Monday, July 7, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 7th

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 for July 7th Christian Camargo

Christian Camargo is one beautiful man. He comes by his exotic looks naturally coming from good stock with his beautiful mother being Victoria Wyndham from Another World. Christian is an amazing actor and has an accomplished resume in television, movies and theatre. I had not heard of Christian until Dexter. Call me sick, but I loved 'Rudy'. Now Rudy was one sick puppy, but Christian's portrayal was mezmerizing. Wish they could find a way to bring him back, the relationship between the brothers was truly amazing to watch. Christian turns 37 today.

Christian in Dexter

Thanks to Jennifer Carter Web for the Dexter shots!

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for July 7th Billy Campbell

I love me some Billy Campbell. If you are a Billy fan, I did a post with more pics last year. I loved him on Once and Again (When will they finally release season 3 on DVD!). Billy turns 49 today.

Also celebrating today July 7th

Happy Birthday also today to:

Former boy band member from V, singer Aaron Buckingham turns 25 today.

One of Rugby's hottest, Juan Martin Hernandez turns 26 today.

Actor Yves Bright turns 36 today.

Actor and Model Leonardo Bricio turns 45 today.

Actor Jean LeClerc turns 60 today.

Favorite Pic Series of the Day for July 7th

A poster Jason commented on my love of the male butt on the pic of the day for yesterday. Jason is very correct, my favorite parts of any guy I find attractive are all above the neck with eyes, smile and hair being what most attracts me. I can live with anything below if that face brightens my day. But...if including below the neck, I just happen get turned on more seeing a great looking guy walking away than towards me, the male butt is far more interesting to me than the penis. Maybe it is the same as straight men who are breast men, I am certainly a bun man. Here are a few more pics of the great male butt. Also you can have a little mood music from another Jason, Jason Yeager from this past season of American Idol. I really liked his version of this old standard, and bet he has a nice butt.