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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 5th

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Happy Birthday today February 5th

Happy 74th to actor Christopher Guest!

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Girlfriends (1978)


FH viewers know I love featuring Calendar men, and I especially love these shots, and the purpose behind them, from the annual Romanian Orthodox Calendar.  Check out some of my favorites on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Always Naked: Cayden by Briancan Photography

'I’m pretty much always naked.'

Although 2021 was a difficult year for many, it ended, at least on FH, on a visual high note.  I loved the New Year's eve festivities that Briancan Photography captured featuring models Sterlingjock and Cayden Clay.  Like many others I'm sure, I began crushing over Cayden after seeing images of the Toronto based model that Brian had posted on his Instagram. I immediately got in touch with Brian about featuring their work together. 

As luck would have it, Brian was about to shoot Cayden again, this time along fellow model Sterlingjock.  I asked if they might be able to capture a few New Year's eve themed shoots, and if you saw original post and imags, (Too Early In The Game) they far surpassed my expectations!  During the couples shoot, Brian also took the opportunity to shoot both models separately.   These are some of my favorites from Brian's work with Cayden.  Hopefully, I'll also be able to share some shots of Sterlingjock in the near future.

Whenever I interview a new model, I'm always curious about their experience and thoughts on posing nude. I like to gage a model's comfortability level, especially when it comes to how much they want to share, of both their body, and other parts of their life.  Not all models are totally comfortable posing naked and sharing their images with the world.  Others however, like Cayden, enjoy being naked and basking in the attention they receive from others.  

'It was not a hard decision to pose naked for me. When I was 18 I had a lot of trouble with showing my body because I was taught not to show shin, but I’ve since gotten over that. I work as stripper so I’m pretty much always naked. There was a time as a contemporary dancer when I danced on stage naked with 20 other bodies and we are lucky 

Ya, I mean I like being naked. And other gay men like seeing me naked! The plan at the moment is working on consistently putting out my own content. Whether nude or not, taking advantage of photographers offering to take my photo is helping me navigate my way through the realities of keeping up with a content calendar.'

Cayden was initially  referred to Brian by another photographer who Cayden had previously worked with.  Brian liked his look and was especially struck by Cayden's physique and incredible abs.  They first worked together last summer shooting on location at the Bluffs. It was images from that shoot that I first saw last fall.  These shots were taken during their second shoot this past December.  The location was a rented studio in downtown Toronto.

'Cayden was comfortable right away shooting nude.  I enjoyed the entire shoot but I think my favorite part was the resulting images we created. That reclining portrait with sun on his face and body was probably my favourite shot of him'

Juliano Mer-Khamis in Night Terrors

A woman visiting her father in Egypt becomes involved with Marquis De Sade's descendant and his terrifying cult.

This piece actually began with the gif below.  I came across it last summer, while I was putting together a piece on actor Christo Spyropoulos in Love On A Horse (HERE:) You never know what you'll find when searching Google for cinematic nude scenes of naked actors riding horses.  I saved the gif of course, and later discovered that it came from the film Night Terrors

I found the 1993 film on-line and quickly gave it a watch.  The film starred actor Robert Englund, still in demand after his turn in the Nightmare on Elm St series of films. Englund had the dual role, playing both Chevalier and the Marquis de Sade. The film was originally set to be shot in Egypt, which later was changed to Tel Aviv Israel. .

The change in location however, led the original director to quit the feature and the production company to hire director Tobe Hooper, a favorite of Englund's, to join the project.  There were other changes however, that Englund wasn't so happy about. The script was changed so that it was no longer about de Sade, but based on a collection of his erotic short stories.  This addition of eroticism, and the move to Tel Aviv did however lead to Israeli/Palestinian actor Juliano Mer-Khamis being cast to strip down and mount that horse

I loved reading about the life of actor, director, filmmaker, and political activist Juliano Mer-Khamis.  He led a fascinating life before his tragic assassination by a masked gunman in 2011. Born in Nazareth, when he was old enough,Mer-Khamas served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a combat soldier in the Paratroopers Brigade. He served as a volunteer and was eager to fight for his country.

After his release, he enrolled in an acting school and discovered his passion for the craft.  One of the actors early roles was in the 1984 Diane Keaton film, The Little Drummer Girl.  The film deals with  Palestinian terrorism and was partially shot in Israel.  During most of the 80's and 90's, Mer-Khamas divided hi time between acting, traveling and his political activism. 

Mer-Khamas devoted himself to allaying everyday problems: driving pregnant women to Israeli hospitals, supporting children's issues and helping to provide providing medicines and food. Continuing his passion for helping children, in. 2006 Mer-Khamis opened a community theater for children and adults in Jenin, called The Freedom Theatre.  

The Freedom Theatre is a community theatre that provides opportunities for the children and youth of the Jenin Refugee Camp by developing skills, self-knowledge and confidence and using the creative process as a model for social change. In 2011 he joined the faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, Tel Aviv, where he taught acting until his assassination.

Mer-Khamis just oozes sexual energy and I don't think I've ever seen a more erotic horse ride on the beach.  The clip below is a little disturbing with the sound on.  There is continual whipping sound heard along with the music.  It's disturbing as it's meant to coincide with the characters whipping of his horse. I think it's actually used more a sound effect to add intensity to the sex scene and it doesn't appear the horse was actually being whipped or hurt during Mer-Khamis' naked ride.  If you want to download the clip, I added it to SendSpace HERE:

Mer-Khamis had one other nude scene that I could find, this one in the 1989 film Berlin-Jerusalem.  You can check out caps and a clip from that scene on the NEXT PAGE HERE: