Sunday, December 20, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 20th

Anyone want a little Kevin McKee for Christmas?

Happy Birthday today December 20th to:

Favorite Birthday Boys for December 20th

Last years American Idol winner David Cook turns 27 today.

3 Sport Hunks also blow out candles today:

English footballer Ashley Cole turns 29 today.

Rugby's Benoit August turns 33 today.

Rugby's James Carroll turns 33 today.

Kudos to James Cameron and Avatar

Like many of you I saw 'Avatar' this weekend. I must first say movies by James Cameron are hit and miss for me. I hated EVERY SINGLE THING about 'Titanic'. I did however love 'Terminator 2', 'The Abyss' and 'Aliens'. I also loved 'Avatar'.

You can read in almost any review of the film the beauty of the 3D, the amazing story and script. The wonderful performances (to me the highlight being Zoe Saldana). I will just add I loved seeing Sigourney Weaver on screen again, I loved Sam Worthington and I loved hearing one my favorite actress's of all time CCH Pounder. (there is just something special about her).

The movie said so much. Of course being a James Cameron film it said it about half hour more than was required. But... I understand why he did not want to edit anything more out. As much as I loved the movie I wish it had left me hopeful. I left feeling sad. Feeling sad that there is so little 'human' left in the human race. We have become such a greedy selfish bunch haven't we. 'Avatar' is of course science fiction. 'Avatar' is also sadly very real.

Just Because: Sam Worthington in Somersault

Just Because: Like the rest of the world I am currently in love/lust with Avatar's star Sam Worthington. Here is Sam in last years 'Somersault' by one of the best cappers out there Casperfan!

Rest In Peace Brittany Murphy

So many wonderful performance. Clueless, Don't Say A Word, Girl Interrupted to name a few. With all her great movie roles I have to say I loved me some Luanne Platter. R.I.P

From Russia With Love

-Sunday With Hans-
-Part 14- 'From Russia With Love'

Something a little different from Hans Fahrmeyer this week. Please be sure to check out the video below and join Hans Channel and watch all his amazing videos! As always check out Hans site HERE:

Christmas Caption....

Quite the holiday shot by the talented Harold Cook

Captions Anyone???