being shot or filmed.  Owen's goal was to remove this barrier, or at least get past it, to shoot his subjects as he saw them, as authentically as was possible.  This, as simple as it sounds, is the key to great images, and why so many of the artists I feature, spend time getting to know their models, and building trust before taking out the camera and asking them to expose both their bodies, and often their souls. 

After graduating high school, Owen attended the Savannah College of Art and Design.  It was there, he had the opportunity to spend a summer in New York interning for legendary fashion photographer Bruce Weber.  This opened Owen's yes to the many new and different forms and directions that fashion photography can take.  

'It’s remarkable because the world of fashion is incredibly fast and always changing so the world of fashion photography has to keep pace, but Bruce- despite the massive production and scale- was still always able to draw out that authenticity. To photograph someone like we’d caught a glimpse into the middle of an ongoing narrative.'
Owen for Voyage LA Magazine

Back to the Locker Room:

'No one knows what to say in the locker room.'
Muhammad Ali

Earlier this month, FH headed into the locker room with a series of vintage cmnm images. (HERE:) When I was putting together the piece, there were many shots I put aside to post separately.  Most of these shots, are from Life Magazine and feature athletes with their coaches, team physicians, locker room attendants and sports massage therapists.

I love the casual element to these images and how they're incidentally erotic.  There is nothing directly sexual about any of the shots, yet the cmnm element makes them both natural, even innocent, yet at the same time, visually evocative and interesting to view.

There are plenty of vintage shots of naked guys in the locker room, but over the next month or two, I'm looking to focus on cmnm, especially in natural, and non-sexual settings.  That doesn't mean the shots aren't sexy, it just means their was intent to be directly sexual in the situation or image.

Joe Albanese

I especially love this series of shots of baseball pitcher Joe Albanese who played for both the Boston Red Sox and The Washington Senators.  There is something about the lighting, the poses, and the look in Albanese's face and eyes.  There's also the odd situation of him being dried off by either a coach or locker room assistant.  Not sure how common it was or baseball players to be dried off by another, but it certainly requires some further research...

Derek Sanderson (Hockey center)

Mickey Mantle

Ray York