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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 12th

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The Bakers: Series 6

Series 6
August 2016
GGB Winner: Nadiya
Tye's Top: Mat

Series 6 was one of my favorites seasons.  There were several hotties to enjoy, and many enjoyable and interesting baker's.  From the female contestant's, I especially liked Flora and Nadiya.  On the list of hotties was Paul Jagger, (above) a prison governor from Wales.  Paul was a sexy daddy who you wouldn't mind being strip searched by.

I also really enjoyed Tamal Ray (above), who was a anaesthetist trainee during his time in the tent. I decided not to cop out and pick 'ties' or else Tamal would have been up there with Mat.  There were a couple of annoying bakers, but it was Ian who bugged me the most.  He was a wee bit cocky, and it was glad when Nadiya breezed by him to win.


I think my favorite contestant, and one of the cutest, was fire fighter Mat Riley.  Mat was just so darned sweet, and seemed like a really genuine guy.  Mat was eliminated in episode 7, maybe in part due to his raised venison and pigeon pie.  I can't stand the gamey taste of meat, so I'm guessing I would not enjoy venison and pigeon pie, no matter how flakey the crust. 

Being a fire fighter, Mat has done several shirtless photoshoots for charities and events. 

The Bakers: Series 7 & 8

Series 7

Series 7
August 2016
GBB Winner: Candice
Tye' Top: Salasi

Series 7 was also a favorite, and although we didn't know it, also the end of the hosts and one of the judges.  This was sadly Mel and Sue's last season with the show, and the last for judge Mary Berry.  The show moved from BBC One to Channel 4, and Mary, Sue and Mel did not go with it. 

There was a great group of contestants, and I especially loved Candace, Benjamina and Jane.  Can't forget Val, who couldn't love Val!   Rav and Louise were a bit annoying, but watchable.  I also liked cuties Michael Georgiou and Tom Gilliford. (frist 2 images above)

Andrew Smyth

When I first watched, I really liked Andrew, (above) and posted about him after watching the series. (HERE:)  When I re-watched a few episodes in preparation for this post, I still liked him, but not as much as I did during the first viewing. 

Andrew & Selasi


When I re-watched, my attention was more directed Selasi.  Selasi wasn't only hot, and a good baker, he was really supportive of his fellow bakers and I missed him when he left the tent.  I didn't have to miss him for long however, Selasi made it to the semi-finals and left in episode 9, just before the final.  

Series 8

Series 8
August 2017
GGB Winner: Sophie
Tye's top: Steven Carter-Bailey

This season marked the arrivals of new judge Prue Leith and new hosts Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig.  I took to Prue pretty quickly, but it took me awhile to get my head around the new hosts.  Sandi quickly grew on me, but it took a couple of years to start to warm towards Noel.  Sue and Mel seemed so natural in their delivery, even when they were doing 'bits'.  Noel's bits seems so forced, and often fell flat. 

Tom Hetherington

As for the baker's, out of the women, I really liked Kate.  For some reason I couldn't stand Flo, the granny who would have scared the shit out of me if I was a kid.  Out of the guys, Stephen was my favorite, hot, talented and easy to root for. 

Tom was also incredibly handsome as you can see from the shots I included.  Sadly, the studly architect was eliminated in episode 4, so we didn't get to see, or learn much about him.  There are nudes out there that are supposed to be Tom, in interviews that I've read, he denies that they're hi. 

The Bakers: Series 9, 10 & 11

Series 9

Series 9
August 2018
GGB Winner: Rahul
Tyle's Top: Luke Tompson (Above)

I think series 9 was one of my least favorite years of the series.  I was starting to enjoy the new hosts, but I really disliked most of the baker's this season.  Let's start with the positive.  I did enjoy Ruby and Briony, and liked Karen and Dan.  The cutest contestant was Luke, but sadly he left in week 2.  I Kim-Joy, but found her self-negativity grating after awhile.  

I think this series had the contestant who bugged me the most out of the entire years of the show.  I REALLY disliked winner Rahul.  Ok, maybe he is as sweet as he came across, but man, he was annoying.  I know I'm in the minority, as he seems universally loved, but not by me. I was so hoping he'd get the boot, but in this case, my least favorite ended up being crowned the winner.

Series 10

Series 10
August 2019
GGB Winner: David
Tye's Top: David

Series 10 was a fun season, not to mention an incredibly gay one.  There were lots of cuties to enjoy, and they also seemed to be quite a bonded group, with lots of hugs and physical contact.  Out of the women, I really liked Alice, Rosie and Halloween loving Helena.  No one really bugged me this season, except maybe Steph from time to time.

Henry Bird

Included in the tent full of cuties was student Henry Bird.  Henry seemed to be liked by all of the contestants, and seemed to be the object of affection of several.  Henry did well, making it to week 8, eliminated just before the semi-final.

Jamie Finn

Although waiter Jamie Finn, (above) wasn't the greatest baker, nor did he stay on the show for long, he was certainly a cutie.  He was sort of the odd man out, a bit younger, and less experienced than most of the rest of the group.  He also has an equally cute twin brother.

David Atherton 

Winner David Atherton had me wondering how someone who does so much time baking, could be so thin and fit.  From the clips we saw of his outside life, fitness was certainly another of his  passions.  Thanks to one of David's friends, we got a peak under the apron at his tight b utt.

Series 11

Series 11
September 2020
GGB Winner: Peter
Tye's Top: Mark

David Friday

Matt Lucas made debut as hot in season 11, replacing Sandy alongside Noel.  I didn't necessarily dislike Matt, but I can't say I really enjoyed him either.  I love British humor, some of my favorite sit-coms and comedic films hail from Britain.  I just didn't find Matt very funny.  His arrival however, did have me start to appreciate Noel a little more.

This series was the first filmed during the pandemic.  The baker's, cast and crew were all quarantined together during the filming.  Although they' maintained they were still shooting once per week, I'm guessing with everyone together, the schedule was most liked sped up.

Peter Sawkins

I liked Peter when I watched, and posted about him during the season. (HERE:)  Peter is adorable, and has a great smile.  When re-visiting the season, although I still liked him, there was something about him that pushed him down just a little.  Not sure what, he just didn't seem as much of a supporter of his fellow baker's as the others did to each other.  I'm guessing he's a nice guy, and possibly struggle with focusing on more than the immediate task at hand.

Mark Lutton

It's hard not to love, or to smile, when Mark Lutton was on-screen.  His big smile was contagious, and his Irish accent incredibly hot.  I loved him when I first watched, and enjoyed him even more when watching for the second time.

The Bakers: Series 12-14

Series 12

Season 12
September 2021
GGB Winner: Giuseppe
Tye's Top: Chigs

The judges and hosts all remained in place when The Great British Baking Show entered series 12.  It was clear the producers were trying to 'mix' things up with some new themes, like the 'free form' week.  The changes had mixed results as the classic themes were what people seemed to both want and expect.

There was interesting array of baker's this seasons, my favorites being Giuseppe, Crystelle, Maggie and Lizzie.  I also really liked the handsome Chigs Parmar who made it to the final three.  The only baker who really bugged me was J├╝rgen, who for awhile seemed like a lock for the win.  I was glad to see him eliminated just before the final.

Series 13
Series 13

Series 13
September 2022
GGB Winner: Syabira
Tye's Top: Sandro


I think for me, Series 13 was the series of Sando.  Like many, I was enamored with the fitness fanatic, and posted about during the run of the series. (HERE:)  Like some previous seasons, there was a crew of out bakers, including Sandro, James and Januz.  I also really liked Kevin who was both cute, and really sweet. 

James Dewar

Janusz & James

Out of the other contestants, I also enjoyed Dawn and Maxi.  There was no one waiting for their dough to rise who bugged me,, at least not the way others from previous years did.  This was Matt's last season who said he left the show to focus on new projects. 

Sandro Farmhouse

Series 14

Series 14
September 2023
GBB Winner: Matty
Tye's Top: Matty

With Matt gone, the show welcomed Alison Hammond who was like a breath of fresh air.  I could be wrong, but it seemed Noel was getting bored, and seemed to be both relieved, and annoyed to have an energic new host.  Thankfully the show got rid of much of the ethnic humor that seemed both so outdated and inappropriate the last couple of years.

Like many viewers, I was taken by the adorable Matty from the get go, and posted about him early in the season. (HERE)  Matty stayed likable, and watchable throughout the entire season and to many, pulled out a surprise win.  This series had a few baker's to root for including for me, Dan, Josh and Christy.   No one really annoyed me although had they stayed much longer, Amos and Abbi were starting to get there.