Thursday, December 20, 2007

Looking Back at the Guys of Eight Is Enough

Christmas has me thinking back to tv specials I loved as a kid. Yes, I watched the Grinch and the others, but I loved when my favorite tv shows had Christmas themed episodes. One I was thinking of today was an episode of the ABC drama Eight is Enough. I was too young to have watched this show when it aired, but I had an aunt who shoved in her VHS copies of the show whenever we visited. I remember asking her for the tape of the Christmas episode that she reluctantly let me 'borrow'. She never got it back. The episode featured a cranky old Santa (Will Geer from The Waltons) who stole all of the Bradfords Christmas gifts. I had a minor crush on Willie Aames and Grant Goodeve at the time. Today this show would not hold up to the shows currently on the air, but when it aired it as great family drama.

Adam Rich as Nicholas Bradford in Eight Is Enough

Grant Goodeve as David Bradford in Eight Is Enough

David was the perfect older brother, and another childhood crush.

Last three pics are Grant in Murder She Wrote.

Willie Aames as Tommy Bradford in Eight Is Enough

When I was a kid, Willie was awfully cute as Tommy. Again, I loved the curly hair.

Willie Aames in Paradise

Favorite Guy From Entourage: Adrian Grenier

That Hair, That Face, That smile, Adrian is certainly to me, the hottest guy on Entourage.

Adrian Grenier in A Perfect Fit

Favorite Pic Series of the Day:

Favorite Pic of the Day: Dec 20th

Not usually a fan of tons of tats on a guy, but I do love this pic of Julian from Playgirl.

Favorite Underwear of the day!

The Calvin's this guy is wearing!