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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 23rd

Chris by macpics
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Happy Birthday today February 23rd

Happy 21st to actor Christian Martyn!

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A Snowy Strip

'When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels.'

If you check out FH on a regular basis, you know there's also a third choice, get naked!  Seasonal Sightings is one of my favorite themes on the site.  I love searching for spectacular images to celebrate each of the four seasons.  Each is visually distinct, and I love finding images of men who meet the moment.  One the most challenging moments to meet however, is one that's freezing cold.

There are understandably far fewer images of nude men in the snow than there are of men on the beach. It takes a brave soul to head out in sub zero temperatures and expose your skin to the elements.  Whenever I'm working with a model who does 'self shoot', I always ask if they'll consider a snow shoot.  Some of them, ( Luke & DirtRoad) have risen to the challenge and shot in the snow exclusively for FH.  

Whenever I find an image I'm not familiar with, I try to search for the source.  For this set, I couldn't find either the photographer or model.  After finding it on an old tumblr, I set it aside, hoping to find some credit.  I haven't had any luck, but still wanted to share the series.  If anyone knows the source of the shoot, please shoot me a line!

A Change Is Gonna Come: Chris by macpics

'It's been a long, long time coming 
But I know, but I know a change is gotta come'
Otis Redding

One the themes that I love exploring through FH is change.  Working on the blog over the years, I've observed many changes, both physical and emotional.  I especially love when models share their stories of physical and emotional evolution that so many experience after working on their bodies, and seeing the results of their dedication and hard work..  Seeing the final images, and the process of removing their clothes for the photo shoot, has been a transformative experience for many models that I've had the pleasure to feature and interview.

Some of you may recognize Chris.  I first featured the Australia based model back in 2019 after his first shoot with Ian from macpics. (Say Anything?)  Chris was new to modeling at the time, and given his inexperience, Ian could tell that he was more than little nervous.  Despite that, Ian shared that he was extremely prepared and incredibly determined.  Chris had been working out, and despite his nervous, was ready to take it all off and get some great shots for his portfolio.

'The first time I shot Chris, he was more or less a rookie and was rather stiff in front of the camera, but wanted to do his best. The second shoot, this one, was much better for three reasons: Chris was in much better shape, he's really been working hard on his body.  Secondly, he'd been shooting quite a bit, and learned a lot and was much more at ease in front of the camera. He also knew what he wanted out each shot and pose'

Being more at ease, Ian shares that Chris was much more relaxed and they joked and had fun throughout the shooting process.  In addition to his bulking up, there was also another physical change, one Ian instantly noted and found pleasing and different from an aesthetic point of view.  If you checked back on that first post (HERE:)  I'm curious if you noticed?  I didn't at first, but after taking a closer look, I really close look at Chris' penis, the other change could be seen.

Since that first shoot in 2019, Chris was circumcised, a change not often observed in male models who do nudes.  We often see changes in weigh and muscle mass, hair length and facial hairs, but their penises usually look pretty much the same...  Ian didn't pry as to the reason for the de-hooding, whether it was for personal, or medical reasons.  Ian just clicked away enjoying and chronicling the man visual transformations which had occurred.

Blast from the Past: Christopher Daniel Barnes


'Author of really disturbing short stories...'

Some of you may have been first introduced to actor Christopher Daniel Barnes in the 1986 short-lived series Starman.  In the series, Christopher, (CB) played the son of an alien (Robert Hays) who returns to earth in search of his wife.  I don't remember Starman, but I do remember crushing over CB after seeing him in the sit-com Day By Day

I don't really remember much about the show, except it co-starred Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Courtney Thorne-Smith.  I do however vividly remembering CB, and following him in teen magazines at the time.  He was adorable, and also a really good actor. Looking back, he reminds me a bit of Charlie McDermott (The Middle) especially when he had longer hair.  

If you don't remember CB from Day By Day, you may remember his turn as Greg in The Brady Bunch Movie and it's sequel.   Christopher also appeared on 7th Heaven, Empty Nest, Beverly Hills 90210, Blossom and  Malcolm and EddieGolden Girls fans also might remember him from his turn as Kevin, the football player that Dorthy refuses to pass in the literature class she's teaching.

Over the past decade or so, the former teen idol has mostly been working behind the scenes, doing voice work and also writing adult short stories.  Voice work isn't new for Christopher, some of you might remember he voiced the original Eric in Disney's The Little Mermaid. (1989)

Day by Day (1988/89)

Prince Eric

The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)

Unfortunately, CB didn't do any nude scenes.  He also didn't seem to do many shirtless scenes.  Although there may be more out there, the only one I could find was from 1996's A Very Brady Sequel. The film takes the Brady's back to Hawaii and puts Greg back on the surf board.  There's also a another shirtless scene while he and Marcia are lusting after one another.  Christopher did post a recently shirtless shot on his Instagram (see below) celebrating his 48th birthday last year. 

Nod to the classic Hawaii trip

Below: A recent shot of Christopher with Starman co-star Robert Hayes at a fan autograph signing event.  Although there's some grey in the beard, that smile and those eyes look exactly as I remember.

'I just turned 48 and lost 24 pounds; but yikes do I need a tan!!!'